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It's June 1st. Open for business! Here's who we could move:


SP Henderson Alvarez - 28 year old starter sporting a 2.88 ERA and a 129 ERA+ through his first 9 starts. 


RP James McDonald - He has been one of the most valuable relievers of these first two months - sporting a sub-3.00 ERA for most of the season. He's a versatile bullpen weapon who can close, go multiple innings, even spot start. He'd be even better in a bullpen that didn't have to abuse him. 


SP Yu Darvish - Durable innings eater enjoying his best K/9 in years. 


RP Brett Bochy - 70 stuff with a 75-grade changeup.


3B Didi Gregorius 


RP Kenneth Giles


RP Pete Levitt




Guys like Darin Holcomb, Murray Watts, Cody Asche, Sammy DIaz, Dorssys Paulino, Eric Thames, Scott Alexander, Edgar Olmos, Michael Fiers, Brian Bocock, Kevin Mort, Nick Weglarz could be moved as well.

GO CUBS GO ... to the playoffs!

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