Houston Astros 2018 Trade Block

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SP James Kaprielian - Got an intriguing offer on Kap, so figured I'd open the door to field offers before making a move

SP Melvin Garner - the 24 yr old LHP & #22 prospect could be moved since we have so much pitching coming up the system

CL Lopahin Sachko - The 23 yr old LHP is in his 3rd season in the bigs, posting a 2.99 ERA over 144.1 IP. He's lowered his walk rate each season, and had a 10.1 K/9 last season. He excels in a multi-inning role.

SU Michael Hicks - The 23 yr old pitched over 100 innings in relief last season, posting a 2.78 ERA and looks just as good this season. 10.7 K/9 and 3.6 BB/9. 4.5 more years of control.

LF Carroll Curtis - the #27 prospect could be had, huge potential

SP Shao-qi Fung - The 27 yr old could be a very solid back end starter, with a sub 3 ERA this season. His extreme GB tendency is the big selling point, on top of the 4.5 years of control

3B Daniel Fleming - The 26 year old is on pace for 35 HR and just 115 K. Great splits vs RHP and has yet to be thrown out stealing

RP Michael Kohn - Upcoming FA who's shown some solid MR work and could be used by a contender hurt by injuries

RP Matt Garza - 2.13 ERA for the upcoming FA

1B Richard Davis - Stuck behind Cuyco, Espinoza & Foster, Davis can be had for a team looking for a bat in the middle of their future lineup


If you have any interest, send me a message. Can't hurt to see where we think the players worth is at & go from there

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