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Non playable leagues

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Posted February 05, 2016 - 09:57 AM


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# Non playable leagues
Outside the current competition each game world contains a total of 25 non playable leagues from Europe and North America. To view all leagues just visit the World page and choose Leagues tab.
## Teams on non playable leagues
Each league will display the top teams playing in the league. As default non playable teams will contain a roster of players that is locked to that specific team. But these teams will try to sign and improve their roster with free agents which will lead to a greater competition on the free agent market. Players playing in these teams will both train and gain experience from playing games.
## Interact with non playable teams
During Silly Season players on non playable teams may be approached and offered a contract. If they accept the offer the player is signed without cost, just like a free agent. But during season and playoffs players can’t be approach.

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