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#18771 Fresh start on the official release?

Posted by rainsilent on January 27, 2016 - 10:25 AM

I will post a longer drawn out view on my stance later today. For now I will only say one thing. With the new contract system it will be a serious crippling blow for someone to have to start anew with a team full of bad contracts and a possible otherwise bad team for the league they are in. When the new teams were given it was extremely common for team to have a lot of 6+ year contracts and there were a lot of instances where there were 30+ year old players with 7 or 8 year deals with some that were being overpaid as well. If we start fresh and new the contracts need to be almost exclusively 1-2 year deals for maximum flexibility and friendliness to long term cap. I would also recommend a brief time of being able to cut players for free while having some number of available free agents.

#18612 Why is my PK so bad?

Posted by rainsilent on January 20, 2016 - 06:08 PM

Spirit is important in regards to blocking shots which is a critical thing on the PK. However defense is easily the #1 thing. In all honesty Spirit and defense are the only two things I look for regarding PK.


You say it is that unit however it could be your second as well. As for your first PK unit it looks fine although I would switch Berrouard for Plessis-Belair. That wouldn't make too much of a difference though. As of current nobody can tell.


I've never tried switching tactics in a continuous manner like you have so I don't know what that does to the tactics in terms of your teams familiarity with them. I just have doubts it would remain very high. However lets look over the two tactics you are using and switching back and forth on because they are very different.


The box closes down in front of the net while it gives the opposing PP the outside. This is the best PK tactically for keeping the opposing PP out of the slot and away from the front of the net while also closing down cross ice passes the most effectively. The diamond is a box turned sideways in the aim to keep pressure on the puck carrier high in the zone. However this allows the PP to outnumber your team down low giving easier access to the front of the net and easier movement down low.


The diamond is designed to counter the weakness of the box however in turn the weakness of the diamond is the strength of the box. Thus what I think is most likely going on is you are switching PK tactics unwittingly back and forth to systems where the weakness of the PK system you switch to is the strength of the opposing PP. The only time you want to use a diamond PK system is when the opposing team is using an umbrella PP system and maybe when they are using the 1-3-1 but the 1-3-1 has a much lower focus down in the zone which will kill the diamond either way. However in theory your diamond would collapse with it. We don't know if that is how it works in game but either way I still would not advise the diamond against the 1-3-1 because you are either leaving the middle ice guy wide open, the back side guy wide open or the front of the net guy wide open. Those are all easy PP goals against. Example of what the 1-3-1 can do to the diamond: The Rangers did nothing really wrong on that PK. The Diamond system they were using was just fundamentally flawed against the Devils 1-3-1. The other 2 PP systems also would eat the diamond alive as they focus heavily on down low play.


If you are curious about the Wedge there is a reason it is rarely used in the NHL. It is a triangle PK set with a player aggressively putting pressure on the puck carrier. If a good passing team gets the 4th guy isolated it becomes a very brief 4-3 which only favors the PP that much more. It is a very aggressive PK system that has a lot of flaws but can be successful if the opposing team doesn't have many good puck movers.


The only thing I can come up with is you switching tactics is what is hurting you the most. Your 2nd PK unit, somewhat low defense ratings of your defenders (mid 80s is a bit low however you have a great 5v5 defense which only contributes my thoughts as to switching tactics hurting you most) and your goalies low positioning are also likely contributors. Either way I don't doubt those are all contributing and combining in some way to disastrous effect for you. You really should have a good PK but some reason you don't this year. Next year try just using 1 system for the entire year. Side note the box is also considered the safest but that is because it protects the net first.

#18554 Current road map

Posted by rainsilent on January 19, 2016 - 12:45 AM

I like the draft idea, but how would that work since we are all in different time zones, many don't seem to log on everyday, etc.?  How would you automate it so it doesn't go on for many, many days waiting for one team to make their picks?  I actually like scouring the FA lists for new youngsters during the first few days of each season just fine.  It's serves a similar function as drafting and the season isn't held up on non-involved owners.  


