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#35864 Important! Where did all the mascots go?

Posted by rainsilent on July 10, 2018 - 05:16 PM

My suggestion for a potential option would be to go to an art site like DeviatArt and ask people for permission to use original artwork for logo designs. So long as you find a way to credit them I think at least some would be ok with it.

#35558 Tactics

Posted by rainsilent on June 16, 2018 - 09:30 PM

Does this count for all tactics or just team focus? ie. could I adjust my power play/penalty kill tactics to try and gain an edge on certain teams straight away 


All tactics with such a feature. You can change game to game and find success but you have to have a talented team and get things right if you want to find success via changing game to game. Also, in theory, your team will be less consistent.

#35352 S15 General Chat

Posted by rainsilent on June 08, 2018 - 10:26 PM

Hahahahaha.  What a brilliant way to start off the S15 chat!

The epic music showing the 10M offer followed by the little bump sound showing the offer was rejected is pure gold.


But damn - I knew team and manager rep played a role, but should it really play THAT big a role? 


No. It shouldn't. That said there is more than manager rep at play. Thus we don't know if manager rep was the real major factor.


Edit: Oh by the way Erzac awesome video.

#34796 NHL discussion

Posted by rainsilent on May 21, 2018 - 02:50 PM

I think saying Winnipeg dominated 3 out of 5 games is a bit of a stretch and not giving credit where credit is due. Vegas out-hustled and outworked Winnipeg, and wore them down both physically and mentally. Game one? Sure. Maybe game five too, but definitely not 3 out of 5 games. 


Personally, I've seen two types of hockey fans on social media and whatnot. The elitists who think Vegas is a fluke, and the folks who appreciate and recognize how Vegas uses their talent and why they are so successful.


Winnipeg had possession of the puck in the offensive zone significantly more than Vegas did in the last 2 periods of the 3rd game and the entire 4th game. That lead to a large discrepancy in number of quality shots between the two teams to the extent that Winnipeg had more than double the number of quality shots on net. That pretty much tells the story that Winnipeg was dominating the game over that duration. Heck the only quality scoring chanced Vegas was ever creating over that time were off of clumsy Winnipeg turnovers. Those turnovers directly lead to goals against. Winnipeg beat themselves in that series much more than Vegas beat them. Only 2 games in that series did Vegas actually play to a level where they actually played at the same level as Winnipeg. They happened to win those 2 games.


Games 2 and 5 were back and forth affairs that were actually pretty close, equal contests. Game 3 Vegas dominated the 1st and got a 1-0 lead out of it, started the 2nd pretty much the same but as the period went on the momentum quickly shifted to Winnipeg and Winnipeg started to dominate. Scheifele scored about 5 minutes in but Vegas responds quickly off of a fanned pass by Hallebyuck behind the net that Vegas jumped on and scored. That was self inflicted wound #2 of that game for Winnipeg that Vegas did nothing themselves to create as the 1st goal for Vegas was from sloppy stick handling that lead to a weak turnover by Scheifele. Then goal #3 for Vegas. Less Vegas creating and more Winnipeg just puck watching on the rush following a very weak dump in attempt from Kyle Conner that got knocked down and just thrown up ice. Heck Buff stopped defending the cross crease pass on that play due to puck watching and Neal could have passed it to Haula instead of shooting. Then 3 defenders in front of the net just watching Neal  go around the back of the net and he passes through them to Alex Tuch for a goal. 3 self inflicted wounds for Winnipeg. By the 3rd Winnipeg was fully in control and they maintained it throughout however they could only get 1 more goal and the game was sealed with an empty netter. Shot totals per period pretty much tell the tale. 3-10, 16-12, 16-8 Jets-Knights. Heck Vegas was basically playing what gets referred to by some as prevent defense the later half of the 3rd as they were mostly sitting back and letting Winnipeg come at them. It nearly cost them that game.


