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Hey guys!

Started By legendsport, Aug 11, 2016 09:16 AM

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Just signed up for an account today - long-time sim game player and commissioner. I run several leagues in various sports over on my website (simsportleagues.com) and figured I should sign up & maybe get some networking going. 


I've been running online leagues of various types since 1999 with baseball via OOTP probably being the longest string but also have run hockey leagues using APBA, FHLSim, Simon T and FHM 2 and football leagues (mostly FOF with some PFS in there as well). I tend to most enjoy - and therefore run - historical or historically-based leagues. 


Currently I have an OOTP 17 league (Dugout Wizards) currently in 1987 after starting in 1979 (on OOTP 14), a Fast Break Basketball College and Pro league in the 1994-95 offseason that started in 1981-82. That one's been a lot of work since I add the real recruits to the college league each year to keep real players in the pipeline. I am working on starting up a Simon T Hockey league to cover the NHL/WHA era starting in 1972-73. We're seven GMs short of getting that one going.


I also run a couple of Action PC leagues - one hockey (1964-65) and one basketball (1957-58) and participate in another Action PC basketball league that's in the mid 80s (1985-86 right now).


Thanks for reading!


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Welcome to the forums, I think it's a great thing you are doing. There a few multi league sites that allow GM's to participate in every sport. 


Looking forward to seeing you around Joe!

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