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Affiliate Fees & Waivers - A thought....

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Posted October 30, 2017 - 11:52 AM


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So I'm seeing that as it stands that there is no sense to cut a player who you can send down to your affiliate.  That blocks available talent.  Add in that we have no waivers before sending a player down and we can see larger blocks of talent on affiliate teams.


What if he salary of a player sent down was equal to 50% of their salary?    Yes, we'd still send players down who had multi year contracts most likely, but right now it makes no sense to cut a player and eat half the cap space when we can send them down and only eat 10%?


If Anders can implement a waiver system the salary would also be 50%.  In other words you nab talent at half price thus creating a risk to sending a player down and having a route to help weaker teams and keeping owners honest?


If something like this were to be implemented I would also suggest giving one full season's notice so owners could adjust their rosters over a full season.




Posted November 11, 2017 - 06:39 AM


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+1, especially for increasing the % you have to pay for players in you'r affiliate.


what if drafted players are RFA, when they hit FA they become UFA and only RFA's can be send down? or incase waivers come only RFA's can be send down without waivers? Maybe also when players hit 26 they become UFA, regardless wether they are hitting the FA or not?


Posted November 21, 2017 - 02:48 AM


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I totally get your point. But there are still some good reasons to rather cut a player than to send him down to the affiliate. If you send down too many players your young prospects may not get the ice time they need to develop if there are too great competition on the affiliate roster. 


Waivers, RFA/UFA and salary impact is however something I been thinking of implementing in the future. One small improvement that may be implemented soon is to adjust the salary impact depending on the player's age. For example, players over 26 years old may have to count 50% of their salary against the cap while 25 and younger will still only count 10%.


I will also try to develop an injury/reserv list as soon as possible. There are currently very limited cap space to recall affiliate players when players are injured. Also thinking of implementing the possibility to assign healthy scratches to the IR list to make more cap space, that would also include a waiver system.


Note, this is just a couple of ideas, not saying when or if this will be implemented.

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