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White Sox / Marlins Trade

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The Chicago White Sox Trade:


AA SP Lance McCullers

Rookie C Mark Harrison


The Miami Marlins Trade:


SP Andrew Oliver (ML)


The Chicago White Sox are in win now mode.  We picked up Harrison just this offseason for a pitcher we didn't need, and he was several years away from the Majors, so we felt the investment we had in him was minimal, making him easier to deal.  McCullers is a former Top-100 prospect & 1st round draft pick but was not the next guy in line for our rotation and had control issues in an injury-shortened season in 2015.  


With all the top-line pitchers which have found their way into the AL Central this offseason, we felt we needed an additional compliment to Kershaw & McCully.  Oliver gives us another LH SP in our rotation and will push either Feliz or Archie Bradley to the bullpen, further cementing that portion of our team as well.  Oliver is still on the southside of 30, threw over 220 innings last year, had a war of nearly 4, and an impressive 2.5 BB/9.  His FIP was 3.60 and his BABIP was just over 3, suggesting it was not a fluke year.  Expecting only SP 3 or 4 return out of him, we think he'll be more than efficient for our expectations out of him and an important addition to our 2016 club.


Thanks, Sowders.

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Accept. Selling high on Oliver because he'l revert to his mean, and I still think McCullers has mid range rotation upside. Harrison look like an really good future catcher so I'm happy with the deal.


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