Astros - Tigers

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Houston Astros send:


LF Victor Roache (Waivers)
1B Tyler Burnett (Waivers)


Detroit Tigers send:


3B Jonathan Greene (AAA)


We were in talks about Greene but couldn't find a mutual player to part with. However, after checking the waiver wire, we saw a couple of Astros that caught our eye, hence, we were able to finalize a deal for a couple of young guys.


Greene is blocked in our organization as we still have Zimmerman at 3B.


Thanks, Matt, for the trade.

Detroit Tigers GM

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Confirmed. Like Pat said, we had been in talks about Greene already, as Houston needs a 3B to man the hot corner for the season, and liked the cheap option. In our original talks, we were unable to find a mutal ground, but when the players we had on the waiver wire were brought up, it worked for us, as they were not seen as anyone in our current plans.

Good luck to them in Detroit, and once again, thank you for the incredibly easy talks.

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