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#32275 Shootout Lineup

Posted by EXXEO on Yesterday, 11:20 PM

I am going to add a little to this idea - there are times when one of my teams get an injury that we actually find a way to get a win but more often than not we lose. I think part of that is that it opens up wide the chances of dysfunction occurring on that line thus leading to more scoring opportunities for the opponent. In addiction to adding a SO lineup, could there just be a depth chart option? I like the idea of limiting the active roster to 23 (giving the GM a bench C,F, and D slot). Then for each line you could set who would be the secondary fill person in the case of an injury. While the bench players may not gain a ton of experience on the ice they would still get an added boost for just being present with the active roster (that's all theoretical).

#32272 S13 General Chat

Posted by EXXEO on Yesterday, 10:40 PM

Our day today following beating the (former) #1 Team yesterday:

We played on the road today against the worst team in the league who had 0 wins to their name. To be safe I left my best goalie in at net to ensure no weird upset would occur. In the 2nd my team Captain (24YO, 6'1", 194 lbs) gets into a fight...and loses to a 40 year old 5'10", 170 Lb. guy! Despite the humiliation my Captain puts us up by 1 ending the 2nd period.

Then it happens...an injury to my veteran 3rd liner. No big deal right? Immediately following that we tank and have 3 straight goals dumped on us and can't seem to score another despite having almost every statistical advantage at the end of the match...bah! To make matters worse, one of my old goalies that we departed with gets the first win for the opponent for the season. What a flaming bag of poo!

#32155 [WIP] Team capped cant made contracts for new season

Posted by EXXEO on January 10, 2018 - 10:45 PM

My Clapper team's. Problem is that I can't make ANY moves due to two things. First, one big contract did not shrink to SHL cap leaving me in a drastic hole And the other is what seems to be a glitch that still has a massive amount of money locked up in trade offers that can't dissolve. While I was sent a message that all my trades were no longer in tact, they ,in fact, do show up on the transfer page. Mike Ciccone (Colome Knights) even messaged me to see if I could cancel the pending contract because he couldn't. So neither sides of the offer can decline or cancel causing a cap deduction...in my case -$7+ Million

#32129 Simulation Status

Posted by EXXEO on January 10, 2018 - 12:41 PM

Is here anyway we could see a few more details as to what certain simulations are? For instance, I have like 8 offers out to managers right now and due to relegation I'm a bit stressed out because I'm afraid my top guys may just suddenly disappear - POOF! and then there goes my chance at getting anything in return.

Boy this sucks...it won't be done simulating for 30 minutes, which means my guys may be long gone before any manager can react :(

#32076 Statistics and Losses

Posted by EXXEO on January 08, 2018 - 05:52 PM

Oh man… I think I just experienced the worst of all statistics which lead my team to relegation . After defeating the outlaws 6 to 1 in the first game, game two and three just look absurd. During game 2 and 3 we outshot their team and during the 6-1 victory we were outshot.. In fact, in game 2 they only put up 15 shots between the last two periods. It doesn't help that my top rated Defenseman got injured during Game 2 but when you look at the team overall ranking in PP and PK it makes me scratch my head how game 3 ended. The end of season stats has our team at #9 in PP and #1 in PK.

Game 3 started with us going up 2-0 but then by the second finding ourselves all tied up. We take the lead, 3-2, in the 3rd but what follows is strange. We hadn't let the Outlaws score a single PP goal in the previous two games and I can't remember the last time my PP has let in a SHG (in the regular season). They get a PP goal to tie it up and then get a SHG to win the series...seriously?

#32037 So I tried to come back, but.....

Posted by EXXEO on January 06, 2018 - 02:37 PM

Yellow, Orange.  That's the point.  Sorry.  I put in six trade offers that were overwhelmingly in the CPU team's favor and all were rejected almost immediately.   Mix in that many star players are protected now by CPU teams which means that you can't really trade with the CPU.
Thus the loss of my support and I'm sure others because as you can see from the first reply, it's really not much fun communicating or playing with some of the human owners.    The future of this game will not be in human play in my opinion.

I completely disagree with this - in fact I have great trade relationships within each league and enjoy the communications with all managers. I think it has made it better as more human managers are now talking way more!

#31999 S13 General Chat

Posted by EXXEO on January 04, 2018 - 11:10 PM

Yup, a solid re-brand could bring in more fans and coax interested players to join your squad - ha!

