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#32252 Opinion.

Posted by rainsilent on January 16, 2018 - 07:02 PM

While the team put together might very well be good the AI has a habit of continuously and completely botching it up. I've seen the AI have one of the best teams in the SHL and still finish dead last.


Edit: As for newer managers taking them over when I have seen new managers take over such teams they typically struggle and botch it up themselves. That said there is a simple solution. Raising the game limits for switching to a GHL or SHL team.

#32013 Affiliate hoarding.

Posted by rainsilent on January 05, 2018 - 11:10 AM

First a waiver system is coming to allow lower league managers to claim players. How exactly it will work I don't know. That said I did call at the outset that overly greedy managers would abuse the affiliate system.


Second there is a right way to find and go after players for an affiliate system. Its simple. Wait until the end of FA and then go after any FA not being offered a contract by lower league teams that you have interest in. It allows other teams (most importantly lower league teams) to go after FAs that they may actually need.

#31941 Player Loan Option

Posted by rainsilent on January 01, 2018 - 02:10 PM

In the affiliate they train as hard as you set them to. The problem is that injuries stagnates training while the player is hurt. Combine that with players on affiliate teams regularly getting fatigued due to the combination of hard training and a lack of managing minutes and I don't doubt that fatigue injuries happen a bit more often than we would like in the affiliates. Hence me mentioning those pros and cons.

#31935 Player Loan Option

Posted by rainsilent on January 01, 2018 - 10:00 AM

A few quick pros and cons.


Pros: Player gets to play in a controlled environment rather than random one in minor system. Potential for fatigue injuries reduced (especially for goalies.)


Cons: Would have to be limited to players able to be sent down. Lower league teams could forgo signing players and building a team and just go to loan players (could be a loan limit of say 5 players per team.)

#30990 NHL discussion

Posted by rainsilent on November 07, 2017 - 07:40 PM

It isn't that there is no market for centers. It is that the cost for a very good one is very steep.

#30659 off season training

Posted by rainsilent on October 25, 2017 - 08:54 AM

But my experience seems to show that the harder you train them, the more likely they are to get injured and/or tired, which affects their outputs.  But I can't say that is 100% correct based on my limited sample size and not able to factor out other variables.  


Fatigue is the biggest factor there. Luck goes with injuries too but the more fatigued a player is the more likely they are to getting hurt.


Example from the last season for me. My top 2 D I let get to exhausted and yellow fatigue respectively. Once I realized that was happening I "gave the night off" to the exhausted one for the upcoming game. The other one got hurt.


Since training will fatigue a player you have to balance high training with time on ice to prevent them getting tired. This will go a fair way into preventing injuries. You still will get them as you can't avoid all of them but this reduces the chances of individual players getting hurt.

#30601 The Happiness Effect

Posted by rainsilent on October 24, 2017 - 12:22 AM

I've seen some players play worse while others seem to not care. Then again this isn't ever the only factor at play. I would say concerned has a rather small impact whereas frustrated has a bigger, more relevant one.

#30576 GHL S12 power rankings

Posted by rainsilent on October 23, 2017 - 08:46 AM

If by multi-year you mean about 6, then yes, I am doing the same and that is my story and sticking to it!


Not 6. Just 3 for me. This is year 1 of 3 of the transition to younger forwards. After this year I will have 2 forwards whose expiring contracts will not be renewed. The next season 3 more at least. That means that I will be going from 9 29+ forwards to just 4 in 2 seasons time. Never mind that they are mostly players that have either been mainstays of my roster or otherwise largely play some bigger roles on the team. Replacing them wont be easy but it will have to happen sooner or later and I am hoping that a few of these young forwards will manage to grow into what I need.

#30560 GHL S12 power rankings

Posted by rainsilent on October 22, 2017 - 04:16 PM

My team is starting to go through what will be a multi year transition as the forward group gets younger and older players get released. It will be interesting to see how much of a fall off there is for my team in terms of results.