Game 4 Vegas started out good with an early PP goal (with a very sloppy PK from Winnipeg) but after that Winnipeg dominated puck possession, offensive zone time and quality shots on net. That said it took a PP goal to crack Fleury and tie it 1-1 about half way in the 2nd. However another self inflicted wound to Winnipeg for goal #2 for Vegas as Hallebyuck just flat dropped a puck that was shot into his glove and then him being late to get back on the wrap around just gave Vegas the lead back just 33 second after Winnipeg tied it. Winnipeg ties it in the 3rd but then another self inflicted wound as Buff fans on a one timer opportunity giving Smith a breakaway and he scores. Game ends 3-2.


Excluding the empty netter 4th goal at the end of game 3 Winnipeg gave Vegas 6 goals over 2 games while only getting 4. Vegas earned the goals through effort, more not playing casual like Winnipeg was more than guilty of, not through skill or strictly outplaying Winnipeg. Vegas didn't win games 3 and 4 by being the better team. They won games 3 and 4 because Winnipeg gave it to them via their own mistakes. That doesn't even account for the 1st goal in game 5 where a Winnipeg defender threw a weak pass attempt up the middle of the ice that quickly ended up in the back of their net.


If you were to actually read what I have written in regards to Vegas, granted not a lot, it has only been praise for Vegas for doing a great job on the whole with the team however with the caveat recognizing that they don't have a singular great player outside of Fleury. They are doing it via hard work and a team effort much more so than skill. That said Vegas is going to the SCF more due to horrific turnovers leading to self inflicted wounds by Winnipeg more so than Vegas outplayed, never mind played with, Winnipeg. What we saw out of Winnipeg in this series was much more representative of how Winnipeg played in the prior 5 seasons (poor D coverage and self inflicted wounds that the goalie doesn't make saves on) than how they played this season.


I don't think Vegas is a fluke, never did, even called them a playoff team after the expansion draft when discussing them with my friends in real life if Fleury was great. Which I thought was going to happen and it did. I also know how they got to where they are via hard work and team work. However that doesn't necessarily mean that they outplayed the opposing team(s) with superior skill to do it and get where they are. They aren't a particularly talent rich team. McPhee even said as much. He is the GM of the Knights if you don't know. So please don't try to lump me in with those "elitists" just because I give an honest assessment of Vegas.

#34777 S14 Magic Numbers

Posted by rainsilent on May 21, 2018 - 01:53 AM

1.  Protons (103 pts) - Have clinched a playoff spot for the 132nd straight year. 


I get the strange feeling that you may have left a 0 out somewhere...

#34535 [BUI] Trade cant be accepted

Posted by rainsilent on May 04, 2018 - 03:59 PM

I wonder if the pending contract is the issue?

The other two players have accepted contracts already.


Hasn't been an issue in the past. Either way shouldn't be an issue.


Sure enough it was the issue. Something for you two to look into.

#34503 NHL discussion

Posted by rainsilent on May 02, 2018 - 09:07 AM

If Fleury were a beast he'd still be in Pittsburgh!    he's a glorified Ron Tugnutt...



To be honest he is the only reason the GKs didn't limp into the playoffs as the team play fell off down the stretch. He is a lot more than a glorified Ron Tugnutt. I would actually still call him one of the elite of the NHL. The reality is that Pittsburgh couldn't keep him due to salary combined with the emergence of Murray. Finally with the expansion draft the fact that they wanted to keep their roster up front intact and leaving Fleury exposed for Vegas to pick was a win/win scenario. Had they not gotten out from under Fleury's cap hit they would have had to let 2 of the 3 between Sheary, Dumoulin and Schultz go in FA and that is the last thing that Pittsburgh wanted to have happen as it would have been a big blow to defensive depth at least. Make no mistake Fleury is still a great goalie. However a NHL team doesn't need 2 great goalies while having to pay them both what they are worth at the same time. Logic dictates that you go with the younger of the two. Fleury was going to have to be moved that offseason no matter what and letting him get picked via the expansion draft was the best case scenario possible for the Pens as it had the least amount of hassle involved.

#34310 NHL discussion

Posted by rainsilent on April 18, 2018 - 04:52 PM

This year the Division IA World Championship will be arranged in Hungary, so I have a chance to see some good hockey matches. The Vegas Golden Knights defeated my favourite hockey team in the playoff, so I hope I will see the great Kopitar in Budapest. :) Do you have any information that he will play in the tournament? He is on the Team Slovenia's Entry List...


