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CLE/MIL trade

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The following deal has been agreed upon


Cleveland sends P Shelby Miller (ML), SS Greg Miclat (ML), CL Alfonso Martinez (AA DL) & CF Julio Morban (AA)


Milwaukee sends SP Zack Greinke 1B/3B Mat Gamel (ML)


I was hesitant to do this deal for a couple reasons, the main one being salary but also that my scout loves Greg Miclat and I was going to put him as my starting SS next season. Greinke however, is an ace. He is one of the few guys I would've considered straying from my offseason plan for. Gamel is decent enough and will probably start at 1B until i can find an upgrade.


I also really like Shelby and once he moved to the pen last season he really came on (2.28 ERA in 27 IP as a reliever). But lack of rotation depth is pretty much what killed me last season so I decided to address it with the additions of Wainwright and now Greinke.


Thanks Jack for the deal and good luck with your team!

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The Brewers confirm this deal. The first thing I wanted to do when I saw this team was trade Greinke to open up cap space to fill out the other parts of my team. So, I sent out an e-mail and I got many offers, but the two whom I liked most were the Orioles and the Indians. I was going to take the Orioles deal, but me and Ayden agreed to add Greg Miclat to the deal, which intrigued me enough to accept. Shelby will help my bullpen improve even more, and Martinez and Morban fill out the farm.


Thank you Ayden, and your signature could not be any more egotistical could it :P?

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