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#21066 NHL discussion

Posted by rainsilent on April 16, 2016 - 11:24 AM

I love Bobby don't get me wrong, but he has never played to the same level that he did with the Ducks. Granted having Selanne as a linemate probably is the reason why he did so well.


I think Ottawa really needs a decent bottom pairing at D and another top 6 forward to be a decent team. We'll see if the owner is willing to spend for that this summer.


Also a veteran coach wouldn't hurt either. The coaching graveyard here is getting ridiculous. 


You got why Ryan had better numbers in Anaheim. He had a better team around him. However Ryan is actually a better overall player now in Ottawa than he was in Anaheim. If you expect Ryan to put up numbers like he had in Anaheim with Ottawa the way it currently is your expecting way too much. It is a heck of a good job for him to be flirting with 60 points. Especially with his C Turris having a very forgettable year.


The coaching graveyard is most likely due to ownership thinking too highly of the team and when the overly lofty expectations aren't met the coaches are getting axed. That isn't to be put on the coaches. MacLean got the Jack Adams for getting Ottawa into the playoffs as the 7th seed in 11-12. Ottawa hasn't really gotten much better since that year. Heck Cameron barely got a year and got axed because what? No miracle run like last year? Ottawa never should have been close to the playoffs last year based upon how they played for most of the year. Both MacLean and Cameron actually did a good job getting the team near if not into the playoffs when they were the head coach. What more could you want out of the coaches when they are pulling playoff appearances out of their backsides almost every year with a team that mostly shouldn't even be in the playoff picture? The management group in Ottawa needs to take a step back, get realistic with the team they have and the expectations they should have and give the next coach a realistic shot to try to grow the team. Player wise they need at least 2 defensemen with at least 1 being a top 4, a top 6 forward or two and at least 3 bottom 6 forwards.

#20908 Matchstats, boxscore and evaluating tacticak choices?

Posted by rainsilent on April 04, 2016 - 05:52 PM

Also been trying  to figure out, via matchstats compared to more longterm seasonstats, if there is any obvious influence if players have the "nervous-trait" or if they are unhappy with contracts. Think it´s hard to tell, but have a few other thoughts from own experience with "team-performance" and if those factors influence in some way.
My feeling, having to play with lots of unhappy players in SHL due to not being able to pay there raise demanded, is that it´s hard to tell that a player definitely will underperform. Still having to many in the matchsquad/lineup at the same time seemed to increase the risk for the team to underperform.

Like if I had 5-6 of them my team went on a rollercoaster-ride, winning and loosing, ups and downs. But if I had like 2 of them, and actually replaced the other 3-4 with less skilled players, my team as a whole performed more consistent. Not sure what it means, or if it´s worth anything. Just an observation ;) 

Still, just as a sidenote, I think I´ve seen something similar in some leagues I played in now when coming into playoffs etc with teams with a lot  of nervous guys. It doesn´t seem to mean the player will play crap, but  seems like a few of those teams has a higher risk of underperforming. Could it be some factors might not just influence the player himself, but is more of a influence to the team as a whole? Has there been any talks about something like that?


2) I´ve been trying to use boxscore and most of  all play by play to figure out the effect on different mental traits. Still some important things lack in the play by play, or at least is things that would be nice if they where included. (still, realize it may be complicated). Like I would have loved to see takeaways seen in the PBP, so one could see which player takes away the puck and who lost the puck.
Some things I wonder if it may be a pattern, or just coincidence, like I think my nervous guys takes a few more  stupid penalties (like delay of game mainly) when I was checking. Still as said before here, to many factors in  play so hard to  say.

4) And thanx Nicolas Senet, the "waiting for other teams mistake" is the one I mainly  felt unsure of. Wondering if that´s dump and chase or transition rushes!
Maybe some other, but that´s more a few combos ain´t 100% sure of but think it´s more  about med having a hard time keeping things in my head than the assistant report being tricky or unclear. 


There is a noticeable difference in play for players who are unhappy for whatever reason. I have had enough time playing this game to notice the trend though and that is pretty much the only way to notice. That is by playing this game enough. Also for nervous they are more likely to have bad games in bigger games. So you definitely are catching on to some things.


