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Making My Own Hockey Manager League Game

Started By hockeymanagerleague, Dec 23, 2017 02:38 AM

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I've tried many games in the past few years like Metroho, Hockey Arena, Powerplay Manager, etc. They're pretty good but they each have their own issues. Metroho wasn't detailed enough, Hockey Arena's economy was too imbalanced between leagues, other games lacked a forum to chat, etc. So I decided to make my own game called http://hockeymanagerleague.com


I tried to take all the good aspects from those games and put it into Hockey Manager League. Its simple to pick up, but not so simple that you get bored of it after a few days. Teams get promoted to higher leagues if they are good, otherwise you get demoted. There is a salary cap and simple finance part to the game to add a bit of a challenge. You can acquire players through the market and set up line tactics to gain an edge over your opponents. There is also a built-in forum for users to chat and help each other out.


I just launched the game this month and will be adding more features to it. Check it out and throw in some suggestions or features that you'd like to see in the game's forum. It's like an early Christmas gift to everyone :) Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

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