There was a good hockey manager game that went under due to lack of interest from the people running it and it had an independent draft for every league in the game. When I say every league there was one game world with a lot of countries (30+ including US, Canada, Russia et cetera with a world cup that was played every season too) with their own league in it. Each league was structured like here except if there was enough population in one countries league after tier 1 there were 2 tier 2 leagues 4 tier 3 8 tier 4... The US league had 5 tiers for example. That alone is 31 drafts to sim through. That is a lot of leagues to run drafts for and the lot in the entire game.


However to the important bit about how the draft would work. Have the draft sim like it would the games. It would be the only way. How do we pick players? By giving us a draft board and ordering the players on there. Obviously there is the plan for scouting however that will come later by the looks of the plans. So on this draft board you can look at the players (How much is shown should be debated. See everything with everything precise when scouted or just certain things like best skills and personal traits and a general range of what they are that would get smaller the more the player is scouted.) and order them based upon what you want. The game will draft players via the draft board order for each team and when it gets to your time to pick the game will give you the highest player on your draft board remaining.


As for the mention you made of the farm system there are positives and negatives to having a "detached" farm system vs an "attached" one. Detached being what you suggested where the farm teams are independent CPU teams and attached where they are the teams in a lower league than you. Attached is potentially a lot of hassle and annoyance on both sides. You are the farm team of some other guy who sends a player down to play on your team when you already have a group of players that you want to play. Alternately you have a player you want to play that won't be able to make your lineup you have to find a suitable farm team which invests time.


This game already is pretty much ideal in time investment though. Granted we do not know why the players left however requiring more time to invest will only cause less to play. (FTR: We just had the year 1 GHL cup winners leave the game in Biscut due to absence from team.) It is safe to say that is not a good thing especially considering the population for a game like this (online PC hockey management game) is only in the thousands world wide at its highest. At least I have never seen a game like this have a population higher than the thousands. Some people just want the basic GM/coach experience without the added ownership hassle. Others love micromanaging every detail and thus want the whole ownership experience. What we currently have is the basic model and oh is it great and well done Anders. However we are talking about potentially adding some owner type stuff in down the road that requires more time investment. If we do add that stuff (and I say why not so long as...) we need to be careful not to force it to have to be done by everyone. This is where Anders may have done a brilliant thing either by design or by accident as the solution is right in front of us for that if things become too difficult to create a for everybody world. Create multiple worlds where one is GM/coach and the other is owner.

#18508 Current road map

Posted by rainsilent on January 17, 2016 - 08:17 PM

What Anders is going after regarding farm teams is something akin to loans in Soccer or more appropriately Futball in combination with what you see with the NHL-AHL-ECHL.


Say a team from the Barclays Premier league has a promising young player however don't have the ability to give them regular playing time. They would offer the player on loan and a team would approach with a loan offer. If accepted the player would play for that team for the year. The caveat here I would think is that you could call the player up if you needed or wanted to.


Why I put it this way is because obviously the human farm teams would change every year due to promotions and demotions. Thus while having the NHL-AHL-ECHL system in terms of having a minor system the teams will likely change on a regular basis. There is a potentially great plus side to this as well. It gets managers in contact with each other creating a pseudo mentoring system. Bolstering the community in a way like this could be a great thing.


However there are also 2 great potential flaws. 1. We could potentially be dealing with an extremely high number of players being introduced and thus have a player saturation issue. 2. It could create a domino effect of GHL sends prospects down to x league farm team, x league farm team sends down players to y league farm team, y league farm team sends down players to... This has 2 issues going on. Teams are essentially not playing their own players and it really messes with league balance saturating the lower leagues with higher league players.


Thus I would really think it critical to potentially limit the number of players you could send down to farm teams along with restricting the skill of the player.


