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#47622 S3 GHL Power Rankings

Posted by Erzac on October 13, 2019 - 07:12 AM

Just in time for the start of the regular season!



Eastern Conference


1. Slaughterville Red Tide (Alexander Rasputin)

OFF: 88 DEF: 89 SG: 92 OVR: 89,0


2. Sheshegwaning Dragons (Ives Pa)

OFF: 88 DEF: 87 SG: 93 OVR: 88,0


3. St.Thomas Stray Cats (Erzac Ray)

OFF: 86 DEF: 88 SG: 96 OVR: 87,6


4. Sault Ste Marie Battlin Bears (Joe Leconte)

OFF: 87 DEF: 88 SG: 88 OVR: 87,6


5. Lake Viking Bulldogs (Max Mol)

OFF: 86 DEF: 88 SG: 94 OVR: 87,3


6. Big Delta Stealheads (Paul T)

OFF: 88 DEF: 87 SG: 88 OVR: 87,2


7. Kingston Kamikaze (Antti Hänninen)

OFF: 86 DEF: 89 SG: 85 OVR: 87,2


8. Netherhill Nightmares (Tyrod Gibson)

OFF: 85 DEF: 88 SG: 91 OVR: 86,9


9. Fairbanks Union (CPU)

OFF: 85 DEF: 87 SG: 92 OVR: 86,5


10. Cedar Rapids Minutemen (Richard Armour)

OFF: 85 DEF: 87 SG: 90 OVR: 86,2


11. Mango Duhawks (Dr. Jones)

OFF: 86 DEF: 86 SG: 90 OVR: 86,0


12. Becancour Patriots (Nick Menard)

OFF: 85 DEF: 85 SG: 87 OVR: 85,1


13. Wolf Trap Claws (Fango Wolf)

OFF: 83 DEF: 83 SG: 85 OVR: 83,2


14. Summertown Six Pack (Jonathan D)

OFF: 82 DEF: 82 SG: 87 OVR: 82,3



Western Conference


1. Kegashka Prairie Stars (Ferris Mason)

OFF: 87 DEF: 91 SG: 94 OVR: 89,3


2. Ithaca Ricochet (Marc S)

OFF: 86 DEF: 89 SG: 93 OVR: 87,8


3. Red River Red Bulls (Marko Vuoto)

OFF: 87 DEF: 88 SG: 87 OVR: 87,8


4. Scandinavia Steelers (J Jono)

OFF: 87 DEF: 88 SG: 91 OVR: 87,7


5. Vauban Tomahawks (Ben \)

OFF: 87 DEF: 88 SG: 92 OVR: 87,7


6. Eastern Outlaws (The Champ)

OFF: 87 DEF: 88 SG: 92 OVR: 87,6


7. West Chicago Hawks (Richard Feynman)

OFF: 86 DEF: 88 SG: 94 OVR: 87,5


8. Enigma Rage (Wendel Clark)

OFF: 87 DEF: 87 SG: 88 OVR: 87,4


9. Yonker Wolverines (Jiri Heikkala)

OFF: 86 DEF: 88 SG: 87 OVR: 86,7


10. Eldred Elite (Steven Bennett)

OFF: 86 DEF: 87 SG: 87 OVR: 86,5


11. Canuck Red Dragons (P K)

OFF: 84 DEF: 86 SG: 85 OVR: 85,2


12. Deadwood Vandals (Kim Vandaele)

OFF: 84 DEF: 85 SG: 85 OVR: 84,5


13. Parkville Lightning Bolts (Jan Rosa)

OFF: 82 DEF: 85 SG: 88 OVR: 83,9


14. Richibucto Masons (Dr. Wendt)

OFF: 82 DEF: 83 SG: 89 OVR: 83,0



Calculated on day 7 of S3, using:


Team OVR = (OFF + (DEF*2) + (SG*2))/26



OFF: ovr sum of best 12 centers/forwards

DEF: ovr sum of best 6 defenders

SG: ovr of starting goalie

#40488 Player profiles [DONE]

Posted by rainsilent on July 28, 2019 - 01:45 PM

Ego - This can be looked at as the general disposition that a player has. It mainly impacts teamwork and how much the team likes to play with each other. You want to have a good mix of the best but don't get too concerned about having a few of the worse ones on your roster. It goes through these ranks from lowest to highest.

Arrogant, cocky, responsible, friendly, compassionate.


Dirty - This is how dirty a player plays the game. The dirtier a player is willing to play the more they push the boundaries of the rules to gain an advantage. That also mean they are more likely to take penalties, especially majors that aren't fighting majors. It goes through these ranks from lowest to highest.

Tough, agitator, respectful, gentle.


Leadership - This is a take on how much of a leader presence the player can have in the locker room. This is mostly relevant for whom you want to make captains for your team. This goes through these ranks from lowest to highest.

Anonymus, modest, respected, role model, motivator, commander, true leader


Big Games - This is a showing of how the player is likely to respond in big moments. The lower the ranking the more likely they are to make mistakes in big moments. It goes through these ranks from lowest to highest.

Nervous, anxious, stable, determined, heroic.


Ambition - This is a showing of how much interest the player has in the sport and how much they care about how good they are. This is mostly going to be used in conjunction with development to determine how good the player might get. This may also have an impact on how long of a career a player may have. This goes through these ranks from lowest to highest.

Lazy, half-hearted, enthusiastic, purposeful, ambitious.


