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In Topic: S13 General Chat

January 11, 2018 - 07:10 AM

Happened to all my goalies too, blue fitness, no matter if they had played or not. Happened last season as well if I recall correctly.

In Topic: GHL S13 power rankings

January 09, 2018 - 07:34 AM

That is something I would expect naturally. -- Obviously there is a block when you hit salary cap, but I think that happened only to me (I'm not saying others are not close to salary cap, but I already had to let go very nice players because of my cap situation) - I'm still holding thanks to trades and training, but I can't improve by 1 point anymore.

I agree, it's something to be expected. It's just interesting to see that the improvement is still basically league-wide even with the training changes. But Biscuit moves slowly anyways, so we probably just haven't seen the full effects of those changes yet. Also looking at the S11-S12 team improvement, it's very evident there as well, but now it's even more visible.

In Topic: GHL S13 power rankings

January 09, 2018 - 06:42 AM

I thought I had improved my team significantly (in relation to other teams) since last season, but I'm actually at the same position as before. Of course overall doesn't tell the whole story, but interesting nonetheless. Many teams have improved ~1 point of overall since last season.

In Topic: So I tried to come back, but.....

January 06, 2018 - 11:41 AM

-- The future of this game will not be in human play in my opinion. 

Personally the only reason to play online manager games comes from human interaction and competition between human managers. It's exciting to see how different managers build their teams and how it works out. Working out trades between two teams, to try to find a good deal for both is one of the most interesting things to do in-game.


Also, there are already great single-player hockey manager games out there to play.

In Topic: Promotion impact

January 02, 2018 - 09:05 AM

Next season's contracts do kick in at the very end of the current season (in a slightly confusing manner).


Basically, if you have a player that has an extension signed with a promotion clause, that will apply if you promote, no matter the length of the extension or what clauses the previous contract had.