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#39212 NHL discussion

Posted by rainsilent on April 25, 2019 - 12:41 AM

Now that everyone's playoff bracket is a complete bust if they had one let us look at the second round. I'm going to start out west.


SJS vs Col. I think this series is going to be decided by Martin Jones. San Jose is a more physical team up and down its lineup than Calgary was and it has more firepower from all over the lineup. Thus the top players on Colorado are really going to have to come up big for the team to come out on top. If Martin Jones can keep them bottled up to a degree by making a few big saves I see San Jose winning in 5 or 6. I also think that is most likely how this series will go.


STL vs Dal. STL and Nashville play a rather similar game with one major distinction. St. Louis' strength is up front whereas Nashville's was on the back end. Thus for Dallas it is almost the same challenge all over again however the forwards are going to be what they want to key on with St. Louis. Beyond that, this is going to be a close, defensive battle where the decider in my mind will be on what team takes advantage of the other team's mistakes. Ultimately I think the more consistent and better depth will likely put St. Louis through in 6 or 7 games.


NYI vs Car. The Hurricanes surprised me by beating the Caps in 7 games by being opportunistic while playing hard. Against the Islanders those opportunities are going to become more scarce. To boot the Islanders play a more physical game while having a few skill guys that can take advantage of turnovers themselves. The questions for me are all on Carolina's side as they don't have the physicality to match the Islanders nor the skill to pick them apart. I'm just not sure that working hard alone will be enough to beat a physical but patient defensive team. Islanders in 5, maybe 6.


Bos vs CBJ. The grind fest that I was hoping for has come to be. This is very likely to be a very physical and very intense series with every inch fought hard for. This series has the potential to be one of the best of the last decade. CBJ has the more explosive first line however it isn't by much. Beyond that your really splitting hairs picking these two teams apart. That said CBJ has 3 defensemen out at the start of the series. That alone could be the difference maker in the series and I think it likely will be. Boston in 6 or 7.


My conference finals matchups based upon my predictions: West: SJS vs STL. East: NYI vs Bos. Let us see how wrong I am.

#39041 v2.0.1 - v2.0.2

Posted by rainsilent on April 06, 2019 - 05:08 AM

Amazing update.

#38752 A Question about Focus Assignements

Posted by rainsilent on March 11, 2019 - 10:06 AM

I've had checking lines in the past that worked. The difficulty is in finding the players that will work on a checking line. Finding forwards with high defense and spirit isn't as easy as offensive forwards. The ones you do find are typically the better offensive players at the same time and are thus better utilized in an offensive role.


Energy lines work as well and the 3 attributes you want there are spirit, physical and skating with the first two being more important than the last.


As Paul T said though set the team up the way you want them to play first. After that mess with the lines to find the best balance with the players that you have. Remember when doing that to test it for a few games as one game won't necessarily be a true indicator of if something will work or not.


That said don't be afraid to ask more questions.

#38749 Buzzer Members Sound Off!

Posted by rainsilent on March 11, 2019 - 12:35 AM

8 games in and my team is 6-0-0-2. That said I deliberately wanted this team to be a bit more offensively focused than my normal team.


Goals per game 12th 4,1 Goals against 1st 2,3 Powerplay 15th 18,8% Penalty kill 11th 84,2%


I think I may not understand the concept of more offensive. :unsure:

#38641 Cage trash talk

Posted by rainsilent on March 06, 2019 - 10:49 AM

Trash talk... You mean like this?


#38610 What are your teams like?

Posted by rainsilent on March 05, 2019 - 03:43 PM

After a number of signings and a trade my team now looks like this.














Before and after really changed the complexion of the team.

#38573 What are your teams like?

Posted by rainsilent on March 04, 2019 - 02:40 PM

Matt you had maybe a slightly below average team.














*- a defenseman.


I have 1 forward that I sent down to make cap space for potential FA moves. 83 overall and would go on the 3rd line.


Somehow this wasn't the worst GHL team but was easily one of. The thing that annoyed me about this team though was the number of bad contracts I got left with relative for a bad team. Also the players that Matt got I offered about half a million less which was still more than what they were asking for. Matt also offered more years too.

#38552 Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!

Posted by rainsilent on March 04, 2019 - 12:09 AM

I'll give the changes to the custom team a look later however that said the only other issue I have been able to run into is on rare occasions it wouldn't let me assign someone to my development team. Once a refresh of the player page fixed it the other time I had to close the player page and bring it back up. Both times the same error came up but I didn't remember to note it for record. Umm. Oops. Good news though is that I haven't found anything else that has yet to be mentioned.


