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Information about cheating

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Posted December 11, 2015 - 04:29 AM


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# Information about cheating

Cheating of any kind is strictly forbidden. These are the basic rules:
  • You may only manage one team per game world
  • You may not use a team in order to give another team or manager an advantage
  • You may only act in benefit of your own team
  • You may not manipulate any data sent from client to server
## Confirm email
Users must provide a valid email address. To ensure this the email address must be confirmed when the user sign up. If your account isn’t confirmed you will get a message when loggin in.
## Multiple user accounts on same world
Since you are only allowed to manage one team on each game world the user’s IP is tracked to spot possible cheating. Note that the same IP may actually be used by two different users if accessing the game from the same workplace or similar.
Also note that multiple teams/accounts on different game worlds is still allowed.
## Report cheating suspicions
If you suspect another manager of cheating you have the possibility to report this. The report is completely anonymous and can only be seen by game administrators. However, the manager will get a notification that someone is suspecting him or her of cheating.
To send a report just visit the suspected team page and choose “Report cheating…” from the action menu.
## Suspensions and lockdowns
There are background workers running every day to evaluate all cheating indications of each manager. If the combined result reaches a certain point the account will be automatically locked. If that happens the manager in question will receive a notification by email. He or she won’t be able to log in during the lockdown and the team will be controlled by the assistant manager. Once the lockdown is over all indications of cheating will be reset and the manager may log in once again.
The duration of the lockdown starts at 2 days but will multiply for each time the manager is automatically suspended.
*If a manager is wrongly accused or suspended they are urged to reach out either by email or by PM at the official forum.*

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