A fan base would be an interesting aspect to the game

#31996 S13 General Chat

Posted by EXXEO on January 04, 2018 - 09:40 PM

Talk about stuff here

#31995 [BUI] Huge draft shortlist bug

Posted by EXXEO on January 04, 2018 - 09:37 PM

I have heard of this before in a previous thread and I think on the first draft ever there may have been a few glitches but since then I've had my draft preferences work flawlessly. The last time I heard there being an issue was when a guy had a ton of shortlisted players. I usually only keep between 5-7 shortlisted players Per designated pick myself. I narrow the window down pretty tight though. I usually will get my first or second choice based off of that. Not sure what may have caused this though. Sorry man :(

#31939 Player Loan Option

Posted by EXXEO on January 01, 2018 - 12:04 PM

I like the control aspect quite a bit. It's so dang hard to monitor fitness in the Affiliate leagues and I would gladly hand off my better prospects to train in a controlled environment where they could potentially train harder and retain health.

#31932 Player Loan Option

Posted by EXXEO on January 01, 2018 - 01:24 AM

Over the past several seasons Pingu and I have developed a great interactive set of transactions. We have recently even made a few three way trades from the BHL up to the GHL. It's been rather fun. Our newest endeavor is diving into the talks of player loans. In Biscuit, I'm in the SHL and he is in the GHL and so to offer up a draft pick to give a developing GHL prospect extra experience and my team to get a temporary top notch player...well it makes sense for both of us. The hard part is trust at the moment. While we have developed a good working relationship and trust, not everyone would be apt to send down a great prospect to not be sure if they'd get them back the next season.

All this to say - what if in our trade options we have a box that we could check that would make a loan possible. For instance let's say Pingu wants to send a goalie prospect down for a season to develop with my team and wants to make sure he does get returned, then he could check the loan box and it would already schedule a return on day 77...or whatever the term would be. You could also designate players for loan in the player transfer options to let other managers know who would be potentially available.

The two things I foresee needing to be worked out/necessary would be to make it only Manager to Manager and not allow the CPU to be involved with it - just too many weird situations to sift through. The second would be how the trade fairness bars would see a loan rather than a direct trade. I feel as if both teams win on a loan so a first round pick wouldn't make as much sense to me to be on par with the player on loan as they would only be there for a season.

Let me know if you see any other openings for expanding this ;)

#31931 Next Season's Draft Picks

Posted by EXXEO on January 01, 2018 - 01:10 AM

I wanted to wait until a few things got worked out with the trade system but now that CPU trades are more stringent I think this may be a good time to suggest it. I like the idea of being able to offer up two seasons worth of draft picks. I think that opens the floor up for a lot of different trade options and could make manager interactions more in depth. For instance; player loans would be easier to negotiate having the option to offer up a next season 3rd round pick etc. Let me know what you guys think.

#31834 The Humor Therapy Thread

Posted by EXXEO on December 22, 2017 - 11:53 PM

The hidden danger behind taking a faceoff...one wouldn't think that there would be one, right? Well my 1st line Center would tell you otherwise. Thirty seconds into todays clash with the Wizard's Steers, Docker goes to take a faceoff in the Defensive zone...moments later he is drooling face first on the ice. Instantaneously the team physician yells to the coach, "Yeah, that dude's toast - he's out for at least 23 games with a molly-whop concussion!" There are some conspiracy theories floating out there that the Steers rigged up a man posted in the jumbotron with a bean bag shotgun. The guy must have been a pro to nail Docker right in the back of the head. Video evidence is coming up inconclusive.

The injury is a huge blow to the team who seemed to just be finding their footing in the GHL. Now it seems we may be fighting to stay alive once more.

Docker's post game conversation:

"Docker, what happened out there in that faceoff and how did it feel to have an industrial-size hair dryer blow in your face after your drool froze it to the ice?"

"Well I like kittens and big puppies. You see the dragons eat too much of my celery fields to create any bitcoin profit so I think I may decide to take a taxi to Mongolia for the summer, catch some rays and then puke my brains out while wearing a nice pair of lederhosen!"

"Did the doctor check you out man?"

" Did you hear my answer, @$*#%?! Yes I like pink bunnies wrapped in great grandma's favorite shaw made of uncle Richard's responsibly sourced cat wool! #%*$ you people are stupid!"

#31832 World/League Chat Option

Posted by EXXEO on December 22, 2017 - 11:33 PM

There has been some discussion about this topic in the chat box here and figured it may be a good subject to hash out a bit more. The idea is to try and better engage the community. I really enjoy the chat box in top of the page here and think it would be great to see it in a similar format that sits on top of the browser rather than in the manager tabs. I know there were other ideas discussed as well so please throw those in here too.

#31799 Teamwork & Winner instinct

Posted by EXXEO on December 20, 2017 - 09:20 PM

Well we had a five game winning streak, lost a game and then lost in a shootout earlier today. I went back to see how the team was looking and now the Confidence is OK, the Teamwork is Good, and the Winner Instinct is back to OK (and in the blue again). I'm really confused. Also, the Confidence bar is at like 90% Green but we're just Ok in that department while the Teamwork is near 75% and Good...and how do I lose Winner Instinct???