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In Topic: How is your team doing?

May 30, 2017 - 05:06 AM

World: Biscuit

League: BHL

Team: Bermuda Sealions


Promoted to BHL few season later than planned. KInda messed up few things (thought that contracts i made during playoff-time were already in BHL budget since it updated to show me having 4,5 million for contracts and 1 millions was supposed to be free after season changed, after promotions it was 100 000 - 200 000.. i think it already counted my players that i had last season right but reported new contracts [from foreign countries] in wrong league pricing).


So i kinda gave bit more expensive contracts than planned and so didn't quite have money to run as effective team as i could had. (Would have opted to get less foreign league players and more cheaper free agents or run own youngsters or trade a bit more).


Plan is to trade few players out for picks or players i could use (or are cheaper to keep as substitutes).


And if possible stay in BHL, let IHL level players drop from contracts, renew young ones i can afford and try to get more effective team for next season (when prices meet with ice time and performance rating).

In Topic: What's the most wins ever in a regular season? Has anyone ever gone 60-0?

May 24, 2017 - 04:57 PM

IHL of biscuit has 29-0-1-0 (30 games played)


So far they seem quite unstoppable altho they have had some close games (like against my team 4-5)


They ended: 50-3-2-5 (158 points)


(Not my team)

In Topic: Young center can't take a faceoff

May 19, 2017 - 06:28 AM

I am not sure how game engine calculates faceoffs but i'm quite sure that FO skill isn't only factor. Maybe physique and size matters too? Or puckcontrol? All of those?

In Topic: Trades S9

May 17, 2017 - 09:52 AM



Season 10 starting and people will start (re-)building some teams.


I just got promotion from Iron league to Bronze.


Here are my main team players i got for offer (i will use season 10 ages):


Main team players:


Lund (Forward, 77 ovr 24 years, powerforward, purposeful, 78 rating on matches on IHL 1st line) - will ask high pick or pick + useful (1st liner) player


Divila (Center, 71 ovr 28 years, playmaker, 73 rating on matches on IHL 4th line) 


Kovalchuck (67 ovr 28 years, Grinder but pretty much does any role "ok" and i used him as powerforward and 2way, 73 rating on matches on IHL 4th line, made 18 goals and 5 assists) 


Fojtik (Center, 63 ovr 29 years, playmaker, 70 rating on matches on IHL) 


And here are some juniors i could trade to IHL and BHL (i think non of them are worth in SHL but if you guys up there are interested, send some offers).




Felix Demko, 68, 19yo, center, ambitious 2way very (expensive (potential, nice skills)


Racim Comtois, 66, 18yo, forward, ambitious sniper (very expensive potential, 80 shooting)


Slavomír Licko, 65, 19yo, center, enthustiatic sniper (midprice 70 shooting)


Friderik Kastelic, 65, 18yo, forward, lazy sniper (expensive 79 shooting)


Konstantin Shapovalov, 64, 20yo, defender, lazy stayathome (cheap, lacks some skills, slow training)


Francesco Scurto, 62, 18yo, forward, ambitious sniper (expensive, potential, 71 shooting)


Yan Abramowicz 61, 20yo, defender, halfhearted stayathome (cheap, lacks some skills)


Ed Fogarty, 61, 19yo, forward, enthustiatic sniper (midprice, 70 shooting)


Dario Galli, 61, 20yo, forward, purposeful powerforward (midprice, performs well enough)


Avery Aylward 57, 19yo, forward, ambitious sniper (cheap, 64 shooting)


Basically my team is too full of young players and i can't take more to my team to train. Some of them are getting old (last season) and some i might be able to take next season or i know they will be wanted (those i rate expensive or very expensive). Cheap and Midprice ones i don't care that much - but i am not giving those out for free.




I'm looking:


- 1st line center with nice faceoff, endurance should be over 80, prefer playmaker but powerforward, 2way and sniper might do too


- goalie (whose all stats should be over 70, endurance and spirit might be less, overall bigger than 72, should be at least mid-size [at least 174 and 5,7], i will look at his past performance, should have more than 89,5% on at least IHL, appreaciate some BHL level experience.. can be older one but can't have very long contract)


- picks (any picks)


- prospects (especially young goalies, any defenders and powerforwards)


- cheap (probably old but with some skills and some endurance) 3rd and 4th line-players (centers and forwards)



Link to my team: http://www.gameplanh...m/team?gpid=133




In Topic: What's the most wins ever in a regular season? Has anyone ever gone 60-0?

January 15, 2017 - 03:23 PM

IHL of biscuit has 29-0-1-0 (30 games played)


So far they seem quite unstoppable altho they have had some close games (like against my team 4-5)