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#45339 Retire

Posted by rainsilent on August 09, 2019 - 01:16 PM

The only possible disagreement I can offer up is in regards to development. While I fully agree that randomness in development is good it cannot be fully random or it becomes a complete crapshoot in terms of development. That would only lead to confusing frustration. What I mean by this in regards to this game is that players shouldn't gain 3 overall one year and then not gain in overall at all the next 2+. There should be an observable slow down to development as it shouldn't appear to stop dead. There isn't enough data yet to really say exactly what is happening but the general trend appears to be that players are hitting a soft cap abruptly at around 21 and from there they crawl in terms of growth with some exceptions. Slowing around 21 is fine and understandable. Going from rapid development abruptly to a slow crawl is a bit off considering that skill growth is largely seen in the light of as you get better it becomes harder to improve further.


That said ideally each player would be slightly different from the next with different skill caps based upon their hidden talent ratings. This, in combination with the player's ambition, should be the largest determining factors in terms of when development slows with that being loosely based upon age. That said there very well may be late bloomers in the system that don't start really developing again until 24 for example. Again we don't know because of lack of time with the current development system.

#40650 Retire

Posted by rainsilent on August 04, 2019 - 01:16 AM

If not that then at least have more noticeable development in the 22-27 age range.


In other words more steady development over an extended time over the current burst development, talking in general, with ideally the same end results.


As for young players even at the top just up and retiring it still happens. It is just rarer. Paul Ranger as a real-life NHL example. He attempted a comeback which ultimately lead to nothing I grant but it is evidence that it does happen. Albeit as I said it is rather rare. I understand the points against it but it isn't completely unprecedented. I think the best way to take this is to try to keep an eye on how young they are consistently retiring. The frequency is the key to note here.

#40488 Player profiles [DONE]

Posted by rainsilent on July 28, 2019 - 01:45 PM

Ego - This can be looked at as the general disposition that a player has. It mainly impacts teamwork and how much the team likes to play with each other. You want to have a good mix of the best but don't get too concerned about having a few of the worse ones on your roster. It goes through these ranks from lowest to highest.

Arrogant, cocky, responsible, friendly, compassionate.


Dirty - This is how dirty a player plays the game. The dirtier a player is willing to play the more they push the boundaries of the rules to gain an advantage. That also mean they are more likely to take penalties, especially majors that aren't fighting majors. It goes through these ranks from lowest to highest.

Tough, agitator, respectful, gentle.


Leadership - This is a take on how much of a leader presence the player can have in the locker room. This is mostly relevant for whom you want to make captains for your team. This goes through these ranks from lowest to highest.

Anonymus, modest, respected, role model, motivator, commander, true leader


Big Games - This is a showing of how the player is likely to respond in big moments. The lower the ranking the more likely they are to make mistakes in big moments. It goes through these ranks from lowest to highest.

Nervous, anxious, stable, determined, heroic.


Ambition - This is a showing of how much interest the player has in the sport and how much they care about how good they are. This is mostly going to be used in conjunction with development to determine how good the player might get. This may also have an impact on how long of a career a player may have. This goes through these ranks from lowest to highest.

Lazy, half-hearted, enthusiastic, purposeful, ambitious.


Hidden profile:

There is one hidden profile that used to be known. Talent. It was hidden for obvious reason. Everyone would go after the players with the highest ranking in this category without touching any of the others if at all possible. It made it too easy to go after the players that were most likely to be the best in the game.


The rankings might not be fully accurate but they are to the best of my knowledge. Also, I don't think I did the best job of describing the different profile points so do not hesitate to point out what is missing or may be worth including.

#40410 My thoughts on endurance

Posted by rainsilent on July 22, 2019 - 12:04 PM

I run everyone on my team at hard and just split up the playing time to keep them from getting tired.


Also, the first injury of the season just happened.

#40408 Player profiles [DONE]

Posted by rainsilent on July 22, 2019 - 11:50 AM

I'll hit this and a few others this week. I'm going to start with this one though.

#40342 NHL discussion

Posted by rainsilent on July 18, 2019 - 09:40 AM

In this case that isn't likely, tho be since many teams are within 6 million of the salary cap. The only team with plenty of cap space to really use is Ottawa and I don't see them doing much, to be honest. Case in point the Zack Smith, Artem Anisimov trade. It was done to get Ottawa above the cap floor. To boot they are actually paying Anisimov less than they would be paying Zach Smith because half of that cap hit was a contract bonus that took effect July 1st.


All the Pens need to do is get Pettersson resigned and their top 4 is good. They just need to get JJ's cap hit out to likely do that.

#40327 Player and goalie stats [IN PROGRESS]

Posted by rainsilent on July 17, 2019 - 09:46 AM

Player stats


GP - Games played.

G - Goals scored.

A - Assists made.

+/- - A tally of how many goals were scored for the player's team with them on the ice vs scored against the player's team with them on the ice. Note that PP goals are the only goals that will not effect this stat.

PIM - Penalties in minutes. A tally of the total penalty time a player gathers.