Hidden profile:

There is one hidden profile that used to be known. Talent. It was hidden for obvious reason. Everyone would go after the players with the highest ranking in this category without touching any of the others if at all possible. It made it too easy to go after the players that were most likely to be the best in the game.


The rankings might not be fully accurate but they are to the best of my knowledge. Also, I don't think I did the best job of describing the different profile points so do not hesitate to point out what is missing or may be worth including.

#40389 v2.0.5

Posted by GamePlanHockey on July 22, 2019 - 05:09 AM

Improvements and bug fixes

  • League history now displays the correct and both conference champions
  • Trade offers can now be canceled or rejected directly from the current trade offers list on the Transfer page*. List now also displays short info about the included players in a trade offer
  • Assignments on team roster now also displays contract information
  • Fixed bug for missing stats on newly added juniors
  • Fixed bug for missing or wrong stats on traded or claimed players
  • Fixed bug where pending trade offers wasn't removed when an included player was claimed on waivers
  • Fixed bug where the wrong draft pick intervals was displayed in trade offers
  • Fixed bug where new or unemployed managers could not access the game
  • Fixed bug where a inbox message could not be deleted
  • Fixed bug where window would not load when setting up first trial
  • Replaced an invalid team mascot
  • Various layout adjustments and fixes


* This option will also let a manager remove a corrupt trade offer that otherwise can't be opened.

#40365 Season 2 General Chat

Posted by Paul T on July 19, 2019 - 11:55 AM

Just a courtesy post to say that I'll be on vaca for the next 8 days.  Phone service will be limited.  Will respond to messages, offers when I can.

#40342 NHL discussion

Posted by rainsilent on July 18, 2019 - 09:40 AM

In this case that isn't likely, tho be since many teams are within 6 million of the salary cap. The only team with plenty of cap space to really use is Ottawa and I don't see them doing much, to be honest. Case in point the Zack Smith, Artem Anisimov trade. It was done to get Ottawa above the cap floor. To boot they are actually paying Anisimov less than they would be paying Zach Smith because half of that cap hit was a contract bonus that took effect July 1st.


All the Pens need to do is get Pettersson resigned and their top 4 is good. They just need to get JJ's cap hit out to likely do that.

#40247 v2.0.4

Posted by GamePlanHockey on July 11, 2019 - 11:57 PM

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where player rights wasn't released properly if a player retired in a very young age.
  • Fixed bug where closing a playoff series could crash
  • Fixed bug where junior players could be released from junior teams too early
  • Fixed bug where a manager could get fired from team even if not absent.
  • Fixed bug where a manager was not reinstated after returning from holiday
  • Fixed bug where used draft picks could still be traded
  • Fixed bug where entry level contracts didn't expire properly
  • Fixed bug where wrong team names was displayed on team and player stats
  • Fixed bug where the jersey editor caused an error
  • Small adjustment of manager reputation
  • Jersey builder now removes duplicate colors on load
  • Database upgrade

#40230 Season 2 General Chat

Posted by EXXEO on July 10, 2019 - 07:22 PM

Welcome back Kim!

#40216 Cage trash talk

Posted by Pingu on July 10, 2019 - 06:13 AM



#40219 Cage trash talk

Posted by Paul T on July 10, 2019 - 08:45 AM

Vandals and Pegasus are back.  Sweet!

#40205 My thoughts on endurance

Posted by rainsilent on July 09, 2019 - 08:06 AM



I'm curious about your tabs, 'how to be productive'? 


It is an article about how to be productive with the perspective of some philosophers from ancient times.



#40095 My thoughts on endurance

Posted by rainsilent on July 01, 2019 - 06:08 PM

No defensive tactic needs endurance. I'm running spread on the team with the photos above and that is the most demanding defensive tactic and lack of endurance isn't an issue.


No offensive tactic "needs" passing or shooting but you need passing and shooting to some degree to score. It doesn't matter how good your team is defensively you are not going to stay in the GHL with a team with low 80s at best passing and scoring.

#39836 Cage trash talk

Posted by Erzac on June 14, 2019 - 02:16 PM

market might be rough, people desperate to compete with a lot of cap space overspending

And even overspending isn't always enough... wasn't in the old GPHM anyway...


#38180 Season 17

Posted by Steve on January 28, 2019 - 02:33 PM

See, I'm not the only one that doesn't notice when Vandals win another championship!  Congrats!

#37345 Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

Posted by GamePlanHockey on November 05, 2018 - 04:15 PM

Yes, you're right. We're getting tired of excuses. And the release was announced too early. But I really thought it would be ready by October. I was wrong. 


So what's happening? Currently I put several hours into the new release every day and things are progressing. The new league structures and playoffs are developed and are being tested out. The design is almost finished for desktops and larger screens. Here's a screenshot: https://cl.ly/13e1bb5fe116


I will from now on provide a screenshot or an update at least once a week up to time of the release. I also recorded a sneak peak on how to customise team jerseys. I posted this in the jersey discussion found here: http://forums.gmgame...eys/#entry37343


The release is still planned for December but probably not the first week. And as Glawing pointed out the current server will be active until the release is made with the one exception that it will be physically moved last weekend of November. 


So no more excuses from now on =)

#36716 S15 General Chat

Posted by Steve on August 22, 2018 - 02:29 PM

Congrats to the Vandals and Kim for another Championship!  The fact that you have a couple former Elite on your team clearly means Elite are right there in the running for next year, haha.


I didn't overlook this one, ha!