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In Topic: Game World Paused

January 04, 2019 - 11:03 AM

This is my first experience with a game pause and it has been over 6 hours. Is this normal?

The game has such problems from time to time so yes its kinda normal here. There is also alot simulating and we cant play during this time. I hope they fix those problems someday in the new major update maybe. It has been like this since i play this game. The game in dangles world is on pause righ now.

In Topic: Ridiculous results (sometimes)

September 17, 2018 - 05:22 PM

OK thats it. I resigned from my team and i quit the game. Im tired of the weird results and anyway i was gonna leave due to the upcoming big update which would made me lose my team anyway and force me to pay which i dont want. My team was in the top teams since the start of the season and suddenly start losing most games even if i made almost no change at all and this is ridiculous and kills the fun and makes the game really incomprehensible. My goalie was one of the top and start giving up goals like if he is on strike or something lol... I had some fun times here but also some bad and i will still remember those years anyway. Thank you everyone for your comments and for your support during those years even to those who did not agree with me. Good luck to those who will keep playing and willing to pay but for me this is not an option and i also feel sorry for those like me who will quit the game. I admit that i leave with frustration about how the game results were sometimes and how my team performance was and about all the time i spent in the game to finally end this way. Bye bye.


Eric - Former Victoria Kingsmen manager GHL

In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

September 15, 2018 - 12:16 AM

Leafsdude about your suggestion , i dont think that the game owner would want to keep the old leagues and run another game at the same time. It seems to be a problem already to run this one. If they want us to pay is probably to have a better server and pay for it and such things and that would not make sense to have the old game still running where almost nobody will want to contribute. Many might want to quit playing here and just go in the new version or it also could be the opposite and the new version would suffer from it...

In Topic: Old Guys

September 01, 2018 - 02:04 AM

So there's this guy that is nearly 50 years old in my game world.....surely a bug?

87 defense player with 55 overall rating lol ! sure he can still be useful for his defensive skills even if old. thats like in real hockey. some have skills that never get old whatever their age they are still good at it. i just had a 40 years old player that i could have signed again but i did not and he retired. if i would have signed him he would still play. i guess if you dont sign those old players they will probably retire. in that case with my 40 years old player , he dropped from about 90 rating to 78 in the last season so i did not want to keep him at the 2.8 million salary he was asking with a ghl contract... its a bit weird he was asking for so much considering the rating drop. otherwise i would have signed him just for fun and put him in aahl.

In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

September 01, 2018 - 12:33 AM

No use in complaining about it now. Anders already made his decision. Threatening to quit, quitting then coming back, ranting, etc, won't change anything. Don't be cheap.

I did not threat about leaving. I said i will leave in another message. Im waiting for the update to leave because i dont want to lose my team and have to pay to start from scratch. Thats what makes me quit because losing my team i been building for many seasons. Money is not the only thing. We dont think all the same way and thats what i wanted to say. Some here seem to think they are the only ones on the planet or something and that everyone should think the same and they dont respect others and this is very sad. Isolating others that dont think the same does not help at all and just make things even worse. I think everyones opinion is important and personally i wanted to share what i think even if its not what the majority might think and i could just not care and say nothing but this is not how i am. I believe that it also helps to know what those who dont agree think and im not just talking about here in the game but anywhere else too. Thats how you can make things better when trying to include everyone.