#30557 Make trade lock period prevent affiliate assignment & remove trade lock f...

Posted by rainsilent on October 22, 2017 - 03:40 PM

In my opinion once you go above a certain salary a 2 way contract should be unavailable to offer. I find it ridiculous that a 2 million dollar GHL contract can be sent down when very few players that are worth that 2 million dollar contract are not GHL quality players. I did predict player hoarding would happen.

#30460 Traits

Posted by rainsilent on October 19, 2017 - 03:55 PM


A top sniper wont score 1 million goals on a 1 million shots even with an empty net. He would probably miss at least one ;).



Stamkos won't hit any of them. Well ok he wont hit targets in an empty net.

#30428 Traits

Posted by rainsilent on October 17, 2017 - 04:28 PM

My team was 10-6 in games decided by two or fewer goals (excluding OT/SO).  4-2 in games decided by 1 goal (excluding OT/SO).  In shootouts we were 1-4.  Compared to my overall record, my Strong winner's instinct didn't really help me in the closer games, so the jury is still out on it's supposed impact (at least in my mind).  In games decided by 5 or more goals I was 17-0.  But you have much more experience with this game than I, so I'll take your word for it.



And what about the opposing teams winner instinct and overall talent level? You can't just look at partial data and end up with a solid conclusion.


You guys are also glossing over the fact that the Marauders best players outplayed the Protons best players in the second game. I think the biggest contributor to the Marauders winning the cup is the lack of depth scoring that is going on in this patch as the two teams that had the most offensive depth, the Protons and Vandals, couldn't effectively use it to their advantage. Without that advantage it more or less became whose best players outplayed whose. Also another major factor was the starting goalie for the Protons not having full confidence. To be frank Arttur Kaila did not have a particularly good playoffs. In fact game 1 of the series he had a pretty bad game and cost the Protons the game despite the Protons otherwise completely outplaying the Marauders. I have no doubt that the lower confidence of Kaila played a role in that outcome. I also like how nobody is mentioning that they also beat me 2-1 in the first round even though Hanrahan had 2 very bad games against me.


Marauders congratulations on winning the cup. Against all odds you managed to win going though the best teams in the Vandals and Protons. It was fun to watch. Mostly. The first round wasn't so fun.

#30408 Traits

Posted by rainsilent on October 16, 2017 - 08:25 PM

I am curious about traits as well, but part of me also likes the mystery and having to figure it out.  I'm torn 50/50 on whether or not I'd like Anders to tell us what the hell is going on :lol: but on second thought, I'm leaning towards the mystery/having to figure it out.


From personal experience, below are my thoughts on each trait.  Some might agree, some might disagree, but it is what I have seen with my team.


EGO - haven't noticed much in terms of in game results for specific players, but Ego affects Teamwork as a whole.  My team performs MUCH better when my Teamwork bar is green (and Teamwork/Confidence is more important than Winner Instinct - at least for my team, maybe not for others).


DIRTY - I prefer Tough/Agitator players, but that's partly because of my preference in real life (I love players like Wayne Simmonds, Lucic, Gudas, Marchand, etc).  I have noticed that my Tough players perform better, but also take more penalties, so it's a double-edged sword - but that could all depend on your tactics as well.  On the flip side, taking more penalties cost me a few games this year, but I'll take my chances.


LEADERSHIP - I don't care about this at all, other than picking captains.


BIG GAMES - I have noticed a "slight" upgrade in performance from Determined to Nervous players.  i.e. Assuming the players are similar, I would probably take an 80 OVR Determined player over an 81 OVR Nervous players, but maybe not an 82 OVR Nervous player.  I'd rather have the skill when it is multiple notches higher.  Big Games is more noticeable for team's Winner Instinct... but I still haven't figured out when Winner Instinct is that important.


