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Posted April 01, 2017 - 02:20 PM


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Hi, I'm new so I dont really know all the functions yet, but would anyone care to explain how the playoff's work here? Are they different from world to world and league to league?

This is my first season, and apparently i have to play to keep my spot, instead of relegating or whatever.

How many teams go up/down a league, and how are the playoffs organised? I see there is scheduled playoff games for the promoting teams (3rd-6th) but apparently, no games for 11th-14th.

If it matters, I'm in Lumber IHL.


Posted April 02, 2017 - 12:45 PM


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Playoffs are the same world to world. The only oddball playoffs would be the "promotion" playoffs in the GHL where the teams are instead competing for the championship. To start, teams who finish 1-2 are automatically promoted to the higher league, one league closer to be able to compete for the GHL championship. Teams 15 and 16 are automatically relegated because they were not good enough to be competing in their current division. The promotion playoffs, which are for teams 3-6, are for teams who probably just barely missed out on a chance for promotion and would probably be able to compete fairly well in the next division. To make it fair with how the teams finished, team 3 plays team 6 and team 4 plays team 5. They play 3 full games (with a decided winner each time) and then the two teams that win get to play the two relegating teams for a chance to earn promotion. The relegating teams (teams 13-14) are just competing to keep their spot in their current division whereas the promotion playoff teams are competing to take their spots.


The teams that do not play any playoffs did not perform well enough in the season to be considered potentially good enough to play in the higher division, but at the same time, too good to be playing in the tier below. Hope this helps.


Posted April 02, 2017 - 12:57 PM


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In Royalty's tutorial story, the playoffs are explained like this, with a few edits by me:


Golden League: first 8 qualify for playoffs, bottom 2 relegate to Silver, 13+14 play SHL winners of 3-6 to not relegate.


Silver League: first 2 promote to Gold, 3rd to 6th play playoffs for promotion, bottom 2 relegate and 13+14 play BHL winners of 3-6 to not relegate.


Bronze League: first 2 promote to Silver, 3rd to 6th play playoffs for promotion, bottom 2 relegate and 13+14 play IHL winners of 3-6 to not relegate.


Iron League: first 2 promote to Bronze, 3rd to 6th play playoffs for promotion, bottom 2 relegate and 13+14 play LIHL winners of 3-6 to not relegate.


Lower Iron League:  first 2 promote to Iron, 3rd to 10th play playoffs for promotion, there is no relegation.


A few notes:


  • Excluding the Golden league, all playoffs will have two winners, including the LIHL.

For example: lets say the teams are Toronto, Montreal, Boston, and Detroit.


Toronto beats Montreal, and Boston beats Detroit. Toronto and Boston would play 13th and 14th place of the higher league teams. If 13th place beats Toronto, they stay in their division, and Toronto is not promoted, and if Boston beats 14th place, they get promoted, while 14th place is relegated.

  • In the Lower Iron Hockey League, I'm not too sure about the format, but even though there are 8 teams, they are split into brackets of 4, and the winners of those brackets play 13th and 14th place of the Iron Hockey League, following the same format of relegation playoffs as every other league.
  • In the Golden Hockey League, 8 teams make it. 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, and 4v5 is the format for the first round. Obviously there is only one winner.

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