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White Sox / Indians Waiver Trade

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The Chicago White Sox Trade:


SS Bob Peters (R Glendale)

3B Bill Newton (A+ Winston-Salem on the DL)


The Cleveland Indians Trade:


SP Manuel Cordova (AAA)


The Chicago White Sox won a revocable waiver claim for Cordova and submit this trade to finalize the deal.  We lose two deep-minors infielders who weren't amongst our most coveted prospects in exchange for a pitcher we intend to convert to reliever and hope to see be a full-time Major League bullpen arm.


Thanks to Ayden for the quick and easy deal.

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We accept.


Cordova could make it as a reliever but we feel we have plenty of arms in the minors who fit the same build. Newton is a guy my scout really likes at a position we need more depth in and Roberts could hopefully turn into a decent utility guy.


Thanks Hodges. Always a pleasure friend

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