It is likely but that doesn't mean that he will. Players that get eliminated, when healthy, go play in that tournament. Enjoy the tournament.


Wish I had put up 1st round predictions now. See how much flak I would have gotten for saying Vegas in 5 and nearly being right. I also had Sharks in 5 for the record.

#34182 Why do I keep losing (help a new member)

Posted by rainsilent on April 10, 2018 - 11:30 PM

So the primary issues are that your checking line only has 1 decent checking type player and you have no two way defenders. Never mind the role that you set for your players. Basically you got players trying to do things that they aren't good at doing. Also all of your defensemen are defensive defensemen. You can set them to match line but stay at home would likely be best for most if not all of them. Only one of your forwards makes for a suitable player on a checking line so scrap the checking line for a two way line and adjust players as necessary.


Finally team tactics wise set it to what you want it to be. The players will develop into the tactics that you choose. Just know that it may take time to do. Also you don't necessarily need a 7th defender however seeing as how most of your defenders have relatively low endurance ratings if you find your defenders getting tired a lot it may be an option worth exploring. That said only playing 1 on each PP would almost do the same thing as it will actively cut down the amount of time on ice the defenders are getting and that alone may be enough.

#34169 Why do I keep losing (help a new member)

Posted by rainsilent on April 10, 2018 - 08:36 AM

Since I can't see the most important thing, your roster, I can't really do much to help. With what I can see it could be anything from trying to get players on a line to play a style that doesn't suit them to the players just not liking the system which is a possibility.

#34128 NHL Awards. What are your Picks/Opinions?

Posted by rainsilent on April 07, 2018 - 02:21 PM

Yes I am an Andersen fan and HUGE Andersen fan and I did expect a better year from him. But I am also a Ducks fan and watched a lot of the games and did not think Gibson played particularly well, his numbers were good but he just seemed sloppy and slow and did not look comfortable at all, Andersen seemed to play well but did not have the numbers as some of the other goalies, Raanta also did not seem to be very comfortable because I believe this is his first year starting correct? Rinne seemed to have probably the best year of all the other goalies facing a lot of shots and having good and consistent numbers but he just didn't seem to have the workload Andersen did, I have also noticed in the last 5-7 Ducks games Gibson has had to make 35-45 saves for them to win. Andersen has played a lot better over the last 15 or so games and if you factor in every thing you mentioned and I mentioned then I would have to say Rinne is the most deserving, he has played consistent, has good numbers, has played quality consistent, has seen a lot of shots per game, at times has carried his team to a win (all of the goalies have done that but Rinne's performance in 4-5 to 1 games has been much overlooked at times) and has made a lot of quality saves (in the few Nashville games I've seen) he is the only goalie to do all of these things many of them have don 3-5 of them but not all 6.


Gibson has had a few rather sloppy games but he plays at his best seemingly when he is active which can look sloppy as well. Active goalies tend to look chaotic and nearly out of control at times. Gibson isn't Tim Thomas kinds of active but he is more on the active side. As for him having to make a lot of saves to win that is more evidence of the Ducks losing the possession battle that they try to play and should be concerning to Ducks fans entering the playoffs. Personally I think Andersen is the better goalie right now. I just think he had a bit of a down year for him. That said I think Gibson and Andersen are both top 10 NHL goalies right now.


Raanta didn't look comfortable to start and I attribute that more to new team than first time starting. By about 20 games into the season though he really started to play lights out nearly every game. I didn't take him as a serious quality starter until he strung a number of those performances together. Then it turned into can he really be so good as to potentially carry this team into respectability? Well not if he is hurt was the answer. If he stays healthy next season and plays as well he may be able to drag this team into near playoff contention.

#34112 NHL Awards. What are your Picks/Opinions?

Posted by rainsilent on April 06, 2018 - 09:53 AM

 As for Raanta and Gibson I believe they did not have a good start to there season and were not very consistent throughout the year


Raanta had an average start statistically and got a lot better as the season went on while Gibson had a pretty good start to the season (marginally better than Andersen) and kept it going through the season. Both were very consistent through the season too. That is why their numbers for the entire season are so good. You don't get incredible numbers by being inconsistent. You get Cam Ward like numbers for being inconsistent. Cam Ward, for random stretches equaling about 2 months total, will perform like one of the best goalies in the league. However the rest of the time he is average at best. That is why Carolina traded for Scott Darling who never got comfortable this season and had a really bad season.