I haven't been able to get my team to potentially go over the cap which is good as that was an interesting issue in the past. That said I decided for my second team to start in the LIHL more for the experience and know how. Some of you may remember my help thread that I have kind of abandoned. Well there were two major reasons. Not knowing quite how deep I wanted to get into explaining the tactics and not having experience in building a team in the lower leagues. After doing the tactics it was going to go into team building. Ways on how to do it, what to look for, et cetera. It does no good what so ever to be explaining it from a GHL perspective when those needing it most are the newer players in the lower ends of the leagues.


That said I have quickly run into a nightmare of a problem. The player search function when in lower leagues. I know there was talk about addressing it in the past but the only way to get it to work currently is to sort by position+age if you want to look at most of the players actually available to you. That means sorting by position and say 21 year olds and then same position and 22 year olds. A key part in retaining new players is ease of use of features. Having it be so difficult in finding players to potentially go for and sign is a real pain. Granted I know of it in the past to a degree but I didn't quite know exactly how bad the issue was.

#38497 Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!

Posted by rainsilent on March 01, 2019 - 06:33 PM

So I am really liking the new game so far. I can't dive into the good and bad right now because I ma going out to dinner but I will be going through issues I have spotted unless they get covered.


That said I got another bad team. However it isn't the worst team and it at least has cap space while a few other bad teams don't. Hey what would a new start be without a challenge? I'm happy I got a bad-ish team with cap space to be honest. Allows me to really make some moves.

#38423 Biscuit Minutemen team page

Posted by rainsilent on February 27, 2019 - 01:07 AM

Players of note that played for my team at one point. This isn't so much a best of list so much as players that I like for whatever reason.


I'm starting this list with the two players I regret trading away in trades that weren't done for the heck of it.


Zack Kite © The kind of players that I absolutely love. Playmaker/two way center that I don't remember what I traded them for though I suspect it was for scoring since I had a lack of scorers and plenty of playmakers at the time. I had him for 1 season, season 5. I regret trading him still because Kite was the C that I was looking to place on my 2nd line just a season later and was looking for continuously for another 5 seasons after.

Stats with me: 60 14-18-32 Career GHL stats: 746 116-187-303


Donovan Mangala (W) Another player that I regret trading. A do it all power/two way forward that I had, again, for 1 season, season 4. After I traded him away I spent 4 seasons looking for a suitable player to replace him in my forward group. Both of these players would have been 2nd line players at best had I kept them however they would have been key parts in the middle of my lineup for a long time and I wouldn't have been searching for replacements.

Stats with me: 53 11-19-30 Career GHL stats: 709 132-173-305


Hynek Palic © A two way C that was my first true 1st line C talent wise. Was on my team for 7 seasons. S5 to S11. While not as big an offensive talent as other 1st line C his two way abilities suited my teams defensive focus nicely.

Stats with me: Rg 333 92-153-245 Po 24 3-9-12 Career GHL stats: Rg 819 166-306-472 Po 48 9-20-29


Richard Michalcik (C/W) For a number of seasons was the #1 scoring threat on my team. A sniper/powerfoward combo that for a few season was my only real major scoring threat.

Stats with me: Rg 600 235-214-449 Po 45 21-10-31 Career GHL stats: Rg 806 270-279-549 Po 48 22-12-34


Charles Gates (W) The player that I finally found that could fill on Mangala's role as a do everything forward up front. Played for me from the end of S8-S12 and S15-S18

Stats with me: Rg 389 96-158-254 Po 27 3-8-11 Career GHL stats: Rg 638 132-212-344 Po 33 3-9-12


Nikolay Markin © Made a career out of being my 3rd line C. I had him from S3 to S13.

Stats with me: Rg 652 112-133-245 Po 45 9-16-25 Career GHL stats Rg 720 129-163-292 Po 56 11-21-32


Toimi Makkonen (W/C) A playmaker/Two way type again. Was one of the best defensive forwards in the GHL for a number of seasons and lead forwards in takeaways for one season. S3 to S11

Stats with me: Rg 485 122-215-337 Po 36 7-15-22 Career GHL stats: Rg 820 181-299-480 Po 51-7-21-28


Nathan Berry (W) One of the few players from my original team that I kept beyond the initial season. Another playmaker/two way type. While I didn't keep him his entire career when I had him in the GHL he played well (75 performance rating both playoffs and regular season) on my 3rd line despite being 2-3 overall below the average player overall.