As for "waiting for other teams mistake" it most likely is transition rushes. Dump and chase isn't it. Dump and chase literally gets called dump and chase by the assistant. The assistant details go like this. First sentence is line tactics, second team tactics and third is team focus and aggression.


Also I would like to address the cryptic comments part as well. Everyone, this is a game. It occupies a very small corner of the internet and there is no reward for you for anything here. There is absolutely zero reason to be trying to keep anything a secret. Also this game is still very much in its infancy. It relies almost completely on its community for growth. Being cryptic and withholding information from those asking questions only hurts the reputation of this community and thus hurts the game by putting off new players who are genuinely trying to learn the game and enjoy it more. Being more forthcoming of information gives a much more welcome attitude and will only go in helping to grow this community and game as a result. Having a positive and welcoming community is big in helping to grow this game.

#20906 How is your team doing?

Posted by rainsilent on April 04, 2016 - 04:48 PM

I expected more wins in the last 11g, even against the PO teams. I lost them all and my team has improved since the beginning of the season, especially defensively. If you look at my goalie (89) and my defence (90, 87, 86, 86, 86, 81 and 81, 79 scratched), I would never expected to get so many goals against. So I'm dissapointed in the results so far. My goalie is really a problem position, even though I have been blessed with a top goalie now and in the past (Ortiz). I have said it before but every opposite goalie looks like Georges Vézina if they face me.

Sabercats are a good team and they don't deserve to be so low, I agree. But the losses against them and the Nighthawks are dissapointing and then I'm not even talking about the loss against the Gunners (CPU). I'm curious for the next game and the rest of the season. Every loss now will raise some major questions for me.

Edit: I won with 4-1 today which is the only positive I can say. 3 players got injured in today's game (87 D, 85C, 84C ovr). Just my luck, I guess.


Injuries are really what is killing your team right now. They may even go so far as to undermine any playoff chances you have if they last long enough. When healthy I really think you have the 2nd best GHL team talent wise. Unfortunately when you got those final acquisitions is when the injuries really started to hit. If your team can manage to get healthy and stay healthy I really think you have the team to give the Protons a run for their money.

#20903 How is your team doing?

Posted by rainsilent on April 04, 2016 - 04:45 PM

The issue with your LIHL team sounds like it was way too top heavy with little depth. That is a high risk low reward strategy in trying to get promoted. At the same time there is a big back end upside in that strategy in terms of giving you the ability to basically attempt year after year to promote immediately if you get lucky in FA.


As for your team in Biscuit the primary issue was on D for the last half of the season. You got a good forward group together and good goal tending. You just didn't do anything to shore up your defense. That said you are actually in a very good spot to come back immediately next year. The players that you will be losing were, for the most part, 1 year rental players in an attempt to stay in the GHL with very few players worth keeping after that 1 year. You will be losing a few players you could have built around if you stuck in the GHL but the players you are taking back to the SHL are mostly young and very talented. Most of them are quality 2nd and 3rd line GHL players right now. A year growing more in the SHL will only make them better and they are a great core to continue to build around. The problem is that you will not have any goalie or much on defense when you go back down. Your D needed rebuilt anyways so that isn't a bad thing and goalies tend to be easy to find in FA so finding a good 1 year SHL rental is a very easy worst case scenario to deal with. Depending upon what you get in FA to shore up your team you should easily be one of the best SHL teams.


As for Lindsay he really under performed for you this season. He vastly under performed for you two seasons ago as well in the same situation. He has vastly under performed for every team he has played for with the one exception of when he was playing half a year for me last year. I have no idea why he under performed for you this season. You have 2 of the better playmakers in the GHL to put him with and he just didn't produce consistently with either. I had one of the top 2 playmakers to put him with but you had that exact same playmaker 2 seasons ago as well when Lindsay still didn't produce with you before. His lack of production (along with not upgrading your D but even without doing that your team was fully capable talent wise of stealing some games in the underdog role. Heck your team talent wise is better than 3 teams that will stay in the GHL completely safe if the standings hold.) was a fairly big part in your teams lack of success. Your 2nd line contributed well and your first line outside of Lindsay did as well. Your 3rd line even chipped in a few on occasion. If Lindsay had produced more I would be willing to bet that your team would be nowhere near where it is in the standings.