However an idea regarding the draft. Have one draft for all of the leagues. How would this work to where you can ensure talent gets to the lower leagues? Grade the prospects A, B and C for each league is one potential way. Why A, B and C? Anders suggested a 3 round draft. You can only draft from the A grade prospects in the 1st round, the B in the first or second and the C in all three. A grade would or could be different in each league though so it would be a bit complicated. This system would also go a way into preventing player over saturation.


Edit: as for calling up I would think anybody you send down you can call up and that you could only send down two way players.

#18506 Block troll trades

Posted by rainsilent on January 17, 2016 - 07:25 PM

That trade offer is not worth complaining about at all OP. No it isn't a fair trade both ways but it isn't completely atrocious to be called a troll offer. it is a respectable attempt but has poor value of return for what you are giving up.


This is one worth mentioning and Matt I'm not calling you out per se here but really?


http://www.gameplanh...goalie?gpid=427(22yo G at 84OVR with gifted and enthusiastic for development) for http://www.gameplanh...ayer?gpid=14498 (25yo D at 75OVR with gifted and purposeful for development)


Would you accept this offer in reverse Matt? If so lets trade Broz for Berardi then I'll accept your offer.


Besides this trade being a WTF from Matt the only thing wrong with it is that the player being offered will never be near as good nor is near as valuable now much less in the future yet has the same trade value as the player being requested in return. The defender he is offering has too high a trade value. That isn't Matt's fault.


PSA TO EVERYONE: Think about the trade you are offering. Would you even consider accepting the trade you are thinking about offering if the situation were reversed? If not don't bother sending it.

#18330 Takes rediculously long to perfect strategys

Posted by rainsilent on January 11, 2016 - 09:55 AM

There are a lot of factors that impact this. One to look at that you can see in game is your players Greed. If they are an individualist or mercenary they will take longer to pick up your teams strategy based upon what was said in the guide which disappeared. Also it can easily take longer than 10 games and some players just don't ever fit. One example should not be the baseline source.

#18063 Why is my PK so bad?

Posted by rainsilent on December 20, 2015 - 05:30 PM

After deciphering your team roster this is what I have come up with in terms of the defensive and spirit ratings of the players along with who is where on PK.


Def Spi


63 83

65 75

90 81 PK

68 76

69 78

64 86

64 67

79 81 PK


64 91

66 82

82 67 PK

74 64

74 79

73 69

71 80 PK


79 70 PK

83 79 PK

85 85

78 58

84 94 PK

77 65

75 86

75 62

86 88 PK


This doesn't show your goalies. However even without that I can spot a few issues player wise. They are a few small issues though. For example your 74 79 forward should be on the PK rather than your 71 80. Second your 85 85 defenseman (easily the third best PK D guy you have) should be playing PK over the 79 70 player.


That being said those two swaps alone should not be killing your PK in the manner in which is going on.  You are missing a 4th penalty killing forward though. However there has to be something else as well. Tactics, goalies or your players not being able to handle pressure well. This is a situation where it is a combination of things and from what limited info I can see I can't tell you what all it is or can be. However at the least I can offer the suggestion of swapping the players above.

#16987 Changes in Trade values [Adjusted in v1.2.2-beta]

Posted by rainsilent on October 26, 2015 - 04:27 PM

It is a bad contract in terms of player age+length when player skill is also taken into account. Could you imagine a NHL team signing a PA Parenteau, Patrik Berglund or Benoit Puliot like player to a 8 year deal then after 1 year trying to trade him? No other NHL team would want to take him due to the very bad length of the contract for the kind of player he is. The only time a contract longer than 4 or 5 years can and should be seen as good is when it is a top end player and the salary isn't over the top. The player I mentioned is not by any stretch a top player and is at best a good 2nd line option and on top of it he will not grow which makes the very long contract that much less appealing. A 5 year contract for the player I showed should be seen as the extreme high to a good contract. That is why 7 or 8 depending upon how you look at it is a bad contract for that kind of player.


Also why are so many 1 year contracts being labeled as bad? 1 year contracts are highly sought after in trades in real life for a reason.