Stats with me GHL: Rg 325 55-113-168 Po 19 1-6-7 Career GHL stats: Rg 381 62-126-188 Po 19-1-6-7

Stats with me SHL: Rg 97 27-42-69 Po 9 3-2-5 Career SHL stats: 217 62-120-182 Po 15 5-6-11


Abdullah Schuon (W) Another of the few players from my original team and actually currently playing 3rd line W on my GHL team at the end. Very fitting in my mind. Another playmaker/two way type. Also has been a + rating his entire GHL career with me despite never being better than a 82 overall while playing against much higher overall players.

Stats with me GHL: Rg 326 33-59-92 Po 19 3-4-7 Career GHL stats: Rg 331 35-61-96 Po 19 3-4-7

Stats with me SHL: Rg 117 9-45-54 Po 7 0-3-3 Career SHL stats: Rg 477 86-227-313 Po 26 1-8-9


Mikulas Rakita (W) Longest tenured player I have ever had. I got him just before the S4 playoffs and he has been on my team since.

Stats with me: Rg 773 244-320-564 Po 54 7-22-29 Career GHL stats: Rg 799 244-326-570 Po 54 7-22-29


Loick Bulloch (D) One of the defenseman that created the backbone of my team for years. I traded him away in S13 as a start to the challenge to see what I could get away with and still make the playoffs. Had I not decided to take that challenge on him and the next defenesman would be my current top pairing and those are two of the top defensemen in the league.

Stats with me: Rg 561 73-206-279 Po 41 4-13-17 Career GHL stats: Rg 996 137-353-490 Po 89 13-42-55


Leonardo Adame (D) Another one of the defenders that was the backbone of my team for years and like above I traded away to further test how far I could go with as little as possible. Would be on my top pair with the player above had I not traded them.

Stats with me: Rg 591 93-165-258 Po 45 7-14-21 Career GHL stats: Rg 789 130-245-375 Po 72 11-28-39


Bengt Bergstrom (D) The player that basically saved my team in S1 when I got them in FA just shy of halfway through the season. Was a cornerstone of my D until S11. So far as I am aware has the longest stretch of games played without missing a game at 7 seasons in length.

Stats with me: Rg 505 72-209-281 Po 35 1-10-11 Career GHL stats: Rg 902 118-335-453 Po 59 4-17-21

SHL stats (all with me): Rg 88 11-27-38 Po 9 1-4-5


Atila Steegmann (D) Current top pair defender on my team. 1st round pick of mine from S6.

Stats with me: Rg: 400 56-114-170 Po 24 1-7-8


Shane Helms (D) Other current top pair defender. 1st round pick of mine from S9.

Stats with me: Rg 481 40-147-187 Po 27 5-11-16


Guillaume Kung (D) Current 2nd pair defender. 2nd round pick of mine from S9. Top 10 rated player from that draft that fell to pick #30. Don't know why the other managers let him fall that far to my 2nd round pick but I'll take it.

Stats with me: Rg 407 27-71-98 Po 21 0-1-1


Paolo Jansen (D) Current 2nd pair defender. 1st round pick from S10. Combine the 6 defenders above and I would have the best D core currently in the game world with 5 of them being top 38 in the world.

Stats with me: Rg 392 21-77-98 Po 24 2-3-5


Riad Loveday (G) The first long duration #1 goalie that I had. While he had to sit and develop for 2 years before he could start because I unexpectedly promoted in S2 to the GHL. Split starting duties during S5 and was the starter until S11.

Stats with me: Rg 178-80-25 22 SO Po 7-13-1 2 SO Career GHL stats: Rg 316-171-48 49 SO 2.40 .921 Po 19-20-2 2.42 .927 4 So


Johnathan Ormsby (G) Current starter that took over after Loveday.

Stats with me: Rg 179-117-17 30 SO Po 7-9-4 1 SO Career GHL stats: Rg 203-158-19 30 SO 2.54 .922 Po 8-9-4 2.97 .914 1 SO


Other players of note:

Gustavs Klavins (G) Current backup. First first round pick for me back in S5. Because there was no minor system then I had to let him play for AI teams to develop. Unfortunately he signed with a team for 2 years that he pretty much never could play for stinting his development. When he should have been at least 80 overall by the time he was 21 he was instead 75 overall. Had his development not been stinted he would likely be my current starter and likely 94 or better in overall making him I think the best player from that draft.

#38422 Biscuit Minutemen team page

Posted by rainsilent on February 26, 2019 - 09:20 PM

So since the end is nigh for this iteration the final stats for my team after 2 more seasons and some extra.