MP - Major penalties. A count of how many major penalties the player has received. A major penalty is worth 5 minutes.

FM - Fighting major. A count of how many fighting penalties the player has received. A fighting major is also worth 5 minutes.

PPG - Power play goals scored.

PPA - Power play assists.

SHG - Short handed goals scored.

SHA - Short handed assists made.

S - Shots on goal.

HT - Hits made.

BKS - Shots blocked.

GVA - The number of give aways the player has given. A give away is the player turning the puck over via a pass that gets intercepted, bad puck handling or something of the like.

TKA - The number of take aways that the player has forced. A take away is the player forcibly taking the puck off of the opposing player via a physical check, lifting the stick, et cetera.

FOW - Faceoffs won. The number of faceoff draws the player has won.

FOL - Faceoffs lost. The number of faceoff draws the player has lost.

PP TOI - Power play time on ice. How much time on the ice on the power play the player had.

SH TOI - Short handed time on ice. How much time on the ice on the penalty kill the player had.

TOI - Time on ice. How much total time during the game the player was on the ice for.

Per - Performance rating given to the player based upon how they played.


Goalie stats

GP - Games played

GS - Games started

MIN - Minutes on the ice

W - Wins. This includes overtime wins as well as wins in regulation. Regulation wins and losses are games that end in the normally allotted 60 minutes of the game.

L - Losses. This is just counting losses in regulation.

OTL - Overtime losses. This also includes shootout losses.

GA - Goals scored against

GAA - goals against average. Calculated by multiplying the number of goals allowed by 60 and then dividing by minutes played.

SA - Shots against

SV - Saves made

SV% - Save percentage. Calculated by saves made divided by shots against.

SO - Shut outs. The number of games a goalie does not allow a goal in the game.

PER - performance rating given to the player based upon how they played.

#40319 Player and goalie stats [IN PROGRESS]

Posted by rainsilent on July 16, 2019 - 12:43 PM

I'll start on this one.

#40258 Cage trash talk

Posted by rainsilent on July 12, 2019 - 09:37 AM

You want trash talk? Well ok. Here is likely the most that you will get from me. As of the current moment of typing this the... stops to check...  10th ranked team in the East is in 2nd place. I even managed to beat Bouncer's mighty Hawks 1-0. That might be the 20th time I have ever beat him. That is with over 25 seasons of playing against him. Yet I love playing against his teams.

#40257 Want to contribute to help files?

Posted by rainsilent on July 12, 2019 - 09:30 AM

I plan on having a go at providing for at least one topic this weekend.

#40205 My thoughts on endurance

Posted by rainsilent on July 09, 2019 - 08:06 AM



I'm curious about your tabs, 'how to be productive'? 


It is an article about how to be productive with the perspective of some philosophers from ancient times.



#40122 My thoughts on endurance

Posted by rainsilent on July 03, 2019 - 06:16 PM

Endurance makes a slight difference with goalies. If the goalie has roughly 60 or lower endurance they can go 2-3 games before they get blue tired. A goalie with 99 endurance may be able to stretch to 5-6 games. That said the number of shots faced should make a difference. It makes sense that a goalie facing 40+ shots would be more tired after a game than one facing 20.


That said in regards to goalies playing x number of games before getting tired I would go to and think about using the playoffs as a basis. Most goalies should be able to do 3 games at least correct? However, 5 is quite a bit. That is comparable to 4 and 7 of the NHL. That said I know a number of you are thinking about the fact that you see starters play every single playoff game. 2 things I need to point out. First, real-life teams aren't playing all of their games back to back to back endlessly. There are days in between for rest. For playability and enjoyment reasons I don't think adding in those extra days of rest is a good idea. Second, a long playoff run is very taxing on the starting goalie if every series goes 6 or 7 by all accounts. I would argue that is pretty well represented in the game.


All of this said I would still make a relatively small tweak to goalie endurance. I think the lower end of the scale is fine for goalie endurance. I think a 99 endurance goalie should be able to stretch it out a game or two more.

#40097 My thoughts on endurance

Posted by rainsilent on July 01, 2019 - 06:36 PM

Yet I am sure it wasn't with a deficient team in passing and scoring. I'm pretty sure those abilities were at least comparable to the rest of the GHL. There is a difference between not emphasizing something and it being useless.

#40095 My thoughts on endurance

Posted by rainsilent on July 01, 2019 - 06:08 PM

No defensive tactic needs endurance. I'm running spread on the team with the photos above and that is the most demanding defensive tactic and lack of endurance isn't an issue.


No offensive tactic "needs" passing or shooting but you need passing and shooting to some degree to score. It doesn't matter how good your team is defensively you are not going to stay in the GHL with a team with low 80s at best passing and scoring.

#39957 My thoughts on endurance

Posted by rainsilent on June 23, 2019 - 05:14 PM

It does need balancing but how? It is the attribute that I want the least amount into at all levels by far no matter the league I am in. That makes me dare ask how relevant is the attribute? I don't know if this makes my team more susceptible to late game heroics than otherwise but so long as I get the results most of the time what does it matter that I lost the occasional game late?