Also you need to take shots against with a grain of salt. It is a byproduct of both the quality of the team defensively but also the style of play that the team is playing. Toronto is an up tempo and offensively aggressive team. They are naturally going to give up a lot of shots as a result no matter the skill of the defenders. Thus his 33 shots against really isn't that impressive to take note of especially when the team offensively was basically going shot for shot with the other team.


However look at Gibson who has notably better stats. Plays on Anaheim who plays to a much more methodical puck possession style yet got out shot on average 33-30. That means that on most nights Anaheim was losing the puck possession style that they were trying to play. Basically Anaheim was loosing the puck possession battle and was winning games. The goalie has a lot to do with that. If you find that as good Raanta is just a better story. Basically half of an AHL team in front of him and puts up ridiculously amazing numbers. It is a testament to how good of a coach Rick Tocchet is as well seeing as how they have to play such a defensively conservative game just to not get embarrassed every night.


It sounds like your a big Andersen fan. That is fine (a good choice too as I think he is in the top 10 of all NHL goalies) but make sure to not let you being a fan of his dilute the reality of his performance. Yes he had a relatively good year but it wasn't a great one and to be honest was a bit of a down season for him, at least in my mind. After all his backup had statistically the best season of any goalie to at least play 6 games and he played 18 going 11-5-1 with a 2.14 and .935. For Andersen to really be a consideration for the Vezina he would have had to have gotten at least a .922-.925 save % season with a 2.55 or better GAA and to be honest that is about what I was expecting out of him. The team defensively did get at least slightly better in front of him this season compared to last after all so expecting better than last season seemed to be natural. That said look for Toronto to go for a top 4 defender either this offseason or next via trade. As ridiculous as it sounds I would love to see Toronto bag Karlsson for either Nylander or Marner (they can't keep all 3 cap wise without really hurting team balance so it is a worthwhile sacrifice and ideally in my mind Marner since Nylander and Matthews play so well together) and a few extra pieces.

#34010 NHL Awards. What are your Picks/Opinions?

Posted by rainsilent on April 04, 2018 - 11:12 PM

I personally believe there should be an award for the best numbers and then for performance cause I did forget about Raanta he has played well and on a not very good team but also taking that into consideration Crawford played really well on a struggling Hawks team and he has a .929% but I still take Andersen because of the high amount of shots and the quality Rinne has played well, really well but he is on a better team I just don't see him carrying that workload like Andersen after remembering Raanta he has probably some of the best numbers in the league on one of the worst teams in the league .930 is a good year anytime and on that team that is certainly Vezina stats. Now for defensemen I don't really follow them because I am a goalie on my HS team but based on what you said and what the trophy is for I would have to change my vote to Doughty cause the Norris is for best DEFENSEMEN not most points, in addition they should have more and deeper stats like how many times he won/lost a 1on1 or how many passes/ bad passes he made or did he take his guy in front of the net how many times was he out of position? I would like to see some of those numbers.


Starting with D and some of the numbers you may be interested in to know. Hedman has 45 takeaways to Doughty's 17. Doughty also has more giveaways at 79 to Hedman's 65 but situation dictates the real relevance there. I could go on with more stats however just go to NHL.com and look up player stats and sort by defensemen and then under report you can bring up different kinds of numbers to look at. One thing I will say is that 5 of 6 Carolina defensemen ended up top 26 in takeaways for all defensemen in the NHL. Slavin 1st in the NHL with 76, Faulk 5th with 63, Hanifin 14th with 48, Trevor van Reimsdyk 17th with 45 and Pesce 26th with 38. That was something I found rather interesting.


As for goalies Hallebuyck was on the Jets which are still known for massive defensive breakdowns on occasion and he has near Rinne stats which is why I included him. That said for goalies numbers is performance. Better team or not Rinne had a better season than Andersen. While Andersen has had a good year relative it just isn't anywhere near good enough to even put it into Vezina consideration. At best Andersen had an above average year. That said I have always been wary of Rinne because his home plate save percentage has always been on the low side. I haven't looked at it for this year though. If your looking for other goalies John Gibson (.926 2.43 GAA) and Quick (.924 2.34 GAA) are worth looking at too but I think it is between Rinne and Hallebuyck.


