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GPHM Experiments and Challenges

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Ok guys, I've had this on my mind for a while now. I'm going to start a experiment and challenge thread for GPHM. The aim of this is thread to try and discover secrets of the game, as well as for the purpose of enjoyment, obviously. Currently, there are no game worlds in the offseason, but I will start my first experiment at the beginning of the next Lumber season. These challenges could go around a storyline, and I think others will enjoy following them to gain knowledge about the game, as well as have a nice read. Something out of the ordinary.


Just an example for those who don't know what I mean, my experiment will be to release all the players on my team, and fill it with players from a small nation (basically not Canada and USA). I might fill my team with only Finnish players, Swiss players, Czech players, or something along those lines. My goal of this is to see if nationalities have any affect on gameplay and results. For my experiment, I will have a story around it as well, so make sure you toon in!


I'll be making the first post of my experiment in the next few days.


Others may post their own experiments or challenges in this thread if they wish.





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I think that I might join you for an experiment, I've been considering to create a team with 4 centers, 2 goalies and 14 defensemen. Is your only goal to get out of the LIHL, or do you plan on trying to get further?

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Czech Billionaire Completes Stunning Takeover


Hamilton, ON -  After intense negotiations, Czech billionaire Radoslav Moravec completed a $250 million USD takeover of the Lyman Barracudas, who bore crowds to death after another dull season, where they finished 9th in the Iron Hockey League with a record of 25-4-7-24.


In his first press conference, he revealed his hirings of 27 year old rookie manager Dominik Kozár to take the reigns as the club's first manager, and 59 year old veteran coach Miroslav Stanek, who coached for seven seasons in the Czech Hockey League prior to this new astonishing takeover. Both Kozár and Stanek were awarded 3 year contracts, rumoured to be extremely generous. Radoslav Moravec is also the father of former 1st overall pick, and current Medicine Hat Assassins star Hugo Moravec. 


Moravec continued his opening conference by praising the Hamilton fan base, calling them "extremely passionate fans deserving of a franchise." Movarec added that "Hamilton is the perfect city to showcase Czech talent." One Hamilton resident was shocked, saying she "...couldn't believe that bringing a team to Hamilton was worth $250 million." Critics call the move overpriced, but only time will tell if this move will be a success, or yet another lower league failure. The franchise itself has already been relocated 12 times in 26 seasons, and fans will be hoping for stability as well.


city-7.pngHe gave the name "Reds" to the franchise, with a fitting logo (left), but fans were shocked to hear his closing remark. 


He concluded by saying, "All players, staff, sponsors, and affiliates of the Hamilton Reds organization will be from the Czech Republic." When asked by a reporter his reasoning behind these conditions, Movarec responded with this: "My intention is to grow the game of hockey in Czech Republic, and Czechs in Canada, and give them recognition that they deserve by winning with a team of Czechs."



People around the Iron Hockey League were both shocked and intrigued by the possibility of an all-Czech team. The question is, can rookie manager Dominik Kozár convince enough Czech players to join this project to avoid an abrupt firing? Moravec has said he will only offer staff extensions after the final year of their respective contract, so Kozár has 3 seasons to prove his worth. It is a big task for the rookie manager, but he said he believed he could do the job, "It's an honour to manage the first all-Czech team in history, but I understand I have a big project to coordinate, and I hope to impress the boss and prove the doubters wrong." The new manager continued by saying, "I'm going to take my job day by day, and try to sign the best players to make this project possible, and I'm eager to repay the boss's faith in me."




Here is some background information on the major players in this "project":


Radoslav Moravec: A 61 year old billionaire who isn't afraid to splash the cash, who has stake in 6 out of 9 CZHL 2 teams, and 4 CZHL teams. A bit of a risky spender, Moravec is an ambitious individual who generally shies away from interviews, preferring to do work behind the scenes. He is also the father of GHL star Hugo Moravec. He isn't the most patient individual, but if he sees progress, he will commit to it. 


