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Burning Down the House in Oakland

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With Roxa and Schultz out the door, we have officially entered re-building mode in Oakland.  It's clear I jumped the gun in trying to chase a WC, and now I need to backtrack.  


You have two options on this trade block:


1) Take David Price off my hands.  For the cost of Price, I will add in Joc Pederson and Phillippe Aumont, and you just throw back any lottery ticket of a prospect you can.  (Have to wait until June 1 to complete the trade).


2) Take a look at who's available and do a traditional trade.

  • Most Expensive:
    • OF Joc Pederson - an elite run producer signed to a reasonable contract that takes him through his prime
    • OF Jeremy Sullivan - elite power, less plate discipline than Joc, but younger and still with five years of team control
    • 2B/SS Andres Yanez - offensive production has been down this year, but still a very good MINF option and signed for just $1M for two more years.
  • The Tweener:
    • CL Phillippe Aumont - consistently one of the best RP in MLB Pro, signed for $800k through 2020 (providing he meets the vesting option next year).
  • Everyone Else (Various Price Levels)
    • SPs Sonny Gray and James Paxton - I signed both of these guys to extensions in the offseason.  Gray has gotten better, Paxton...hasn't.  I assume all terrible performances are due to playing in the awful environment in Oakland.
    • SP Trevor Rosenthal - Continues to get the job done for me.  3.76 ERA.  Would be a nice addition to any team looking for back-of-the-rotation help for a playoff run
    • All RPs - with the exception of Manny Banuelos, my bullpen has actually been pretty good.  Plenty of useful pieces to be had.
    • 1B William Beckwith - starting to figure it out after a slow start, 27 years old with two more years of control
    • 3B Taylor Sparks - recently demoted to AAA after a miserable start.  I have no idea why this guy won't hit for me.
    • DH Robinson Cano - can't play the field, but still a useful platoon bat at DH or an above average bench bat.  
    • C Juan Carlos Estrada - Good ratings, excellent intangibles, but like Sparks, I can't figure out why he won't hit for me.  Still just 23 with four more years of team control
    • C Larry Gonzalez - veteran locker room presence, easy on the payroll, hitting for me like he always does
    • Literally anyone else on the 25 or 40 man roster.  The only guy that I probably won't move is Jeremy Benson, and even that's not an absolute.  He'd just be ridiculously expensive to pry away from me.  

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Joc, Yanez, Price, Roxa, and Schultz have all been dealt (one trade is pending until June 1).


The next tier of guys I'm going to focus on moving is Aumont, Beckwith, Gray, and Paxton.


Leaning right now toward keeping Sullivan and Taylor Sparks, but my mind can be changed on either or both.  

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