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In Topic: Season 17

November 09, 2018 - 05:47 AM

I'm here! And getting stronger for the supposedly last season - I do not believe the transition will be happening this year :)


I signed him, Paul. But he asked for something 4.1M from my team and I added 400k to get him, although there is no interest in signing players anymore, apparently. What I don't get is the number he asked from you - you don't have the reputation, but still 21M is 5 times more then what is real value of his salary. That can't be real for GHL newcomer - nobody would stay in GHL with such problem to get new players through FA. I would propose to write to Anders if he can check this and perhaps start on different system for new GPHM. 

In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

November 04, 2018 - 04:18 AM

<< And to not make any promises we can’t fulfill we will now announce that the big release will instead be made in December. The current game worlds will be open and free to play until mid November.


Mid November is close date - what will actually happen? You will close the game as it is now and start a new one ~month later? I know you will need all the server capacities to test the new thing before launching it, obviously it can't be half done since you are asking payment to get in. But month is a long time and some managers might look for other games in between and be hesitate to come back in the end. I would recommend to have the shortest transition possible.

In Topic: West Chicago Protons Hall of Fame

September 05, 2018 - 04:25 AM

Vojtěch Dolnan http://www.gameplanh...layer?gpid=3736


I have posted here my 5 cups top line C and RW, so next step is obviously the LW -  and that is Vojtěch Dolnan. Together with Chovanec and Brož*, the most successful Slovak player in this world. As I'm Czech, I'm happy to have so successful neighbor (and another 4 Slovaks in my affiliate, but no Czech player is in my team now). Dolnan is now 38yo, but still at his top 94 OVR. He is mostly playmaker though his career for high skating and passing, but has decent combination of all skills including scoring. 

We got him via trade in S2 and since then, he was stable part of our top line and also in all our 5 cups we won.

In 818 regular season games, he collected amazing 760 points (321+439), +248, 247 PPP, 2534 shots with 19:30 avg. TOI and 76 avg. performance. His 86 points (31+55) in 101 PO games was very important for us and ranks among highest PO points collected.

The purposeful role model is our long time assistant captain and has collected many individual awards: most points in GHL in S7 (77 points), most points in S11 (55 points) together with most goals (28), and most points in S13 (51 points) together with most assists (35) and best +/- (+32). 


*fun fact - Brož and Dolnan both started very young with Camden Blackhawks team in S1 and when relegated to SHL, they were traded to GHL (Brož to Grizzlies) in S2 and both trained hard, became top players, both won golden cup and never left their GHL teams.

In Topic: West Chicago Protons Hall of Fame

September 04, 2018 - 08:07 AM

Jeremy Hawks http://www.gameplanh...layer?gpid=4229


Jeremy is my favorite player and I cannot start active players with anyone else. He is true heart and soul of my team as he is the only one from the very beginning. 16  seasons with Protons! I got him as very talented, 21yo right-handed defender, 78 OVR in SHL (that was very high number in SHL S1!). Only later I realized that right-handed D is very valuable and I was always happy to have him. He is now 95 OVR (37 yo) and remain one of the best right-handed D in the league. I would compare him to Drew Doughty. Although he has high scoring, he is not the offensive gun as EK or Burns, but he is dominant D on both sides of the ice. He has high passing, high scoring, high defence, physical, and endurance. So he is also eating a lot of TOI... in the first 4 seasons he played 25:00 - 25:30 TOI average and pretty high performance. 

Regular season stats are 816 games played, 404 points (98+306), +162, 22:30 avg. TOI and 77 average performance. He has 105 playoff games (exactly the same as Protons played) with 57 points (17+40), +29.

There was drop in his performance in S5/S6, because this friendly guy was always willing to sign a long term contract for peanuts (9 year, $1 550 000 per season in S3), but he was training so fast, even he was feeling he is massively underpaid back then. We fixed that and still got cheap top right handed D. 

He obviously has 5 GHL cups, but also was with us when we directly promoted from SHL in S1. 

In Topic: West Chicago Protons Hall of Fame

September 04, 2018 - 07:48 AM

Let's continue with active players. I will note the stats as when posted. So they will increase a bit until the world ends. If I will have time, I will try to update then.