My roster example:


I'm not trying to say this player should have high value in the trade market as he shouldn't but it should not say bad contract situation. It is a 1 year very cheap contract. That is the kind of contract that is coveted in real life trades.


All that being said the change to see what changes the value is really nice.

#16321 Lack of GHL free agents

Posted by rainsilent on September 13, 2015 - 03:45 PM

@ rainsilent:[/size]
I noticed in your roster evaluations that you don't seem to pay attention to the 'Role' of the players. I've always tried to match a Powerforwad with a Sniper and a Playmaker. Some your your recommended lines have 3 Playmakers for instance.

Do you feel that the Role is not so important? Or have I been approaching it wrong by matching them to complement each other?

I don't see it as important due to the fact that a players role can be manipulated by us at any time. Yes you want to match and complement skills but I do that by looking at the skills rather than by role as currently defined. The three playmakers line you mentined I have no doubt could be changed into other roles. I do change player roles as needed to avoid a line of three but roles seem very superficial and completely unneccisary due to redundancy to me.

Edit: for example it is completely possible for one single player to be skilled enough to be able to take on 3, or even more, roles. However why should we bother having to assign a role at all thus potentially making them play a specific way? It should be about looking at skill (there is more but that goes beyond this) and a good manager being able to optimize the lineup to give the best possible chance of winning by placing players together whos skill sets best compliment each other while getting the line to play a style that best utilizes the players skills. Thus to me the role thing is more an inconvienent and annying fad more than anything else.

#16288 Lack of GHL free agents

Posted by rainsilent on September 11, 2015 - 10:03 AM

Your welcome Yann. Your team will struggle against the better teams in the GHL but you should be able to hold your own against the other teams in the lower middle or struggling. Be modest with your season expectations. Your realistic aims should be trying to keep from regulation. However keep an eye on FA in case some scorers come out. If you can get a few 1st line scoring forwards (87 or better scoring and 82 or better overall) your team actually becomes pretty decent for a GHL team. Your team isn't far off but sadly most players you have wont grow thus almost no matter what a complete rebuild is going to be needed in a year or two. If you regulate or not will highly determin the nature of how you should go about it.

Jusatin without going into line details your team's issues are defense, both forwards (especially so forwards) and defenseman, and goaltending. You have only 1 good defensive forward (with only one other decently good one and 2 average, the rest are poor for the GHL) and you are playing 3 defenseman that are real liabilities defensively in the GHL. To boot your goalies all have bad reflexes for the GHL in my opinion as I think 80 is barely acceptable for a starting goalie for the GHL. 85-88 is, in my mind, what is currently good in the GHL. Most scoring forwards in the GHL have better than 85 goal scoring with the better ones around 90. Your current goalies are having trouble "keeping up" with the powerful shots they are seeing. Add in the lack of overall D help and your team has to win shootouts which offensively it can do but it is a loosing battle as opposing teams you can expect to have similar offensive talent with much better defense and goaltending. You can minimise the defensive issues you have, but they will not be eliminated by any stretch, with the players you do have currently on their team but there isn't really a good enough goalie for the GHL in FA. To boot none would be better than your current #1. The #1 thing you need is a starting goalie so keep an eye out for one in FA over the season. However even if you mitigate your defensive woes with what you have you will seriously struggle to stay in games with your current goalies. I would be surprised to see your PK% in the 80s no matter what you do with what you currently have as at your best your team D overall is still below average and your goaltending isn't very good either. If you happen to get a good goalie from FA early your current D and O, when at best, may be able to keep you from regulation. If you don't get one early you will be fighting to get out of a very deep hole you may not be able to get out of.