#20863 Matchstats, boxscore and evaluating tacticak choices?

Posted by rainsilent on April 01, 2016 - 12:05 PM


1) Do you mainly just use your own teamratings, skills etc when you choose tactics or do you find the info from boxscore, play by play etc really usefull?


2) In what way do you have use for boxscore and play by play?

3) In what way do you use the assistant report to help evaluating your tactics?


4) Also, what do the assistants different tactical observations really mean?

(figured out most, but still uncertain on a few...and still I played a few seasons, but maybe I´m just dumb :P )


I am not in either league but I am more than willing to share since you put this in a general thread.


1. I choose the tactics I want to use and build my team around that. Keep in mind that your players will, supposedly, train faster in the most required skills for the chosen tactics. Also the more familiar your team is to a given tactic the better they will play in it so a constant changing of tactics isn't a good idea. Basically find a basic core tactic set (Off, Def, PP and PK) you want to use and stick to it. The rest you can mess with without concern of ruining your teams familiarity with a certain tactic set and they allow you to fine tune your teams playstyle.


2. Since the second part of Q1 leads into Q2 I will just answer Q2 with an added part to part 2 of Q1. There is quite a bit you can glean from the box score. You have to know what you are looking at though because it will not give anything specific for the most part. That being said most of the info will only be a trend indicator when it comes to tactics as the box score information is much more valuable in other ways.


3. I don't know if you are asking about post game assistant report on tactics or something else. Either way the assistant info is only good for getting an idea on what tactics your opponents use and is pretty much useless for making tactical adjustments for your team.


4.They tell you exactly what tactics the opponents used. It is just put in slightly vague wording rather than being direct in saying opponents used x offensive tactic, y defensive...


I also have a suspect feeling that this topic was created in the vague attempt to ask for help in learning things that you didn't understand or know. Don't be afraid to ask away if you have questions no matter what they are. This goes for anybody and everybody playing this game who happens to find the forums.

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#20692 How is your team doing?

Posted by rainsilent on March 22, 2016 - 08:21 AM

Had a very nice winning streak with my Vandals. Lost my last 2 games and in both games I was statistically the better team. That's hockey as well. Well played by Trojans in getting Ortiz, he played his best game of the season against me yesterday. He was having an off season with me and now he's dominating, it can change. I assume the game gets this in account as well.


I cant explain how he was performing well on the Gunners but the Trojans are actually a pretty good defensive team (I would put them top 5, no hesitation) and their biggest weakness was in not having a true #1 G. Ortiz fills that need nicely no doubt. I don't doubt your team will get it going again with the talent it has.

#20639 NHL discussion

Posted by rainsilent on March 19, 2016 - 05:30 AM

Yes. Carey Price is the only reason the Canadians have been a dangerous playoff team for years. Look at what happened when Price got injured in the playoffs against the Rangers. They suddenly looked very average as the goal tending wasn't capable of covering for the defensive deficiencies. The Canadians, for the entire length of time they have had Price, have never been a team capable of winning the Stanley Cup. They have never had a #1 center during Price's tenure, they have been very thin up front since they last had Koivu, Gomez and Plekanec as their #1,2 and 3 centers and they have never had a solid #1 D pairing since forever too. No, Markov and Subban are nowhere near a top D pairing. Markov is well past his prime and was at his best a decent top pairing offensive defenseman. Those at his best days are well past him. He is currently at best a good 2nd pair NHL offensive defenseman. What makes it worse is the only options to play on the first pair with Subban is him or Petry. Neither are 1st pair talents currently.  They don't have a shutdown defenseman to pair with Subban, as I have just pointed out, nor a shutdown forward line either. For the past 7+ seasons they have been the Columbus Blue Jackets equivalent in talent in terms of players (that isn't a bad thing at all as the Blue Jackets are capable of just getting into the playoffs if they can stay healthy) with the best goalie in the world backstopping them.


Edit: Also tactically they play a defense first system. They have to with the roster they currently have. It, by far, gives them the best chance of winning.