Miroslav Stanek: A 59 year old veteran coach who has coached hockey since age 34, though primarily in the Czech league and Czech second league. However, he has won 7 league titles and 8 playoff titles in his 25 seasons, so he has winning pedigree. Stanek has generally had a big say in what players are iced, acting as an assistant manager many times. He may be promoted to assistant manager later in the season, but that job and the main job currently belongs to Dominik Kozár. Stanek tends to prefer a physical style of play, rather than speed, both on offense and defense. He is not loud nor quiet, and will bark orders when necessary, but his anxiousness does show in difficult situations. Nevertheless, he is a stable coach who should be reliable for the upcoming season.


Dominik Kozár: A 27 year old rookie manager. Having managed youth hockey before, he did well, finishing 1st in the league once in three seasons, but nothing too extraordinary. However, Dominik Kozár is being touted as one of the top managerial prospects in the world, but no one was willing to offer him a contract until now. As far as his moves go, he tends to like big trades, and tends to make few trades. He usually signs veterans to go along with his young stars (though in youth hockey the veterans are not that old), and has no experience with affiliate teams, which were recently introduced to the North American competition. His key aspect is youth development, having developed some rising stars including Svatoslav Valentko, Evzen Zettlemoyer, and the crown jewel, Vladimir Ivanis in youth hockey.


Stay tuned for updates on this takeover, as it is rumoured that Dominik Kozár is already offering contracts to players. Having no Czech players in his current squad, there should be huge shakeups.


Hamilton Post (Game World Lumber, Season 27)






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Hamilton Reds Offseason Roundup



It's been a wicked offseason for the Hamilton Reds, which included some expectations met, and others not. Radoslav Moravec's most recent press conference included both good and bad things to say. "Expectations have not been met so far," Moravec said. "The team is not 100% Czech, and I hope by next season, the entire team is from the Czech Republic." Some notable non-Czech players remaining include defender Guillaume Dumont, centre Maximus Vincelet, and Swedish forwards Tor Ahlbom and Ali Strom. Manager Dominik Kozar spoke with frustration at the same press conference, saying, "there was a stunning lack of interest from Czech forwards in free agency". However, impressively, Kozar was able to acquire four centres, eight defensemen, and three goaltenders, despite a meager three forwards. Most impressively were his acquisitions of young prospects Otmar Schimpf and Venceslav Pohancanik, which may have saved his job. "Obviously it cost a lot of players to get Schimpf," Kozar continued, "but I have high hopes for him to anchor our blue line in the near future. Schimpf is currently playing in the CZHL with PZ Rajhrad, and will see out his age 19 season with the Czech club. Schimpf will then play out the last year of his entry level contract with the Reds, with hopes of anchoring a very average defence corps. However, though Schimpf was recently in Hamilton for training camp and contract negotiations, he declined to comment to the press about his contract situation or future with the club. Coach Stanek was very calm at the press conference, saying "Schimpf tends to be a more quiet figure off the ice, and let his skills unnerve the opposition and give the press a story there, as opposed to his personal life."


As for Pohancanik, he was acquired in a one for one deal which saw fellow centre Maksym Barabash go the other way. Pohancanik was then signed to a 3 year extension worth $210,000, prompting cheers from Hamilton fans. He immediately impressed Stanek in training, giving him hopes that Pohancanik has SHL potential. Pohancanik is a ruthless player, with excellent an SHL caliber physique, and very good puck skills, but his skating, defensive, and endurance deficiencies really show in his game, which gives the coach something to improve on in the near future, which shouldn't be a problem considering Pohancanik's excellent work ethic and love for the game. 


The team is also being supplemented by veterans Radan Zahorec, Cyril Mitko, and Arnost Muhl.


Here is a look at the depth chart for this squad, with all Czech players bolded:




Ahlbom |       Vincelet      |  Nemcok

  Strom  | Pohancanik  | Lehocky

Sperka |      Mitko         | Vorisek

                |    Wallander    |

                |  Multan (A)   |

                |      Papai         |


The trouble with this team is forwards. Every forward on the team is left handed, and that could spell trouble for the three Czech forwards that may have to adapt to playing on their off-wing. None of the players here are really game-breakers, and they should be heavily relying on Ahlbom, Strom, Sperka, and Nemcok for the goals. Alternate captain Multan has good Czech league and good experience to mentor the young guns on the team. Papai, Vorisek, and Lehocky should provide depth in the bottom six. In reality though, expect this group of forwards to struggle.




