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dubious results (again) with tired players

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Posted June 06, 2018 - 09:34 AM


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Lost a 3-2 shootout in Silver League, no big deal in itself, happens all the time ... but looking over the stats, his 87 rated goalie was TIRED (orange) going into the game and still managed to save 26 of 28 shots ... my goalie 89 rated was FIT (green) going in and only managed 30 of 33 saves, btw, my team as a whole is rated higher almost to a man.


This happens way too often, teams are rewarded for just keeping lineups status quo and suffer no penalties or injuries for overplaying players, while "active" managers get random injuries to well rested and managed players. Most of the time I rotate them out when they're Fit (Blue) if possible and I've already had ( 4 ) injured players at the same time this season, while teams that rarely (or never) change lineups stay injury free. That's definitely a problem with player management and game balance that needs to be addressed as it takes away from the Game Manager aspect which is the whole foundation of the game.


Posted June 06, 2018 - 11:04 AM


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I have to agree as far as goalies are concerned. There are so many times I see fit and higher rated goalies have a percentage less than 0.900.

However for the sake of trying to work through this, examine your defense to see what you can do to improve the coverage.
What are your defense's strengths and weakness, what strategy are they on?


Posted June 06, 2018 - 11:54 AM


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Honestly, I think it might be an age thing. The goalie I've been rocking for quite a few seasons now has still been slowly increasing about 1 overall per season. However, he's always had a save percentage of about .900, this season he turned 25 and his save percentage jumped up to .946. All of my defensemen are the same (they are also really good which definitely boosts the save percentage), so the other factor that really changed is the goalies age.


Posted June 06, 2018 - 01:52 PM

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I have a feeling there's no real formula behind it. Rating inflation is probably making things unpredictable, especially in higher leagues.


Posted June 06, 2018 - 03:42 PM

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I've had problems like this, I'll have a highly rated goalie, 83-84 overall pretty good for the SHL, but the guy had to be relegated to a back up role, and now is on his way out, he has only put up good stats this year, while my Regular will have a rough game the odd time so will this guy. I think it is lack of Experience, this kid is only 22, but he struggles at certain times like any other goalie, but his first few years were so inconsistent, I tried to be Patient, but now I've ran out of patient, the kid demands too much for his performances, If I had a way to Waive the Kid and send him to the minors, I'd do it, and actually keep the kid. Unfortunately for this fellow we have a kid in the minors who is ready, and is starting to show good ability, but again it will be a gradual promotion, like three years as a back up, then maybe a starting job. You see if the Kid is 20, and 82 overall it's obvious that this kid gonna be good, but they need time to season in the Minors to learn their trade. You cannot just all of a sudden put the kid into the starting role and expect him to star all year. I mean even Terry Sawchuk the Greatest of them all, spent a few years in the Minors. My point is, let kids develop and learn to gain consistency at a pro level. Another thing to do is try the kids in pre season to see how well they can handle games against tough teams.  

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