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Post your Dynasty Contest - Draw to Win Free Copy of OOTP 16

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Q: How to Win?

1. In the Baseball Dynasty section, start re-posting your OOTP dynasty or start one in preparation to convert to OOTP 16. We encourage all dynasties from fictional, to modern, to historic.

2. Message Chris on the forums once you have started sharing your dynasty.

** Note: This content requires an active dynasty and participation. If that's you, then we are all looking forward to reading!

DEADLINE: Opening Day! Sunday April 5th, when the first pitch is tossed!

Dynasty ENTRIES so Far:

Entry #1 "Tournament of Champions: Promotion, Relegation, and Forced Relocation" (StLee)
Entry #2 "In a World without Baseball...." (Yolson)
Entry #3 "The Road to the Hall of Fame" (nyy #23)
Entry #4 "Bill Bradley: Rebuilding the Rockies" (bengalmike17)

Entry #5 "The Super Baseball League" (NOppenheimer)

Entry #6 "The Yawkey Way (1974)" (CatKnight)

Entry #7 "The 2020 Toronto Blue Jays" (ryan008)

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