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Oakland Pre-Deadline Block

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As we inch closer to the deadline, here's who's left in Oakland that might prove to be useful for contenders:




Matt Moore

Sonny Gray

Manny Banuelos


Note: Banuelos has been terrific for me since I moved him into the rotation.  In 8 starts, he has a 1.97 ERA in 50.1 IP.  He's a FA after the season and won't explore an extension with me, so I'd prefer to move him.  Moore and Gray are serviceable starters who, due to salary extensions, will not cost very much at all.  




Mike Dunn

Brian Edelen

Shawn Kelley


Note: RP with varying degrees of success ranging from acceptable (Edelen), to good (Kelley), to fantastic (Dunn - 1.35 ERA and 14.8 K/9).  Kelley and Dunn are both FAs after the season and are making next-to-nothing anyway, and Edelen is at the minimum with three years of arb left ahead of him.  




James Paxton

Trevor Rosenthal


Note: Both of these guys have struggled as SP for me but have thrived in RP roles.  Rosenthal has a 1.45 ERA in 18.2 innings and has been very good as my closer.  Paxton has not allowed an earned run in 7 IP since being demoted to the bullpen.  Neither one of them are happy about the moves, so a change of scenery could give them the motivational nudge to succeed as SP again.




C Larry Gonzalez

UT Marwin Gonzalez

OF Brian Fletcher

OF Josh Reddick


Note: Not looking for much for any of these guys.  Reddick has been terrible for me since the waiver claim, and is now riding the bench.  His ratings are still solid, and his intangibles are great (which is why I haven't cut him), plus he's a FA after the year, so if you want to take a chance on a decent bench bat, just ask.  

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