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#38397 Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!

Posted by Erzac on February 25, 2019 - 11:38 AM

Welp, making the wait for the weekend even harder than it usually is. Really looking forward to the release!

#38187 Season 17

Posted by Erzac on January 29, 2019 - 11:57 AM

Congrats to the Vandals! It was a good series, apart from the massacre in the last game.

#35902 Young Players Still Declining

Posted by Erzac on July 13, 2018 - 02:35 AM

Those players generated on FA are likely completely random, including their hidden potential. When they get a generated with a much higher overall than their potential would otherwise allow, that's when they don't develop or start dropping for no apparent reason.

#35870 Ridiculous results (sometimes)

Posted by Erzac on July 11, 2018 - 02:33 AM

It's also the very nature of simulations to come across as random sometimes. Under normal conditions, I'd say any given team within a league has at least a 20% chance of winning any other team within that league on any given night. That percentage is an extreme example, and even that leaves quite a bit of room for upsets.


And the better (player quality) team wins more often than it loses. For that I've some stats derived from the Biscuit power rankings over the 5 full seasons it's been there. Bearing in mind the power rankings only take into account player overalls, and there is always much more at play.


Between S10-S14:

67,5% of available playoff spots have been filled with top-8 teams.

Regular season winners have been ranked: 1st, 1st, 1st, 10th, 2nd.

Cup winners have been ranked: 1st, 7th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd.


The take is small, but it gives a hint as to that the materially best teams do prevail most of the time over a long enough time frame.



tldr, I think this game does a pretty good job when it comes to better teams winning games. There is always the random element that is present in sim games, as it should be.

#35736 Offering contracts to prospects?

Posted by Erzac on June 29, 2018 - 10:34 AM

CPU teams can offer contracts to prospects. You still hold the rights until 21. You can offer a contract to your prospect that is signed with a cpu team at any time, and he'll join your team at the start of the next season.


Human managers can't offer contracts to prospects they don't have rights to.


Edit: It appears that gators type faster than cats.

#35460 New Season Fatigue

Posted by Erzac on June 13, 2018 - 07:16 AM

Thanks.  Is the potential benefit to your team worth the extra fatigue for one preseason game?

I would recommend playing the full three preseason games to build confidence, but reduce training or ice-time for the fatiguing players if necessary.

#35424 GHL S15 power rankings

Posted by Erzac on June 12, 2018 - 09:08 AM

1. Deadwood Vandals (Kim "koekefix" Vandaele)

OFF: 91 DEF: 93 SG: 96 OVR: 92,3 (+0,9)

Age: 29,1

Best OVR skater: D Loick Bulloch, 32yo, 97 OVR.


2. West Chicago Protons (Richard "bouncer" Feynman)

OFF: 90 DEF: 94 SG: 97 OVR: 92,2 (+0,2)

Age: 30,7

Best OVR skater: D Adrien Berrouard, 32yo, 96 OVR.


3. St. Thomas Stray Cats (Erzac "Erzac" Ray)

OFF: 91 DEF: 93 SG: 93 OVR: 92,1 (+1,9)

Age: 29,2

Best OVR skater: F Valdemar Chovanec, 32yo, 96 OVR.


4. Portland Marauders (Xavier "xZhou" Zhou)

OFF: 90 DEF: 93 SG: 94 OVR: 91,9 (+0,8)

Age: 25,4

Best OVR skater: D Ghali Tadros, 38yo, 96 OVR.


5. Richford Rebels (Jusu "Jusu5" Manager)

OFF: 90 DEF: 92 SG: 95 OVR: 91,1 (+0,2)

Age: 28,6

Best OVR skater: D Nathaniel Poirier-Ladouceur, 23yo, 96 OVR.


6. Canmore Grizzlies (Matt "themattinthehat" Muffett)

OFF: 90 DEF: 92 SG: 92 OVR: 90,9 (+0,3)

Age: 28,9

Best OVR skater: D Oldřich Brož, 33yo, 95 OVR.


7. Thetford Mines Pegasus (Anthony "Pingu" Grauwels)

OFF: 90 DEF: 91 SG: 95 OVR: 90,9 (+1,1)

Age: 28,4

Best OVR skater: D Yan Palos-Sanschagrin, 23yo, 94 OVR.


8. Harrisonville Sabercats (Hurja "HurjaHerra" Herra)

OFF: 90 DEF: 90 SG: 96 OVR: 90,7 (+0,2)

Age: 29,0

Best OVR skater: D Nikolay Mandrykin, 30yo, 95 OVR.


9. Eldred Elite (Steven "Steve" Bennett)

OFF: 89 DEF: 92 SG: 91 OVR: 90,5 (+0,4)

Age: 28,4

Best OVR skater: D Zavon Mellor, 33yo, 95 OVR.


10. York Wolf Pack (Jiri "jiihee" Heikkala)

OFF: 89 DEF: 91 SG: 93 OVR: 90,4 (+0,7)

Age 31,0

Best OVR skater: D Jesse Fiore, 31yo, 95 OVR.


11. Buckingham Breakouts (Jussi "jusatin" Ahonen)

OFF: 89 DEF: 91 SG: 92 OVR: 90,3 (+1,1)

Age: 27,8

Best OVR skater: C Tjaž Avsenik, 21yo, 93 OVR.