S16 24-10-4-22 96pts 160/151 6/4

S17 29-3-4-24 97pts 182/155 2/3

S18 8-0-2-12 26pts 54/67 0/1


My total record from that time: 549-69-69-355

My beta record was: 99-8-14-99

Total record to this point: 648-77-83-454


That said I started with the worst team in my league in beta and was lucky not to demote after the first season as I got no help from FA. If this pattern continues on March 1st I am going to have a lot of work ahead of me as I, once again, inherit the worst team in the league that I join not once but twice.


A few notes about my team, its record, historic trends, and the like. My team has a great record in OT but is crap in the shootout. Shootout record is 33-54. In OT its 36-15. To me this isn't surprising since I had a D first team and my forward group was almost always lacking in scoring. That said this stat also shows that the rate that my team went to the shootout rather than ending in OT is significantly higher than the NHL rate. As shown by the starting 22 games that ran in the final season my team has a history of starting slow. Of the 18 seasons run I think my team was in a playoff position at the quarter point maybe a quarter of the time.


My team averaged 3.05 goals for a game and 2.52 goals against a game. Goals for per season was 188, 204, 209, 213, 198, 211, 203, 211, 188, 156, 159, 174, 159, 157, 154, 160, 182, 54. Goals against per season was 170, 154, 140, 151, 160, 135, 143, 177, 154, 136, 132, 140, 159, 148, 153, 151, 155, 67


Season 10 Anders toned down the scoring notably in the entire game. Before that point good GHL save percentages looked like late 80s to early 90s save percentages in that 910 was pretty good. After the scoring adjustment 930 was good. Before the adjustment my goals for was 3.38 goals per game and my goals against was 2.56 goals against per game. After the adjustment my goals per was 2.7 goals per game and my goals against was 2.47 goals per game.


The power play each season was; 20.6%, 19.5%, 25.1%, 21.7%, 14.5%, 21.4%, 19.8%, 25.3%, 15.1%, 26.6%, 29.5%, 21.7%, 18.1%, 19.6%, 24.5%, 20%, 20%, 14.7%. The PK each season was; 81.1%, 82.2%, 86.6%, 84.2%, 87.4%, 85.7%, 81.4%, 86.8%, 80.9%, 84.8%, 78.8%, 82.8%, 71.6%, 73.3%, 79.7%, 81.9%, 74.7%.


My playoff record isn't that great. Minus the last full season I made the playoffs every season and got out of the first round only 5 times. I never got past the second round at all.

#36651 Biscuit Minutemen team page

Posted by rainsilent on August 17, 2018 - 11:26 PM

Since there will be a reset I figured I would post my teams history and maybe a few players from somewhere. However before I get there a bit of a confession. This was edited from what I put in chat in the league. The parts removed were league specific and not meaningful outside of it.


So confession time from me. During season 12 (about a year ago) I was getting the impression from Anders that the biggest issue with the game (the over inflated overalls in the faster leagues) wasn't fixable without a reset. I was sensing other potential big changes as well due to what Anders had said in the past about plans on where he was thinking of developing the game. Heading into that offseason I decided to test something out. How little could I get away with and still make the playoffs. I started off small via trading Bullock. However by the start of this year I went pretty big with the changes that left me with, technically, one of the worst teams in the league. 12th best talent wise. And I still made the playoffs. smiley.gif I wasn't a match for the Protons in the first round but the reason that I did it was to see what I could do and get away with. Turns out quite a bit. Talent wise I've actually never had a top 5 team despite the fact that I regularly finished in the top 4 of the standings. I just got bored of finishing top 4 with a good team and wanted to test myself with a different challenge and I started into it without any confirmation of any reset and even fully committed to the pursuit of it before too.


So long story short I decided to take on a new challenge of basically dropping some of the top end talent on my team via unfavorable trades because of a suspect feeling just to take on a new challenge. Let me make sure it is understood that I did not know that this reset was coming. This was done strictly on instinct and read of the situation. If I didn't get this impression of the reset being possible I would never have done what I did. That said I did take the 12th best team in the league at the start of the season and finished 8th in the standings. However that is nothing new for me to be doing apparently as I have never had a top 5 team talent wise despite finishing top 4 most every year.


Now to the stat history of my team. I am going to go backwards in time thus starting with the most recent season.

