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Boston Pre-Season Block

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SP Lester

SP Hudson

SP Blair

SP/RP Beck

SP/RP Wainwright

1B MacGregor

3B Middlebrooks

OF Blanks

OF Darnell

OF Brown


A few others are available as well.  I have a young core that Im not looking to move but most everyone over 26/27+ could be available.   Also, Im not in the position to retain much if any salary.  I could add a spec or two to help move Blanks or Wainwright.


Looking for a CF equal to what I have now, but better in the field.  Also looing for a shutdown closer and prospects.


This is a busy season for work, I know a couple guys have reached out already and I apologize for not getting back.


Bring ideas and lets get it done! 



Boston Redsox GM

Career Record:  610-686 

2012: 82-80 3rd place

2013: 93-69 World Series Champions

2014:  84-78 4th Place

2015:  73-89 4th Place

2016:  64-98 4th Place

2017:  72-90 5th Place

2018:  61-101 5th Place

2019:  81-81 3rd Place


"Sooner Born, Sooner Bred, When I Die, I'll Be Sooner Dead"



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