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Adam Gundersson cheating

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Posted December 28, 2017 - 02:44 PM


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Hey guys,


Adam Gundersson keeps taking over teams in Dangles and releasing players from those teams, then taking over another team and offering a contract to those same players. He's done this multiple times now and I've reported him for cheating but nothing has been done. He most recently did this with Oshawa Cougars, releasing a prospect and a defenseman, and now he's in charge of the Edson Lightning Bolts, both in GHL.


Please do something about this as it's extremely frustrating. He's somehow a 'Worldclass' manager despite this. I suspect he's the same person we had issues with before, just under a change of name.




Posted December 28, 2017 - 04:03 PM


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That's really not something you like to hear. Sucks that people have the need to cheat in a game like gphm.


Please send an email to support@gameplanhockey.com and the support team will take care of the situation.


Hope we will be getting less and less cheaters in the future and thanks for spreading the information here as well.


Posted December 28, 2017 - 08:44 PM


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I think Anders banned or suspended him several times in clapper for doing the same with SHL teams.


Posted December 29, 2017 - 08:43 AM

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Stuff like that can ruin the game for a lot of people.


What if, upon taking over a new team, managers are blocked from making any moves for a certain number of days (5-10)??  Almost like the 'trade block' after signing a new player.  It wouldn't totally prevent people from doing things as stated above, but it would certainly limit it and make it more difficult/time consuming.  I can't think of any reason to not do this.  I know when I first took over my team I had zero idea what I was doing - and any move I would have made in the first couple of weeks would have probably hurt the team (in fact, I extended a few players contracts which I ended up regretting).  At the very least, you shoudn't be able to drop a player or make any trades for the first xxx number of days. 


Taking over a team should be an investment.  Allowing managers to come and go at will kind of takes away from that.  I understand people can just create multiple accounts, but blocking moves for a certain period of time will absolutely help.


(maybe this should be added to the "Suggestions" forum)... 


Posted January 05, 2018 - 06:28 PM


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I have now permanently suspended 7(!) accounts that is linked to the manager in question. Enough is enough.


When suspecting cheating please send email to support@gameplanhockey.com. I check emails every day but my forum activity varies quite a lot.


Thanks for the heads up.

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