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Rays July Trade Block

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Rays are open to moving a few pieces for those looking to gear up for the stretch run


These guys I'd move for low-minors fringe prospects

SP/RP Manuel Barreda

SP Neil Ramirez

2B/3B Kyle Seager


For these guys I'd be looking for lower-ish level prospects, Low-A, SA (though not really rookie unless the return is high-ceiling). Any position but OF or SP would be of interest

OF Alfredo Silverio  

LHRP Jay Howell

LHRP Eric O'Flaherty


For these guys the price ain't cheap, I'd want near-ML prospects (AA/AAA) who I can plug in as contributors late-19, early-20. Positions of note I'd want are SS (A must if you ask for Arai), corner OF (with power, switch-hitter or bats righty), future Setup/Closers (no low control guys, gotta be 50+), possibly would be looking at young AAA/ML starters (guys who might be a half season from joining a contending rotation, 4 pitches a must)

CF Ty Morrison

C Mark Thomas

1B Chris Fletcher

SS Arinori Arai

SP Austin Brice


Couple things to note

- Don't bother offering 4 meh prospects for the bottom tier guys. I'm moving quality, I want quality back. Not looking to get a haul of 4 guys where maybe 1 has a future without development help.

- I think I've done a solid job outlining what I'm looking for, so come with an offer. I'm a big-boy, and I'll counter if need be. But save the "What do you want?" PM phase and just make an offer. At the very least outline a set of guys you'd move in a deal, especially for the lower-section guys



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