Edit 2: As for what they have to do. A lot that can not be done. They need a #1 C. Plekanec is at best a #2 and Galchenyuk has yet to develop into a #2 C yet (while he can play as a 2nd line winger he still lacks the consistency. Also he really should have been in the minors/AHL in the first two seasons but due to no forward depth on the Canadians they had to play him in the NHL) while Eller is finally showing 3rd line center ability on a regular basis and Desharnais is nothing more than a 3rd line playmaker at best. The only real first line forward the team has is Pacioretty with Gallagher the only other forward that is capable of playing 1st line but I think is much better suited on the 2nd. Defensively they have Subban who is a bona fide 1st pairing D. After that they have Petry, Markov and Emelin who are all at best 2nd pair defensemen with Gilbert and Beaulieu the best third pairing they have in my opinion. They are a respectable team defensively with pretty much no offense behind its first line that in of itself is lacking quite a bit.


Edit 3: The Canadians fell apart about 1 month into the season when Price got hurt. The second he got hurt the team started to really struggle and they have been since.

#20638 Player salaries & demands

Posted by rainsilent on March 19, 2016 - 05:01 AM

I think the greed trait could and really should stay as there are players in real life that are willing to take noticeably less than other equivalent players and the "home team discount" is a real observable thing but the difference between loyalist and mercenary needs to be smaller for sure.


I don't know the current mathematical spread difference between Loyalist and Mercenary but for argument sake let us assume it is 50% meaning a Loyalist demands 50% of what a Mercenary would. I think it would be a lot more realistic at about 15%. I could do the rough math of the difference of what the current difference might be with the example I am about to provide but there is no actual way to show I am right however it is obviously a significantly higher percentage. So example time. One of the best shooters and overall players in the Biscuit GHL is a mercenary and demands close to 9 million. Using him as the basis of best players overall I can show the difference between what Loyalist would look like with the differences of 10 and 15% off.


10% of 9,000,000= 8,100,000

15% of 9,000,000= 7,650,000

For the heck of it I will add 3 more percentages: 12.5%, 17.5% and 20%.

12.5% of 9,000,000= 7,875,000

17.5% of 9,000,000= 7,425,000

20% of 9,000,000= 7,200,000


Personally I see 20% as a bit of an extreme but not so unrealistic that it isn't acceptable and should still be considered. However I do see 10% as too extreme the other way as in too small of a difference. That is just me though. How would this work with the 5 sets of the greed trait? Simple. With Loyalist at 10% and mercenary always at 0 the other three (Team player, professional and Individualist) would have to be 2.5%, 5% and 7.5% respectfully. With Loyalist at 12.5% the other three would have to be 3.125%, 6.25% and 9.375%. At 15%; 3.75%, 7.5% and 11.25%. At 17.5%; 4.375%, 8.75% and 13.125%. Finally at 20%; 5%, 10% and 15%.


Now this obviously will prevent too unrealistically low salary demands however how does this prevent very high offers from skewing the market causing things to go out of control? This acts as a grounding basis where the player demands are. The human managers can still offer higher than market value without distorting the market all together.

#20552 How is your team doing?

Posted by rainsilent on March 15, 2016 - 12:04 PM

Rainsilent, you NAILED the defensemen development issue. And in a weird roundabout way, that in turn may stunt development of some of a team's own forwards since it is tough to win consistently with a leaky, nervous defense.


The thing is it isn't one glaring thing that is the issue thus it isn't fix x and problem solved. It could be a variety of things causing the lopsided issue. All we can see is a proverbial issue in that the defense is playing catch up pretty much from the start in this season in Biscuit's GHL. It may be only 2 teams have good defensive tactics, of which I doubt. It could be what I spotted in that I think there is a lack of quality higher end defensive defensemen compared to quality top 6 forwards. It could be something else altogether like maybe defensive confidence is too difficult to raise or offensive confidence too easy to raise. There may actually be no issue at all and we are just going through a statistical oddity/extreme at the moment. The fact of the matter is scoring has jumped significantly in 1 season in the GHL across the board and goals against per game for all but 2 teams in the GHL is just shy of 3 goals against or north of it while 2 teams are way off in the distance at 2.3 goals against per game and 2.1 goals per game respectively. For the record as of typing this the 3rd place team had 2.8 goals against average. That is a significant jump from second to third.

