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In Topic: Important! Where did all the mascots go?

July 10, 2018 - 05:16 PM

My suggestion for a potential option would be to go to an art site like DeviatArt and ask people for permission to use original artwork for logo designs. So long as you find a way to credit them I think at least some would be ok with it.

In Topic: Tactics

June 16, 2018 - 09:30 PM

Does this count for all tactics or just team focus? ie. could I adjust my power play/penalty kill tactics to try and gain an edge on certain teams straight away 


All tactics with such a feature. You can change game to game and find success but you have to have a talented team and get things right if you want to find success via changing game to game. Also, in theory, your team will be less consistent.

In Topic: Dirty Trades

June 15, 2018 - 08:14 AM

Just a reminder. The day 77 trade window is meant more for pre-draft trades for teams that want to move up or down the draft.

In Topic: S15 General Chat

June 08, 2018 - 10:26 PM

Hahahahaha.  What a brilliant way to start off the S15 chat!

The epic music showing the 10M offer followed by the little bump sound showing the offer was rejected is pure gold.


But damn - I knew team and manager rep played a role, but should it really play THAT big a role? 


No. It shouldn't. That said there is more than manager rep at play. Thus we don't know if manager rep was the real major factor.


Edit: Oh by the way Erzac awesome video.

In Topic: NHL discussion

May 24, 2018 - 12:12 AM

So its Caps vs Knights for the Cup. Breakdown time.



Caps: First and foremost is Ovechkin. What Laine could become in the future but isn't yet. Ovie is by far the best scorer since his rookie year in 05. While he has gotten away from the flashy brilliance of his younger self he has done so in the effort of being a better overall player. A change many fail to take notice of. Vegas has actually yet to face a player this good in the playoffs thus far. Beyond Ovechkin there is Kuznetsov, an injured Backstrom and T.J. Oshie as the primary offense providers for this team up front. Lars Eller is also adding in some offense from the 3rd line with Tom Wilson getting points naturally by just playing with Ovie and Kuz on the 1st line. Besides that the depth forwards have been chipping in as needed to help while also dong a solid job overall. While not being the most talented forward group depth wise (I think that goes to Winnipeg but they were also a young group that made a lot of mistakes that I credit to their youth) I do think that this is the most dangerous forward group that Vegas has faced thus far in the playoffs. To boot Jay Beagle needs to be mentioned. He is a 3rd line forward leading the 4th line and doing an amazing job while going unnoticed by many. He will be key to frustrating any offensive push from the Knights when he is on the ice, especially on the power play, and is a player that the Knights have yet to run across in the playoffs.


Vegas: They don't have anyone that can match Ovechkin but Marchessault and Karlsson make a duo that compares to Ovie and Kuz, maybe not on an equal level but they can easily be just as dangerous. To boot they have a deeper forward group in my mind with Smith, Tuch, Neal and Haula providing dangerous threats to any mistakes that the Caps may make. I also think that the depth forward group that Vegas has is better, if only just. Eller and Beagle are better than Eakin, Bellemare and Carpenter combination down the middle. However the winger depth of the Caps forwards fall off a bit more compared to the depth forwards from Vegas. To boot Vegas has 3 forward options to put into the lineup as the 12th forward. This gives Vegas more flexibility to offer in its lineup which only makes it more dangerous.


Advantage: Push. I think the better overall depth and flexibility of the Vegas forward group is enough to balance out the top end talent that Ovechkin provides.



Caps: Carlson is one of the best defensemen in the NHL and has been for a number of years. The problem is this group is where the Caps got hit via the salary cap and expansion draft losing Schmidt, Alzner and Shattenkirk. Their replacements? Kempny and Djoos. Kempny is a grab off of the ailing Blackhawks and provided a more steady replacement to Madison Bowey. To boot he is mostly playing on the 1st pair with Carlson. That said Kempny is at best a patch up solution and isn't a true 1st line quality defensemen however he was been good enough and Djoos is doing a decent job on the 3rd pairing too.


Knights: While they don't have a Carlson caliber defender they have better quality throughout the pairings. Leading them is Nate Schmidt, who according to planes was going to be Carlson's D partner on the 1st line in Washington until he got picked by Vegas. While Schmidt isn't as big of a threat in the offensive end I do think he is actually better in his own end than Carlson is albeit marginally. Colin Miller and Shea Theodore provide more offense from the back end while also being good in their own while Engelland is the teams equivalent to Brooks Orpik in Washington. The last player is either Merrill or Sbisa. Both a definitive upgrade over Djoos.


Advantage: Knights. Behind Carlson the Caps D gets rather thin pretty quickly. The fact that Orpik can be called the teams 4th best defender should be an alarming statement to Caps fans. I've seen Kempny and Djoos play for over a month now and I'm just not particularly sold on them. Kempny, while not being particularly great has also yet to really hurt the Caps with bad plays. My concern however is that this D core is going to struggle, on the whole, to deal with the pressure that Vegas can apply. Winnipeg's D core was much better and that allowed the Jets to beat the Vegas forecheck with quick passes out of the zone (so long as they were good ones anyways) with regularity making it difficult for Vegas to build any truly sustained offensive pressure. I don't see the Caps D doing the same.


Goaltending: Fleury vs Holtby. If Holtby found the top of his game in games 6 and 7 and can carry it this may be a great display of goaltending between these two as this is a push as well. They are both fully capable of dominating a series and Holtby started to show it at the end of the series against the Lightning. Fleury has been doing it all playoffs though and if he can continue it the Caps very well may have a hard time of it.