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Cubs Trade Block

May 31, 2018 - 09:47 PM

It's June 1st. Open for business! Here's who we could move:


SP Henderson Alvarez - 28 year old starter sporting a 2.88 ERA and a 129 ERA+ through his first 9 starts. 


RP James McDonald - He has been one of the most valuable relievers of these first two months - sporting a sub-3.00 ERA for most of the season. He's a versatile bullpen weapon who can close, go multiple innings, even spot start. He'd be even better in a bullpen that didn't have to abuse him. 


SP Yu Darvish - Durable innings eater enjoying his best K/9 in years. 


RP Brett Bochy - 70 stuff with a 75-grade changeup.


3B Didi Gregorius 


RP Kenneth Giles


RP Pete Levitt




Guys like Darin Holcomb, Murray Watts, Cody Asche, Sammy DIaz, Dorssys Paulino, Eric Thames, Scott Alexander, Edgar Olmos, Michael Fiers, Brian Bocock, Kevin Mort, Nick Weglarz could be moved as well.

Cubs/Indians: The Re-Up

March 27, 2018 - 06:37 AM

Cubs send:


RP Bill Hodges (A-Mesa)



Indians send:


1B Bill Lowe (DFA)



Lowe is likely a better first baseman than we have in the entire organization. After adding a young arm in exchange for Cole Hamels' depth, we deal a young arm to add an interesting first baseman to the roster.


Thanks Ayden - CLE to confirm.

Cubs/Indians Trade

February 23, 2018 - 12:38 PM

Cubs send:

CF Alberto Madrid (MLB)

Indians send:

SP Jason Hatfield (MLB)
2B Juan Estrada (A-Lake County)
3B John Hines (R-Goodyear)
1B Daniel Vogelbach (AA-Akron)

We like Madrid, but feel his ultimate value is much closer to his 2017 production than his 2016 production. We need pitching and minor league infielders as our system is flush with outfielders. Dealing Madrid helps open up opportunities on the MLB roster (there are 60 guys in camp right now) and add further depth to the system. As far as the return goes, we believe Estrada has the ability to be very good. Vogelbach is welcomed back to the organization as key depth should Murray Watts not make the most of his 2018 opportunity. And Jason Hatfield is the surest-bet pitcher of any we were discussing in potential deals.

Madrid also marks the end of this first phase of roster turnover - we've cashed in most of our 2017 assets.

Thanks Ayden, CLE to confirm.

Tampa/Chicago Trade

February 19, 2018 - 12:25 AM

Cubs send:


OF Steve Winter (MLB)

RP Ramiro Ramos (R-Mesa)



Rays send:


OF Ed Harris (AAA-Durham)

2B Eduardo Valles (AA-Montgomery)

SP Robert Hayes (A-Bowling Green)

SP Herman Carter (A-Charlotte)

SS Dorssys Paulino (A-Bowling Green)



If Starlin Castro was my favorite MLB Pro Cub, Steve Winter would've been an easy 2nd place. He hails from Milwaukee - my hometown for 5 years and favorite city on earth - and I drafted him sixth overall in the 2013 player draft, the first draft spot I truly earned after our inaugural 2012 MLB Pro season. Winter was always my top prospect, and he rose up the ranks, battled some injuries, worked through a rough first two seasons to become an absolute beast in 2017: 6.3 WAR and 103 walks to 105 strikeouts, among other statistical accomplishments. He almost got us to the postseason, but alas.


Winter for years has declined my long-term contract offers, even with big money attached - he is almost certainly walking at the end of his 6th year of service time, which might only be a year or two into the next great Cubs team. It's worth it to move him now for younger pieces.


The main piece coming back is Ed Harris, who is honestly not much younger than Winter himself. But the 2nd overall pick in 2016 is going to be a great player someday, even possibly more complete than Winter when you factor in speed and defense. Valles is a well-hitting second baseman who needs motivation. Hayes and Carter aren't the ace we are seeking, but nobody is moving good young starters, and they provide immediate upgrades on our A-ball roster.


Harris - and Valles, somewhat - have both seen statistical shortcomings due to being rushed up the ladder and/or being injured. We plan to take it slow with these guys, regaining their confidence in the low minors before moving up the ladder and eventually back to Chicago.


So long, Winter. Best of luck in the AL.


Thanks John, TB to confirm.

Chicago/Chicago Trade

February 11, 2018 - 11:27 PM

Cubs send:


LF Sloan McBride (R-Mesa)



White Sox send:


RP Kenneth Giles (MLB)

CF Chris Klein (MLB)



White Sox needed to clear some 40 man space, and dangled Giles. His ratings are nice, his entire body of stats are not. We'll see which version shows up in 2018. 


Thanks Hodges, CHW to confirm.