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Blue Jays Trade Block!

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TIER 1 -- Looking for decent prospects:

RF Jonathan Garcia -- Arb eligible/controlled, above average bat, above average defense

RP Shane Lindsay -- controllable and cheap, and has minor league options.

SP Kyle Zimmer -- 3rd man on my AAA SP depth chart, but a solid MLB calibre starter and young.


TIER 2 -- Looking for lottery tickets:

OF Josh Reddick -- Salary 100% covered.

RP Andy Dominick -- Has been very good since coming from Colorado at all levels.

1B Tyler Moore -- Arb eligible/controlled, Historically dominant power bat, hasn't cut it in Toronto this year

INF Joey Pittman -- Arb eligible, ELITE defense

OF Carlos Moncrief -- Similar to Garcia above, but more expendable



Looking for a RH 1B platoon bat if we move Moore.

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