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Accusations of Cheating

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Posted December 11, 2016 - 10:23 AM


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Just putting this out there to Fishbowl Gold...if someone wants to accuse me of cheating please feel free to contact me directly instead of going right to Admin. You don't have to like the trades that I make. Fact is, according to the balance of the trades I usually give up MORE than I should. In addition there are MANY teams who employ the same trading strategies as I do. Most only trade with CPU teams. I have received very fair trade offers from some of the top tier Fishbowl Gold teams and simply chose not to make them. Usually because I would like to keep a little cap flexibility. I only manage this one team, in this one league. Again, substantiate your claim, or learn how to accept your losses. I've lost MANY times as a higher seed. It happens! Not everybody gets a trophy...at least not in the REAL world!

Mike Grubb
Horn Lake Hooligans


Posted April 25, 2017 - 09:52 PM


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I got the same complaint. I have never "won" a trade according to the green bars approving my trades...


Posted April 25, 2017 - 10:27 PM


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That actually might have accidently been me, Roland, so I apologize. I think when I tried to message you, I hit that action button looking for a "new message" menu option, but I miss clicked my mouse and it inconveniently double-clicked on the report button. I thought it double-clicked but exited the report menu which is why I didn't apologize yesterday. My mouse unwantedly double clicking is a reoccurring thing, however, it doesn't happen enough for me to want to replace it.


I could be wrong though and it might have been on my lumber team that my mouse miss clicked on as I was messaging someone there as well and there it might have done what I thought. However, if it was me just know that it was a complete accident. Fortunately, I don't think one report should do anything to your account.



Side suggestion: There should totally be a Send message button under the action bar on a teams page, that's typically where I go try and send a message before I remember where the actual button is located.

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