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Colorado Rockies Trade Block

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SP Available:

 - Mike Minor (Not set on moving him but would do ti for the right deal)

 - Brian Johnson (LHP)



RP Available:

 - May consider moving Clippard or DeLeon


Offense Available:

 - 1B - Ryan Wheeler (Most motivated to move)

 - C - Choi

 - OF - Jard Mitchell


AAA - Starting Pitching

 - J. Arrietta - Best ratings for any of my AAA Pitchers.  5 Pitches!

 - T. Anderson - Good minor league career.  4 great pitches!

 - Matzek - Has had the most minor league success vs. my other AAA pitchers

 - Toledo - Some control problems but everything else looks good


AAA - Relief Pitching

 - G. Dayton (LHP) - Can be had cheap

 - Bennsington (LHP) - Decent LHP Option


AAA - Hitting

OF - JP Ramirez - Past success, ready to be back in the bigs.  Probably my best hitter currently in AAA.

OF - Rafael Fernandez - Has racked up lots of WAR in the last couple years in AAA and MLB

IF - Lemmerman - Defensive versatility, good speed, decent hitting ratings, and had some good success at MLB level.

OF - C. Dickerson - Probably best served as a Righty Platoon LF.  At the MLB Level he had a 2.1 WAR in 2016 and a 1.3 WAR in 2017


Plenty of other AAA players available as well who are ready.


Biggest needs:

 - Bullpen help 

 - Impact starter (#2/#3)

 - Impact Bat 

 - Prospects

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