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Started By PointGuard, Nov 08, 2017 01:43 AM

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Youngstown State’s Recruiting Efforts Stymied
By Steve Porter

Steve Simmons, the Penguins’ first assistant coach in charge of recruiting, said today that SAT score results came out and there was little good news for the Penguins. Simmons advised, “We’ve been actively recruiting a number of high school seniors from around the nation who are very talented players but who’ve had academic problems, hoping to snag a couple excellent players who because of their grades have been overlooked by other programs. Of the 7 we were watching, only one had SAT scores that are high enough to qualify to play for us. And neither of the two recruits who were ranked in the top 50 nationally qualified. We realized we were grasping at straws but still it’s a big letdown.” Simmons added that they are adding some new recruits to their watch and call lists. They now are focusing their efforts on increasing interest in the recruits they would most like to land with the aim of signing two more recruits this spring.

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