#20551 How is your team doing?

Posted by rainsilent on March 15, 2016 - 11:51 AM

Thanks for the feedback. I'm happy to hear that I'm not underachieving in your opinion.

I traded Ortiz because I was sick of him underperforming and paying 7,2M.


I agree with the Protons btw. They have an All star team, probably by trading with CPU. But that's the game.


Edit: What I don't understand is this:


One last key thing to mention is that you almost must have 1 puck moving defenseman on each pairing. That means, no matter if you play Holmgren or Sauve-Laplante as your 6th defenseman, that you do not play Mont, Kiss or Svart on the same defensive pairing at almost all costs.



Maybe you missed with the names but Mont and Kiss are not really puck moving defenseman. SKA, PAS and PUC apply for this and I have better options.


I really don't want to touch on the Protons and start any issues but you touch on an issue that needs to be addressed regarding CPU trades. The issue with trading with the CPU is two fold. 1. It doesn't look out for rip off deals and will almost readily accept a deal so long as the trade meter is "balanced." 2. There are players that still have trade values that don't make sense and are thus off making lopsided deals easier still. One example of the latter is my C Harrison Canela. He should not have the same excellent trade value as the best players in the league that are nearly 10 overall better. Trading with the CPU comes down to having enough self discipline and respect for the fellow human GMs you are playing with to not rip off the CPU in trades by getting them to accept deals that no other human manager would.


Note to everyone: This does not mean that abusing the CPU in trades is in any way cheating. It is just highly frowned upon because no human would rightfully accept such a trade where one team gives an all star quality talent for significantly less quality in return. Same can be said for sign and trades. Sign and trade limitations and tougher CPU trading restrictions get brought about because of a lack of discipline and respect shown by managers who show a lack of judgement. There should be no need for sign and trade limitations but all it takes is one person to show a serious lack of judgement to ruin it for all. As I have said prior if you are going to offer a trade make sure that you would be willing to accept it if you were the one being sent the offer before you send the offer. If you wouldn't be willing to accept it you probably shouldn't bother sending it. This goes for trading with the CPU too. Just because it is CPU doesn't mean respect for your fellow players goes out the window and doesn't matter anymore.


As for the edit part regarding the defensemen actually no I didn't miss with the names. You missed what I was trying to say. My failure to specify is most likely why as I pretty much didn't bother. You are right in what you think a puck moving defenseman should have in skills although skating does not mean anything per se. Passing is the primary thing to look for with puck handling the second. Mont, Kiss and Svart are low in at least one of the two categories each. Kiss and Svart in passing and Mont in puck handling. That is why I said to not play them on a line together at almost all costs. Mostly regarding the combination of Kiss and Svart. You could combine Mont with Kiss but it wouldn't be the best idea since you have three other much better puck moving defensemen than Mont. Also Mont and Svart are offensive defensemen so that would not go particularly well defensively.

#20447 How is your team doing?

Posted by rainsilent on March 11, 2016 - 11:12 AM

Your team actually isn't under performing at all. Outside of PP (I think my PP is too but that is mostly down to an ice cold start) and maybe to a small degree PK anyways. That is if you are talking about the Vandals. First however I am going to touch on pims before I get to your team.


The thing with the fighting, and penalties on the whole to a fair degree, is mostly tied to how "dirty" a player plays. For example your top defender has agitator as how "dirty" they play. Think Brad Marchand, Wayne Simmons or Scott Hartnell. Now combine soooo many players like that in the entire league on each team and you should expect most games to be 1970s era smash mouth with regular line brawls and a lot of pims unless every team dials back the team aggressiveness down to safe. Personally I think there are too many players in game that have agitator or tough under the dirty category in profile. That however is just me. Basically regarding your top defender and his many fights he is either standing up for a teammate or for himself. He has been in 13 fights. That is 65 of his 77 pims. That means he only has 12 actual pims. In my opinion, minus losing him for 5 minutes in theory as I don't think your team is actually losing him for the 5 minutes because there are a number of players with a lot of pims and a lot of ice time meaning they are essentially either on the ice or in the box literally, that is nothing to worry about.


