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Boston July Block

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After moving Machado we are updating our block for the upcoming deadline push.  


Everyone over 30 is available, highlights include:


SP Jon Lester- 3.61 era despite our horrible defense behind him

SP Daniel Hudson- FB pitcher that hasnt faired well in Boston, still has excellent ratings

SP Juan Nicasio- solid #3 iron man that would help a contender solidify their rotation

SP Neftali Feliz-another solid #4-5 guy whos fly ball rating doesnt agree with Boston

CL/MR de los Santos- expiring contract that has put up pretty good numbers since coming to Boston except for 1 bad game

3B/RF James Darnell- putting up decent numbers and still has 2 years of arb left!

OF Kyle Blanks- expiring contract that has lots of power in spurts, very solid D at LF and 1B

SP/MR Seth Blair- ready for a shot in the bigs, but just no room here


Obviously some will demand more than others, but all could be had.  At this time Im not able to retain much if any of contracts, unless one or two of these guys gets moved and things change. 

Just a heads up before low ball shit comes in, none are a salary dumps, I don't have to move anyone and will still be fine next season.  There have been lots of injuries to serious contenders this season and they can used these guys more than I can.  





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2017:  72-90 5th Place

2018:  61-101 5th Place

2019:  81-81 3rd Place


"Sooner Born, Sooner Bred, When I Die, I'll Be Sooner Dead"



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