#16258 Lack of GHL free agents

Posted by rainsilent on September 09, 2015 - 05:33 PM

First it is very early so don't worry. Second your team is weak scoring wise in relative to the GHL but don't stress about it either. You have the Pheonix/Arizona or Columbus of the GHL. You had a team full of second line forwards in the SHL which is why you did so well. However when you went up to the GHL they effectively became 3rd and 4th line players. So you have a few 2nd line GHL quality forwards with mostly 3rd and 4th line GHL quality forwards.The biggest problem is that you seriously lack goal scorers. Most of your core players are 28+. Of the ones that aren't you only have 3 players under 28 that will be improving much. Unfortunately 2 will leave if you get relegated. So basically you have a very good SHL team with no serious future prospect of getting better as most players on your team are going to pretty much stay where they are talent wise. That is where the bad news ends however as you being relegated will almost force you to pretty much completely rebuild which would be a good thing. Almost a very good thing however we cant garuntee you get good players to build with in the future. The only two players you should be worried about losing to regulation are Aubry and Vodoleyev. Vodoleyev however isn't exactly the best G for his overall as his reflexes are slightly low for what I would like to see. He still is good though. The rest should be welcomed losses. If you want I can give you a plan to go by if you get relegated.


I don't know your lines but you do have a few players that should be playing, one that absolutely shouldn't in the GHL that is currently and I suspect your lines aren't exactly optomized either.


The best first line I can make with your team is Wyss, Mathieson and Mulcahy. Mathieson would be playing C. The best second line I can make is Baroni, Winchester and Gould. Third line I would make Arvisais, Bethelin at C and Huber. Alternately you could replace Berthelin at C with Zambroy. It is almost 50/50 between them. Berthelin has the best D and puck possesion but won't give much in actual offense, Zambroy gives the best puck possesion potential in combination with offense. For the 4th line I would put Socquet with Parkins and Deleon with the line set to grinder. That would remove Backstrom, St-Goddard and Bulgar from the lineup. Backstrom is the best of the three and the only one with any arguement to be playing however he has no faceoff ability and all of the other wingers on the first, second and third line are better than he is offensively whereas the 4th line is likely best used as a line to disrupt your opponents as you are left with pretty much no scoring at that point. Thus Backstrom, McLeod and Zambroy are your best injury replacements offensively and should be your first go to choices when replacing injuries on the first 3 lines. McLeod for any wing scorer, Zambroy for anyone playing C and Backstrom for any playmaking winger. However altrnately you could make a more offensive 4th line with those 3 scratches but it would be nowhere near as effective in the end as the grinder 4th line. Also you would be scratching Deleon and he is absolutly critical to helping you team shut down on the PK and you need everything you can to keep games close. All scoring wingers should be playing on their off wing to help them score that much more as you need as much scoring help as you can get. That leaves St-Goddard and Bulger as your final scratches. St-Goddard should replace any 4th line injuries and Bulger is sort of extra. He doesn't provide enough offense to be worth putting in the line up over anyone else and he isn't good defensively.


Bednar should be the last defenseman to be seeing ice time on your team. He provides nothing of serious benefit offensively and is a massive liability defensively. Either of the two scratched defenseman would be great upgrades in comparison however Aubry would be the better choice as you desparately need another passing defenseman. As for how I would set them up I would do this; Karnaukhov and Forsher first pair, Ander and Kiss 2nd with Aubry and Henschen on the 3rd. That leaves Bednar and Criddle as scratches. Criddle is by far the better of the two so should be the go to replacement for any injuries.


Your first powerplay should be straight forward. First O line and first D pair. Second should be second O line with Ander and Arvisais on D. If you were really adventurous I would try Karnaukhov and Arvisais on D for the first PP and Forshner and Huber on D for the second. If your PP struggles to be better than 15% with my first suggestion do the more adventurous PP set up. It provides more offense but is inherently more risky with a forward on the point. If you would rather just do the adventurous PP set up it would be a good idea but I would be concerned about PK goals against in the GHL with it. PK is straight forward here. Deleon and Mathieson at C with first D pair on the first PK. Huber and Berthelin at C with Ander and Kiss on the second PK. Obviously Vodoleyev is your #1 G with Bursey your #2. That is what I would do with your lineup as it is what i think would be best. That doesn't mean it is the best. It is just my opinion and what I would do.