As for your team and what is wrong. It is a serious league wide issue for all but 2 teams. Me and the Protons. The Protons have an all star team in every sense. That team is head, shoulders and torso above everyone else. They have 3.5 forward lines of top 6 forwards. The closest team to matching them forward wise is your Vandals and you have 2.5 of the same forwards wise. Defensively I can't even touch the Protons and I have, well had before I traded Furmanov, head and shoulders the best defensive team outside of the Protons. I still couldn't touch the Protons defensively before I traded Furmanov. So what is the problem? Defenses that cannot handle the firepower of the opposing offenses. Despite the fact that you, and a number of other teams, have a very good goalie your team defensively just can't slow down the oppositions offense. This league has turned into a shootout league and the only two teams with defenses to match the opposing offenses sit comfortably 1 and 2, that would be the Protons and me respectively, with everybody else scrambling for what remains. Basically no team is able to build any defensive confidence while building a lot of offensive confidence. That creates a snowball effect whereby offenses keep getting better and defenses never catch up.


Let me also point this out that only serves to show the league wide defensive deficiencies. Last season I had one of the best offenses last year in teams of goals per game. I was scoring at a rate of 3.483 goals a game. This year, 2 games away from half way through the season, I am scoring at a rate of 4 goals a game. Last season that would have comfortably placed me in first if I am not mistaken. This season however it is only good enough for 3rd. Scoring is way up this season compared to last. Why? In my opinion it is because there are more forwards developing quicker than defenseman. Look at the difference if you just look at top players. Granted there are more forwards to use and compare to, and there should rightfully so, but there are just so few high talent defensive defensemen compared to the number of high talent offensive forwards. It is very easy to find a forward that can play a top 6 role in a forward group currently in this league. However it is extremely difficult to find a correspondingly equally talented defensive defenseman.


So how is your team being impacted by this? Well you have 4 defensemen that are good (by GHL standards skill wise) in their own end on your entire roster. 1 is a scratch. That means you have 1 defenseman that isn't good defensively playing on the PK. How is that impacting your PK? Remember me mentioning that I traded Furmanov? Before I traded him this season I had the #1 PK with over a 90% kill rate. After I traded him my PK has fallen to 81% which is good enough for 8th. Granted I had Furmanov for only 9 games but most of those 9 games were against playoff capable teams. That is most likely, beyond the paragraph above, what is going on. The only way, only using what you have on your team, to fix any defensive and PK issues is to swap out Sauve-Laplante for Holmgren. Holmgren is better defensively and actually better offensively than Sauve-Laplante whereas Sauve-Laplante is much more physical and for simplicity's sake gives significantly more effort. Another difference is that Sauve-Laplante will pretty much never get better whereas Holmgren will while Sauve-Laplante is more much more likely to come up big when needed. One last key thing to mention is that you almost must have 1 puck moving defenseman on each pairing. That means, no matter if you play Holmgren or Sauve-Laplante as your 6th defenseman, that you do not play Mont, Kiss or Svart on the same defensive pairing at almost all costs.


In terms of PP I don't know as I don't know your PP lines or tactics but the only thing I can really say is you have 5 scoring forwards (2 right handed) to play with and 3 scoring defensemen (2 right) too. The players you have as options on your PP are; Narbonne, Kite, Palic, Thompson, Jespersen (right handed scorer), Polter (right handed scorer,) Javorsky, Amri, Rakita, Descotes, Montmarquette (right handed shooter,) Holden, Kiss (right handed shooter,) Tadros and Svart. That is 15 players for 10 spots. One however is currently a scratch in Rakita so that means 14 are currently in your lineup. Personally I would have Mont, Holden, Tadros and Svart as your point players I'm not sure it matters too much who you play where there beyond Tadros on the 1st PP and Holden on the second. That leaves 9 forwards for 6 spots. All 9 forwards would be playing on the power play on most every other team in the league and it really is difficult to choose which to go with as depending upon what tactics you use it would change who it would be best to play. Based upon my preference I would have the first PP forward line as Narbonne, Palic and Thompson and the second as Kite, Polter and either Descotes, Jespersen or.Amri. It could be argued that Amri can score more than Descotes and the strength of Descotes is the exact same as in what you have in Kite thus Amri would be the better option but I am not a big fan of only having 1 forward as a good puck handler. Thus Jespersen could play there instead of Descotes or Amri too. I would lean ever so slightly to Jespersen for two reasons. The first I mentioned and the second being that I like having 2 scoring capable forwards on each PP unit. Make sure to keep in mind that as I say all of this regarding your PP mine went 10 or so games without getting a PP goal despite the players available leaving it 10th at a 20% rate as of typing this. Thanks Arbour and Rose, one of the 7 best scorers (I would argue 4th best personally) in the league and 2nd best playmaker in the league respectively.