S15 23-7-6-24 89pts 154GF/153GA 3SOW/4SOL 8th in standings 12th ranked team talent wise

S14 27-4-4-25 93pts 157/148 1/2 6th in standings 9th ranked team

S13 27-3-2-28 89pts 159/159 3/2 7th 7th

S12 31-4-5-20 106pts 174/140 2/5 2nd 7th First season where team rank talent wise was calculated. Massive + to Erzac for that.

S11 30-3-5-22 101pts 159/132 1/5 3rd

S10 31-3-7-19 106pts 156/136 3/4 3rd

S9 32-4-3-21 107pts 188/154 2/3 4th

S8 34-3-1-22 109pts 211/177 2/1 5th

S7 37-1-4-18 117pts 203/143 0/3 4th

S6 42-4-4-10 138pts 211/135 3/1 1st

S5 35-4-4-17 117pts 198/160 1/4 4th

S4 38-5-3-14 127pts 213/151 1/3 2nd

S3 37-1-5-17 118pts 209/140 0/4 2nd 1st GHL season

S2 32-6-4-18 112pts 204/154 2/4 5th Promoted via a very lucky playoff run. One I am still conflicted about winning to this day.

S1 32-4-2-22 106pts 188/170 1/1 4th


So I started out with a good team in S1 huh? No. I actually started off with the worst SHL team. Literally. It wasn't close. I had the worst D unit by 3 overall, the worst forward group by 1 entire overall and a below league average starting goalie. In fact I lost almost all of my 22 games that first season within the first 30 games of the season. How did I turn it around? FA luck in the second quarter of the season. The biggest of which was a defender. Then 22 yo 72 overall Bengt Bergstrom. At 72 overall when I got him and 75 overall at the end of the season he was actually my 2nd best defender for most of that first season when most SHL teams had at least 5 70+overall defenders and at least 2 75 or better. Now 37yo 93 overall defender. Was on my team for 12 seasons. From the start of S1 to the start of S2 I only kept 4 players that I was given to start with.


S2 I had a solid team with a solid core of younger players. Nathan Berry and Abdullah Schuon the notable young up comers up front with Bergstrom the young defender at the back. That said I felt that they (specifically the younger players I was trying to build around) weren't quite ready to promote. Along that line of thinking I also acquired a goalie very late in the season via FA in Riad Loveday for S3 in the SHL for a goalie to grow with. Well that ended up not happening as I, very unexpectedly, promoted via playoffs beating a much better GHL team to do it. I may be one of only 2 or 3 teams that I know of that promoted via beating a GHL team. I genuinely still have second guesses about promoting to this day even though it was 3 years ago now. That said to not promote would have taken a deliberate act by me which I am against doing. That said I very likely got the best FA group to pick from (relative of course) in that FA class to create a foundation for a GHL team. Part of that group that I got was D Loick Bullock. Currently the best overall player in Biscuit at age 32 at 97 overall. At the start of S3 he was an 81 overall 20yo player and grew 5 overall the prior 2 seasons. Everybody sent him a contract offer and I was lucky enough to get him. I also happened to get one of the best scorers of the GHL of the time in FA too. Those 2 players were key in giving me a team that could play in the GHL and I couldn't have gotten them if I hadn't promoted when I did. Hence my conflicting opinion on promoting that season. While I really wanted to develop the young players that I had in the SHL had I not promoted I wouldn't have gotten a few key pieces that allowed me to have a team that finished in the top 4 of the standings for the next 10 seasons before I decided to take on the minimalist challenge. I may tell more of the history of my team but for now I will stop here.

#36572 Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

Posted by rainsilent on August 13, 2018 - 10:04 PM

 I appreciate the deal and couldn't go higher really but happy to continue contributing the same amount for you guys.  Is there a way I can continue donating the extra?  


Sooo much this. If possible if I could maybe pair with someone else who can't spare the money and I sort of pay for them too via the extra that I pay I'd be fine with that. As impossible that that is though... That said I am sure that we will still be able to donate extra if we want some way.

#35864 Important! Where did all the mascots go?

Posted by rainsilent on July 10, 2018 - 05:16 PM

My suggestion for a potential option would be to go to an art site like DeviatArt and ask people for permission to use original artwork for logo designs. So long as you find a way to credit them I think at least some would be ok with it.

#35558 Tactics

Posted by rainsilent on June 16, 2018 - 09:30 PM

Does this count for all tactics or just team focus? ie. could I adjust my power play/penalty kill tactics to try and gain an edge on certain teams straight away 


All tactics with such a feature. You can change game to game and find success but you have to have a talented team and get things right if you want to find success via changing game to game. Also, in theory, your team will be less consistent.