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In Topic: S14 General Chat

Yesterday, 08:18 AM

Another annoying result from the bloated overalls is that players are an indistinguishable mass.


As 99 marks the best of the best, currently in Biscuit GHL there are:


24 world fastest skaters,

11 world best passers,

14 world best shooters etc.


And if you'd think ~95 is "elite" in a category, then basically any player on any given team is "elite" in something. Which shouldn't be the case obviously.

In Topic: S14 General Chat

Yesterday, 12:20 AM

And there are lots of "Yu" types out there that aren't going away anytime soon.  At least this year's (and last's) draft looks more human. 

Here are the notable 25yo or younger GHL goalies I could find with a quick glance.


Vojsovic, 20 - 89

Malette, 21 - 95

Cook, 22 - 90

Fricker, 22 - 94

Koivula, 23 - 95

Senko, 24 - 96

Strass, 24 - 95

Yu, 24 - 96

Keehan, 25 - 90

Ormsby, 25 - 94


These guys will be in the game for at least 10+ seasons. And they'll get even better still. Also, there seemed to be no immensely talented 18-19 year old goalies around.

In Topic: S14 General Chat

April 19, 2018 - 10:11 AM

Have you tried your top line as Two Way?  If they aren't scoring and are giving up goals, I'd assume it can't hurt.  Maybe break up Chov and Ryz and put one on your 2nd line (Scoring). 


Also you mentioned you changed OFF tactics this season so your team probably isn't that familiar yet.  I'm sure that can't help offensive production at the moment.

Don't know which other line would carry the scoring if that line won't get going. Not that they're getting it done either, in the past 10 games I've scored more than two goals only once. Which happens to be the only game I've won in that stretch.


I did change, but the old tactic wasn't working either. I'm changing back tonight to the more familiar tactic as well as some line and role shuffling. Something has to work eventually.

In Topic: S14 General Chat

April 19, 2018 - 06:26 AM

That D puckhandling team would be me?


In Topic: S14 General Chat

April 19, 2018 - 01:06 AM

--(assuming you still use the same Off tactic as you did during our playoff last season).--

I changed the tactic after things started going south this season, but that hasn't done me any favors just yet.


Yeah it's pretty surprising to me too...have you tried playing Chovanec and Ryzhanov on different lines or shuffling the lines a bit? Personally I found that some players just seem to click for some unknown reason, and some just don't play well together. One thing that stands out for me when I look at your team is that all of the defensemen have poor puckhandling, so maybe they have trouble carrying the puck out of the zone despite their strong passing abilities?

They only started clicking last season after I put them together, mostly I think the problem on that line has been the center. Shuffling hasn't brought any results yet anyways, but I'll keep at it.


Interesting note on the d-men puckhandling, I always looked at it being low by nature, but my team does have a notably lower average there than many other teams.

Edit: It is actually THE lowest in GHL currently, so that might be one of the issues. The second worst team in that matter is however doing great atm, so it can't be the only problem.