Edit: A disclaimer I need to add in. The defensive issues could also be helped by team tactics in many ways as well.

#20035 Season 4

Posted by rainsilent on February 24, 2016 - 05:45 PM

The biggest issue with your team is that your first line is not scoring. It is very surprising to me to see Lindsay struggling so. I actually was expecting that Lindsay and Miettinen would have been a rather good combo but based upon all indications they weren't quite clicking if you were playing them together earlier. Miettinen and Lindsay should be ok together at worst though. Miettinen and Gates are your two best playmakers and one of them has to be playing with Lindsay on your top line. The other one should be on the second line with Pin who is arguably your second best scorer. Your team only has 3 good passers in your forward group. You need all 3 (Kukkonen being your third) in your top 2 lines if you hope to have any successful offense going. In comparison you have 5 good scorers.


This is what I would have as your forward line up if I had your team.

Line 1: LW Lindsay C Miettinen RW Kukkonen when healthy

Line 2: LW Gates C Ilves RW Pin

Line 3: LW Mook C Klein when healthy RW Jackson

Line 4 LW Bernatchez C Stanford RW Knudsen


Edit: I know that Miettinen and Lindsay appear to have been struggling together but Miettinen is by far and away your best C and best playmaker as well. If Miettinen and Lindsay just don't click at all you could swap Lindsay with Pin in my suggested lineup. If you do that you have to keep in mind to keep Lindsay and Pin on the same side as they are on in my suggested lineup. The fact that you don't have another solid second C that can pass creates a bit of inflexibility in your lineup.


This is what I would have as your defense if it matters.

Line 1: LD Goshorn RD Vandenbussche (it doesn't matter which is on which side but they are your two best defensemen and they NEED to be getting the most ice time)

Line 2: LD Sommelius RD either Lynch or Bidwell 6 one half dozen the other on which

Line 3: LD Schaefer RD Lynch or Bidwell whichever one is not on the second pair


My PP suggestions, again if it matters.

PP1: forwards a copy paste of my suggested first line with the D being Goshorn on the left and Jackson being the RD.

PP2: again copy paste of line 2 with the D being Sommelius on the left and Knudsen on the right.


PK again if it matters

PK1: Klein and Jackson with Goshorn and Vandenbussche

PK2: Here it depends upon how willing you are to sacrifice on winning faceoffs. If you don't mind losing faceoffs for the best PK forwards I would suggest Lindsay as the C with Gates as the winger. If you want to try to win faceoffs I would set it with Kukkonen and your choice of Lindsay or Gates as the other forward. Defensively it should be Lynch and Bidwell.


If you want to improve your team you need 2 things the most. Another top 6 playmaking forward and a 1st or 2nd line defensive defensemen. You could go for a good playmaking forward in Alexandr Tokarev in the SHL but who to offer in return is the issue.

#18808 Fresh start on the official release?

Posted by rainsilent on January 27, 2016 - 07:48 PM

Now for my opinion.


I think a number of people can share this with me in that I like my team. I even liked a couple of players that got wiped from the original start. I want to see how these players do next year and how they turn out in 5 seasons. That being said every game does a wipe for balance reasons when going to an official release. This game should be no different. As much as I like my players and want to see how they turn out over time for fairness sake the wipe is pretty much a requirement. I just hope I don't go 3 for 3 in getting bad teams for the league I am in. Just avoiding relegation was a tall task each time. The second time I got saved by the constant influx of FAs. For an idea of how bad the second time (I started in the SHL) was the average overall of my skaters were about 75 for forwards (about par for the SHL to start) and (I calculated this one) 67 for defense (6 below the next worst SHL team and about 10 below the best.)


