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Limit number of players in Minors

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Posted September 03, 2018 - 08:07 PM


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I suggest placing a limit on the number of slots available to managers in the two farm teams, or decrease it if one exists. This will eliminate the tendency of teams from GHL and even SHL stockpiling useful players at a fraction of their salaries, which happens a lot. I myself have fallen into this pattern a couple of times, in Howitzer, because there is simply no drawback to signing a ton of players that could be stars in lower divs at a basically 10% if their salary.

I've seen managers have 20+ players in there, if not more. This would make sense if populating farm teams fully actually did something, but I don't believe it does, at least in my experience. Setting a limit would free up a lot of good players on the FA, which, in a world that isn't flooded with high overall stars (I.e. the post-reset world) would only benefit from.

Devs, a minor issue but in my opinion a significant one.




Posted September 04, 2018 - 02:37 AM


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I hope that upcoming reset is going to fix this issue. Player development speed is lower and hopefully we don't see anymore full team of +94 ovr players with ridiculously low salaries

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