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Diamondbacks Summer Trade Block

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As we turn the corner, the Arizona Diamondbacks don't have any big pieces we're willing to move.  But we do have a few useful spare parts available.  All are still either in arbitration or league-minimum salary.  Looking for rookie-league type players in return.  Contact via Slack is preferred.  (OSA ratings shown.)


2B/3B/SS Drew Maggi (AAA, 50/40/55): Versatile glove off the bench, league-min salary.


LHP Alexander Carreras (AAA, 50/55/55): Starter, groundball pitcher, three pitches, league-min salary.



Relievers/Spot-starters, I could move some but not all of these:


RHP Mark Montgomery (ML, 70/55/60).

LHP Robert Carson (ML, 55/55/55).

LHP Jose Jose (AAA, 60/50/50).

LHP Michael Blake (AAA, 65/55/45).

LHP Evan Rutckyj (AAA, 60/55/55).

RHP Joel Lima (AAA, 60/50/55).

RHP Sammy Conner (AAA, 65/60/45).

RHP Aaron Sanchez (AAA, 60/60/40).

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