I've expressed my biggest concern regarding a fresh start earlier. I cannot fully stress how much more crippling it would be with the new cap penalties to have players under contract for 5+ seasons that you don't want or need. Cutting them would be a massive 5 season penalty and nobody would be willing to take them unless you can work a deal with a team in a higher league (which can't be done in the GHL) which is not easy. For a brief time (say 10 days for example) a grace period would be a great help in dealing with such contracts. Alternately every player on 1 or 2 year deals will mostly forgo any need for such a thing.


Edit: How do I feel? Doesn't matter to me however it should be done for fairness sake.

#18771 Fresh start on the official release?

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I will post a longer drawn out view on my stance later today. For now I will only say one thing. With the new contract system it will be a serious crippling blow for someone to have to start anew with a team full of bad contracts and a possible otherwise bad team for the league they are in. When the new teams were given it was extremely common for team to have a lot of 6+ year contracts and there were a lot of instances where there were 30+ year old players with 7 or 8 year deals with some that were being overpaid as well. If we start fresh and new the contracts need to be almost exclusively 1-2 year deals for maximum flexibility and friendliness to long term cap. I would also recommend a brief time of being able to cut players for free while having some number of available free agents.

#18612 Why is my PK so bad?

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Spirit is important in regards to blocking shots which is a critical thing on the PK. However defense is easily the #1 thing. In all honesty Spirit and defense are the only two things I look for regarding PK.


You say it is that unit however it could be your second as well. As for your first PK unit it looks fine although I would switch Berrouard for Plessis-Belair. That wouldn't make too much of a difference though. As of current nobody can tell.


I've never tried switching tactics in a continuous manner like you have so I don't know what that does to the tactics in terms of your teams familiarity with them. I just have doubts it would remain very high. However lets look over the two tactics you are using and switching back and forth on because they are very different.


The box closes down in front of the net while it gives the opposing PP the outside. This is the best PK tactically for keeping the opposing PP out of the slot and away from the front of the net while also closing down cross ice passes the most effectively. The diamond is a box turned sideways in the aim to keep pressure on the puck carrier high in the zone. However this allows the PP to outnumber your team down low giving easier access to the front of the net and easier movement down low.


The diamond is designed to counter the weakness of the box however in turn the weakness of the diamond is the strength of the box. Thus what I think is most likely going on is you are switching PK tactics unwittingly back and forth to systems where the weakness of the PK system you switch to is the strength of the opposing PP. The only time you want to use a diamond PK system is when the opposing team is using an umbrella PP system and maybe when they are using the 1-3-1 but the 1-3-1 has a much lower focus down in the zone which will kill the diamond either way. However in theory your diamond would collapse with it. We don't know if that is how it works in game but either way I still would not advise the diamond against the 1-3-1 because you are either leaving the middle ice guy wide open, the back side guy wide open or the front of the net guy wide open. Those are all easy PP goals against. Example of what the 1-3-1 can do to the diamond: The Rangers did nothing really wrong on that PK. The Diamond system they were using was just fundamentally flawed against the Devils 1-3-1. The other 2 PP systems also would eat the diamond alive as they focus heavily on down low play.


If you are curious about the Wedge there is a reason it is rarely used in the NHL. It is a triangle PK set with a player aggressively putting pressure on the puck carrier. If a good passing team gets the 4th guy isolated it becomes a very brief 4-3 which only favors the PP that much more. It is a very aggressive PK system that has a lot of flaws but can be successful if the opposing team doesn't have many good puck movers.


The only thing I can come up with is you switching tactics is what is hurting you the most. Your 2nd PK unit, somewhat low defense ratings of your defenders (mid 80s is a bit low however you have a great 5v5 defense which only contributes my thoughts as to switching tactics hurting you most) and your goalies low positioning are also likely contributors. Either way I don't doubt those are all contributing and combining in some way to disastrous effect for you. You really should have a good PK but some reason you don't this year. Next year try just using 1 system for the entire year. Side note the box is also considered the safest but that is because it protects the net first.