AMBITION - Here is where I may disagree with most.  Two of my players who improve the most are Lazy - more-so than my Ambitious and Enthusiastic players.  So I am either getting extremely lucky with my Lazy players, or completely screwed with my Ambitious players.  Right now I don't value this trait at all, other than the thought that it might change in a future release.


Ambition is a modifier to another talent that is now hidden that used to be visible. That talent was an indication of how good the player could be. Potential. A player with great potential but is lazy will still grow exceptionally fast. A player that doesn't have a lot of potential at all but is ambitious won't grow much at all. What you want to look for in terms of ambition is for what players are growing first then look at their ambition.


As for winner instinct it becomes more evident and impactful in closer leagues. Teams with higher team winner instinct will more often than not find ways to win close games. Again though that requires close games and relative parity between teams. I have never had an overly talented team offensively (defensively is another story though) yet I am regularly at the top of the standings in my league. Why? I play the odds of keeping games as close as possible and then winning those close games. If you want to see the impact of winner instinct look at all of the games that your team played where the difference was 2 or fewer goals. That said my team wins games in OT like nobody's business but can't win in a shootout to save their lives.


Finally dirty is about manager preference and statistical certainty. Even on the lowest aggression level your team will take penalties. It is an inevitability. So why not pick up a few players lower talented players that have the tendency to take penalties and play them on your lower lines and eat up as many PIMs as they can? Also some managers just want aggressive teams like the "Big, Bad Bruins" of old however be mindful that your team doesn't turn into the undisciplined Jets that regularly burn themselves with too many PP goals against.


The rest I think you have spot on although I don't really see the need for Anders to give specifics. That said somewhere in this forum is a record where he did say something along the lines that it goes on a number scale system in that not all lazy players are the same lazy. Basically think of it as a 0-10 system with 0 being most lazy for example and 1 being lazy but not as lazy and so forth.

#30396 Traits

Posted by rainsilent on October 16, 2017 - 08:42 AM

So the traits are fine and don't have a small role.


Less then 2 hours later the traits have a bit too small of an impact. I can't follow your explanation on this one. How much I like your replies of 10 pages, which I honestly appreciate, you are talking against yourself on this one. 



First one I said I think they are fine. That is my current opinion on the matter. Second I said they may (not they are but they may) be having less of an impact than intended. That isn't my opinion and rather is me saying that my opinion may be wrong on the matter. I didn't contradict myself however it appears that I didn't make what I said totally clear either. Sorry for the confusion.


Sports management games where you have no direct control of the players is all numbers run thus in a loose sense it is all RNG. That is what I meant by that. Yes tactics have a major say as does talent but even those have numbers behind them determining things. RNG impact in sports management games can vary wildly. From seemingly completely random (bad RNG impact on game) to ones that are actually rather predictable and are believable.


As for the rest I would be disappointed too in your position. You had the better team and lost. It is really disappointing when that happens. As for your struggles it is more the fact that the talent gap between your team and most of the other playoff capable teams isn't as big as it used to be just last year. As a result the games are going to be closer than your used to. It isn't that your team struggled, ok it did offensively more than it should have but the bigger, more relevant picture is you don't have that comfort margin that you had even just last year.

#30376 Traits

Posted by rainsilent on October 15, 2017 - 02:37 PM

To add on lazy will also lose skill due to age much sooner. Lazy is only going to impact their growth potential and how soon they decline.


Anonymous won't hurt you pretty much at all team performance wise unless you make them captain or assistant.


Arrogant players will hurt team chemistry if you have too many on the team. In theory anyways.


Nervous will have a higher chance at a bad game the higher the pressure of the game. This said non key positions this trait doesn't matter much at all. For example 3rd/4th line wingers and 3rd pairing Dmen that otherwise aren't playing key special teams roles you want to be much more focused on the player talent fitting what you need in those specific small roles and the salary said player is asking for than if they are nervous or heroic.


Finally tough simply determines the standard frequency of penalties and major penalties taken.