As for Chicago that team has been held into relevance by 5 players for the past 2-3 seasons. Keith, Kane, Toews, Crawford and Panarin. One of them got traded and another hurt for the majority of the season. To me it is not a surprise whatsoever that they are well out of the playoff picture. In fact I even think that they have been massively over performing standings wise the past number of years prior to this season. While most everyone has been calling them a powerhouse team in the west the past 3 years or so I haven't been looking at them that way the entire time. They have just been too thin of a team that got by simply by avoiding injuries to their marquee players.

#34007 NHL Awards. What are your Picks/Opinions?

Posted by rainsilent on April 04, 2018 - 07:23 PM

You have a very good point about Carlson but I believe because of Hedman's play is one of the reasons Tampa Bay is so good and the same reason for Vasilevskiy  he carried them in a few games and he's seen the second most shots in the league.


Tampa is so good because they are incredibly stacked. Yes Vasilevskiy has faced a large number of shots however most have been lower quality shots as Tampa's D crowds the middle and allows outside shots. I have to take that into account when looking at Hedman for Norris and Vasilevskiy for Vezina. I also have to take into account that Hedman starts in the offensive end at least 54% of the time and ends there more often than not too with a heavy shots for bias. Doughty however starts in the offensive zone only 46% of the time and has a better shots for bias. Doughty also has similar points and isn't too far off in +/-. That just tells me that Doughty is doing more and having a bigger impact relative. Ok this isn't defensive MVP but I just see more impressive numbers from Doughty than I do from Hedman. That said we are basically trying to spit hairs here. They are, in my mind, 2 of the top 5 defenders in the league.


As for your take on Andersen for Vezina he isn't even close to earning it. Vezina is basically tailor made to go to the goalie with the best statistical stats through the entire season. .917 is at best slightly above average for a quality starter. Yes Andersen is on a not particularly good defensive team so he has had to make more than a few extra spectacular saves however if he were Vezina worthy his stats would look more like Raanta (.930 with a 2.24GAA in 46 games played) who I think we can both agree is on a significantly worse team than Andersen no? Andersen had a good season but nothing near Vezina worthy compared to many other goalies out there.

#33982 NHL Awards. What are your Picks/Opinions?

Posted by rainsilent on April 04, 2018 - 08:17 AM

For Hart I would have to go with Hall. His play defines MVP more than any other player to me. While Kopitar and MicKinnon are 2nd and 3rd for me neither team sinks more down the standings without than the Devils do. I genuinely think they would still be picking top 10 in the upcoming draft at best without him. The other two teams would likely be mid-round picks. Before anyone doubts me on Colorado let me remind you that MacKinnon's play allowed them to trade Duchene. Without him they don't trade Duchene. Or at least they get Brassard back in return. They would have to.


For Vezina while I think Fleury, and even Luongo or Raanta (No seriously Raanta. Imagine if he would have been healthy all season and put up those kind of numbers on arguably the worst team in the league no matter their finishing position. Playoffs or not it would be difficult to not have him a favorite.), have the numbers they don't have the games. To me it comes down to either Hallebuyck or Rinne. Vasilevskiy just had a not particularly good finish to the season the entire last month or so and I have to consider the entire season not just 4/5ths of it. Personally due to slightly better performance I have to give it to Rinne.


For Norris I have to go Doughty. The only players close to me on that list are Hedman and Burns however Doughty starts in the defensive end more than both of the other two by far and ends up with better relative shot metrics when that is taken into account. Also he isn't on nearly as strong a team as Hedman. While Burns isn't on a particularly elite team either Norris is more for a defender that shows the best all around ability at the position and Burns isn't an elite defender in his own end. That said I am going to throw a 4th name at you that I think should be getting a look as well. John Carlson. Washington's D was notably hampered with the losses of Alsner and Schmidt. Carlson had a Doughty like season doing a lot of defensive heavy lifting that I think is getting overlooked.