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In Topic: S13 Trade Block

January 20, 2018 - 03:02 PM

Albert Wiesner - 92 OR


Schroeter - 89 OR


Baránek - 89 OR


Mcnutt - 86 OR


Orwubiko - 84 OR




In Topic: [SOLVED] Team capped cant made contracts for new season

January 14, 2018 - 11:08 AM

The three players you mentioned should now be ok. Couldn't find any Carlberg on your team. Can you give me an URL to a player affected by the 2W bug.




I send him to free players market, realeased him from his contract.  :)

In Topic: Salary cap overstepping

January 12, 2018 - 07:57 AM

Another consequence of this is that I also can't offer any contract to my players. I mean, I can since I have cap for next season high enough, but the board refuse it.


So basically I can overstepping the cap however I have no power to make trade or contract negotiation of any kind (free players, my own prospects, resigning players with ending contract).


Well I would think about getting rid of some of salaries but there is no chance I can lower by nearly 2,5 mils... In addition it has to be one big transfer - it simply won't allow me get rid of 1mil and in few hours the rest. Well I have to get promotion. 

In Topic: [SOLVED] Team capped cant made contracts for new season

January 11, 2018 - 11:48 AM

I also have some players who has still SHL contracts - their salary remains 700k+ and are not 1W after my relegation to BHL (Bratt, Kallio, Proulx)


Also have players glitch with type of contract with few players. For instance Carlberg had 2W contract and played for my aff team. I got promoted, then demoted again but not he has not 2W contract so I cannot send him to farm team eventhough he has still same contract as 2 season ago. 

In Topic: [BUI] Huge draft shortlist bug

January 04, 2018 - 08:31 AM

Do the screen...... thats the best way to find the error.....