12. Cedar Rapids Minutemen (Richard "rainsilent" Armour)

OFF: 89 DEF: 91 SG: 95 OVR: 90,2 (+0,2)

Age: 27,2

Best OVR skater: D Shane Helms, 23yo, 94 OVR.


13. Violet Volcano (Soupy Salez)

OFF: 88 DEF: 89 SG: 96 OVR: 89,2 (+0,1)

Age: 29,8

Best OVR skater: F Simon-Pier Byers, 24yo, 95 OVR.


14. Pinehurst Miners (Phoenix "phoenixtf" TF)

OFF: 87 DEF: 89 SG: 96 OVR: 88,3 (-0,2)

Age: 28,4

Best OVR skater: D Eliam Larochel, 21yo, 93 OVR.


15. *Sault Ste Marie Admirals (Jacques de Gatineau)

OFF: 87 DEF: 88 SG: 93 OVR: 87,9 (+2,6)

Age: 27,2

Best OVR skater: D Jakob Olsen, 20yo, 93 OVR.


16. *Horseheads North Thundering Herd (Bear Doggit)

OFF: 86 DEF: 89 SG: 88 OVR: 87,5 (+3,3)

Age: 31,9

Best OVR skater: D Alexey Filchenkov, 38yo, 91 OVR.


League AVG team OVR: 90,4 (Last season 90,0)

League AVG team age: 28,2 (Last season 28,6)


*=Team promoted from SHL


Edit: Change from last season in parenthesis.



Calculated on day 5 of S15, using:


Team OVR = (OFF + (DEF x 2) + (SG x 2))/26



OFF = Combined overall of 12 best centers/forwards

DEF = Combined overall of 6 best defenders

SG = Overall of starting goalie (best overall goalie in team)


In case of a tie for team best ovr skater, career performance rating for current league level was used as a tiebreaker. After that games played on current level, and then points.

#35399 Prospect Reputation

Posted by Erzac on June 11, 2018 - 09:47 AM

Personally, I haven't given much thought to reputation when drafting.


Mostly I pay attention to how players have progressed in their past season(s), as well as their performance and stats. There are sometimes prospects that look lucrative on draft day because of overall etc, but might have very slow development, and in the worst case never be ready for a roster spot.

#35397 S15 General Chat

Posted by Erzac on June 11, 2018 - 08:45 AM

Failure to lure the most sought-after FA Tadros to St.Thomas was followed by the busiest offseason to date, bringing significant amounts of talent and veteran presence to the Cats.



Wildersinn, C, 38yo, 93ovr

Lehto, C, 27yo, 92ovr

Lisi, F, 38yo, 92ovr

Maksudov, D, 32yo, 93ovr

2x GHL 3rd



Randell, C, 28yo, 90ovr

Gunther, D, 38yo, 90ovr

Huart, D, 22yo, 87ovr

GHL 1st

GHL 2nd

2x GHL 3rd

#35387 Serial cheater in Lumber

Posted by Erzac on June 10, 2018 - 03:13 PM

We all help each other so its normal to see sometimes trades that help more a team then a other one. I promess that we play fair.

Just to comment on this point here - multiple teams working together for the benefit of a single team is not fair competition, separate managers or not. If there is a closer bond between managers, like family, it can't be a factor in trades.


While probably everyone agrees helping out family members is a great thing, in competitive online sports manager games that help should be limited to giving advice etc. instead of direct aid, for example biased trades.


tldr: For reasons of fairness towards other managers, "family" is not a valid reason to base transactions on in a game such as this.

#35332 S15 General Chat

Posted by Erzac on June 08, 2018 - 05:44 AM

Anyway both offers are insane.

I actually think 6,5 is a very reasonable contract for a player of that caliber (10M is pushing it of course). For what it's worth, I think all top players should make 6+ million as a rule of thumb. Of course we're very far from that atm.

#35328 S15 General Chat

Posted by Erzac on June 08, 2018 - 04:33 AM

Let's get this thread going.


For starters, I edited a brief video about one particular FA signing.



Guess there are other factors than just money...

#35002 Player salaries & cap (bug?)

Posted by Erzac on May 28, 2018 - 08:08 AM

Playoffs are here and contract extensions are happening again, so I'll keep at this.


Today in Biscuit GHL 9 players signed an extension - 7 of them took a pay cut.

A highlight from that bunch: 22yo, 96ovr d-man, on an already cheap contract, is fine with an extension that lowers his salary by ~16%. Why would a young superstar coming off a good season ever agree to something like that?

#34946 S14 Magic Numbers

Posted by Erzac on May 26, 2018 - 04:13 AM

Depending on some game results tonight, the last playoff spot(s) may be decided by the last game of the season between Cats and Grizzlies, with the possibility of a spot being on the line for both teams.


Another magic number: Of all the current GHL teams (that have been in playoffs in the past), Stray Cats hold the enviable record of the longest playoff drought, with the latest (and only) appearance in S7.

#34811 The Humor Therapy Thread

Posted by Erzac on May 22, 2018 - 05:38 AM

Think I finally found a picture of the assistant at work.

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