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In Topic: Longest tenured players - Biscuit

Yesterday, 07:41 AM



I know it hasn't been continuous but he is still a useful player even in the GHL. Yes he not on the team currently but he is my 1st call up for a top 9 injury and did well the one game I called him up. Next season I plan on trying to play him on my 3rd line after letting go a number of vets. Oh the days when he was actually a quality 3rd line role player in the GHL.

In Topic: NHL discussion

April 18, 2018 - 04:52 PM

This year the Division IA World Championship will be arranged in Hungary, so I have a chance to see some good hockey matches. The Vegas Golden Knights defeated my favourite hockey team in the playoff, so I hope I will see the great Kopitar in Budapest. :) Do you have any information that he will play in the tournament? He is on the Team Slovenia's Entry List...


It is likely but that doesn't mean that he will. Players that get eliminated, when healthy, go play in that tournament. Enjoy the tournament.


Wish I had put up 1st round predictions now. See how much flak I would have gotten for saying Vegas in 5 and nearly being right. I also had Sharks in 5 for the record.

In Topic: Why do I keep losing (help a new member)

April 10, 2018 - 11:30 PM

So the primary issues are that your checking line only has 1 decent checking type player and you have no two way defenders. Never mind the role that you set for your players. Basically you got players trying to do things that they aren't good at doing. Also all of your defensemen are defensive defensemen. You can set them to match line but stay at home would likely be best for most if not all of them. Only one of your forwards makes for a suitable player on a checking line so scrap the checking line for a two way line and adjust players as necessary.


Finally team tactics wise set it to what you want it to be. The players will develop into the tactics that you choose. Just know that it may take time to do. Also you don't necessarily need a 7th defender however seeing as how most of your defenders have relatively low endurance ratings if you find your defenders getting tired a lot it may be an option worth exploring. That said only playing 1 on each PP would almost do the same thing as it will actively cut down the amount of time on ice the defenders are getting and that alone may be enough.

In Topic: Why do I keep losing (help a new member)

April 10, 2018 - 08:36 AM

Since I can't see the most important thing, your roster, I can't really do much to help. With what I can see it could be anything from trying to get players on a line to play a style that doesn't suit them to the players just not liking the system which is a possibility.

In Topic: NHL Awards. What are your Picks/Opinions?

April 07, 2018 - 02:21 PM

Yes I am an Andersen fan and HUGE Andersen fan and I did expect a better year from him. But I am also a Ducks fan and watched a lot of the games and did not think Gibson played particularly well, his numbers were good but he just seemed sloppy and slow and did not look comfortable at all, Andersen seemed to play well but did not have the numbers as some of the other goalies, Raanta also did not seem to be very comfortable because I believe this is his first year starting correct? Rinne seemed to have probably the best year of all the other goalies facing a lot of shots and having good and consistent numbers but he just didn't seem to have the workload Andersen did, I have also noticed in the last 5-7 Ducks games Gibson has had to make 35-45 saves for them to win. Andersen has played a lot better over the last 15 or so games and if you factor in every thing you mentioned and I mentioned then I would have to say Rinne is the most deserving, he has played consistent, has good numbers, has played quality consistent, has seen a lot of shots per game, at times has carried his team to a win (all of the goalies have done that but Rinne's performance in 4-5 to 1 games has been much overlooked at times) and has made a lot of quality saves (in the few Nashville games I've seen) he is the only goalie to do all of these things many of them have don 3-5 of them but not all 6.


Gibson has had a few rather sloppy games but he plays at his best seemingly when he is active which can look sloppy as well. Active goalies tend to look chaotic and nearly out of control at times. Gibson isn't Tim Thomas kinds of active but he is more on the active side. As for him having to make a lot of saves to win that is more evidence of the Ducks losing the possession battle that they try to play and should be concerning to Ducks fans entering the playoffs. Personally I think Andersen is the better goalie right now. I just think he had a bit of a down year for him. That said I think Gibson and Andersen are both top 10 NHL goalies right now.


Raanta didn't look comfortable to start and I attribute that more to new team than first time starting. By about 20 games into the season though he really started to play lights out nearly every game. I didn't take him as a serious quality starter until he strung a number of those performances together. Then it turned into can he really be so good as to potentially carry this team into respectability? Well not if he is hurt was the answer. If he stays healthy next season and plays as well he may be able to drag this team into near playoff contention.