     Dumont        |     Kolesar

      Massey (A)  |      Plasil

      Macko        |    Sedlacek

Andreansky  |     Vilimek (A)

                            |       Muhl


The Reds' strongest asset is perhaps their defence. Led by star player Dumont, the team has a lot of strong right handed defenders, especially Kolesar. However, beyond Dumont on the left, there are really only depth defensemen, meaning one of Sedlacek and Vilimek will likely have to slot in on the left side. 23 year old Plasil could potentially push Kolesar for a spot on the top pair and power play units, barring slow growth. Veterans Sedlacek and Muhl will provide stability in the top 6.




 Zahorec | Kizek


This team's goaltenders are both veterans, at age 34 and 35, and will be expected to provide a stable last line of defence. Zahorec is more all around, while Kizek is a more reflexive, athletic goalie. Kizek's endurance is questionable, giving Zahorec the number 1 spot, especially due to his leadership qualities.






(Sorry I haven't posted in a while, so I'm going to do two articles in one)





Coach Stanek Given The Boot



Despite the decent offseason, the Reds' season has gotten off to a horrible start. After a preseason win against the Jaguars, and a solid 4-2 victory against Prince George, the team has lost seven consecutive games, prompting a quick press conference. The team sits dead last in 16th position.


Owner Radoslav Moravec quickly addressed the eager reporters, and disappointed, angry fans by saying this: "It is unfortunate for our team to be in this position this early in the season, and I regret to inform you that I have relieved head coach Miroslav Stanek of his duties. His philosophy did not coincide with the skills of our forwards, and the results have been ugly. We wish Stanek the best of luck on his future endeavours." Moravec continued by saying, "Manager Kozar will become the interim head coach, and we hope that he will steer our club clear from relegation in the coming weeks."


Manager Dominik Kozar and fired coach Miroslav Stanek declined to comment, but winger Vladimir Sperka did. "There are so many Czech players in this squad, which I like, it makes communication easier, we simply don't have the firepower to do damage at the top of league, or even mid table. Manager needs to sign some more players, even if they are not Czech, because otherwise we may be relegated."


Moravec is reportedly considering allowing the signing of non-Czech players to keep his team in the IHL, but will only do that as a last resort. For now, it is expected that Kozar will change the team tactics, and hopefully bring the club into a mid table position, before more drastic changes are made. 


Hamilton Post (Game World Lumber, Season 28, Day 15)




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Okay guys, so unfortunately I'm going to conclude this experiment.


It was clear by now that the experiment was more of a challenge, and it showed with a 2-0-0-17 record. No player could even hit the 75 performance rating, which is just awful. My highest scoring player was able to hit 13 points in 19 games, which is terrible for LIHL level.


However, the experiment was not a total bust, because I was able to draw a few conclusions from the experiment.


1. Your manager's nationality does not affect free agent interest: despite my manager having the Czech nationality, it seemed that player interest in signing for my team was completely random, and I still had 68 overall Czechs rejecting my team in the IHL.


2. Having many players of the same nationality does not affect teamwork: My teamwork was only ok, despite having the majority of the players on my team from Czech. I also had around 8 friendly/compassionate players, which in most cases gets you in the green for teamwork.


3. Having many players from the same nationality does not increase free agent interest from the same nationality: so basically, Czech players that declined my offers did not increase their interest in signing even though i had more than 10 Czech players.


4. Player quality really does matter: I really had no game breakers on my team, and that showed in my team's results. A 2-17 record is pretty self explanatory. Comparing my team to other teams, it was clear that I was going to struggle, but a lack of defensive forwards, forwards in general, and star players led to an awful showing by the team.


Ultimately, the experiment may have had a different outcome had my manager been experienced or successful, enabling me to sign better players. Putting many Czech lines together, it was clear that nationality has no affect on chemistry or results, because no player performed admirably for me.


I'm also going to add that the experiment may be better suited for a slower game world, as it is really tough to keep up (especially being on vacation and only using my phone, including for this post). But regardless, call it a challenge, and I failed, call it an experiment, and I did gain some knowledge.


I may start another challenge or experiment later, but for now, thanks for tuning in.




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Definitely interesting and it's nice someone is trying to figure out things like these (perhaps this can be also used as idea for the future development of the game). So maybe in future it will be possible to succeed with one nationality team :). Anyway good luck with future experiments/challenges.

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