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Kip Clark Staying with it [a DDSCB3 story]

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April 1973


1st portable cell phone


Designated hitter begins in American League


Haldeman, Ehrlichman other members of Nixon inner circle resign


April 4


“Ben Dover and we have the coach on the line. Coach, you and the Provost went to the final four.”


“We did, Ben. The 4 top seeds made it, and #1 Kansas beat #4 Syracuse for the title.


“Okay, awards.”


“Yes. Gabe Rodd got POY, Freshman POY, Defensive POY, and 1st team, along with Tim Neal who certainly earned it. Sal Dock got 2nd team. I was named Coach of the Year.”


“Thanks Coach. Talk to you in late April.”


“Coach, we’re told you received some coaching offers from some pretty impressive teams. I will only say that there were phone calls. Grace and I like Boston. We’re staying here.”


“Okay. Team Prestige dropped from 29 to 27.”


“Frankly I simply do not understand that. We had a great season.”


“Okay, did you ask for money again this year?”

“First, we signed a PG and a PF to fill all of our spots. I did ask for money. We got $4000.”


And the numbers. 250-72, .776, after 10 years as the head coach at UML. Off-36, Def- 56, Recruit- 80, Scout- 6, Player Development- 46, Reputation- 44. Ready for conf. M?”


“We’ll give it our best shot. We have Tim Neal, Tay Lopez, Greg Hyde, Gabe Rodd, Pete Hawk, and 2 others back plus 6 promising recruits.”

“See you in the new season, Coach.”

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May 1973


Secretariat wins the Kentucky Derby and Preakness


First TV network female nudity


Daniel Ellsberg has charges in Pentagon Papers dismissed


Senate Watergate hearings begin


Nixon admits to involvement in Watergate cover up


June 1973


Patent granted for ATM


Secretariat completes triple crown by winning Belmont


John Dean begins Watergate testimony


June 5


“Ben Dover on ‘Sportstalk.’ Coach Kip Clark says he was surprised and disappointed to learn that Gabe Rodd transferred out.”


June 12


“Ben Dover here. Coach Clark reports that UML has a commitment from a transfer PF. Gabe Rodd wound up at Michigan.”


June 16


“Ben Dover here. We’ve just learned that UML Provost Grace Clark has taken the position of Provost at Boston University. She told us in a phone conversation that she will no longer be available to do radio work with WLOW but will be at as many of our home games as possible.”


June 26


“Ben Dover with the coach. 3 scholarships.”


“That’s right, Ben. We would like to get 2 bigs and a guard but let’s see what happens. We’re looking at 20 guys, to start with.”

July 1973


Bahamas declares independence


Phil Everly smashes guitar, storms off stage, declares end of the Everly Bros.


Butterfield reveals existence of White House taping system


Nixon refuses to release tapes


August 1973


Stevie Wonder involved in serious car crash. Insists he was not driving.


Spiro Agnew says he will never resign as Vice President


August 28


“Ben Dover with the coach.  What’s the recruiting news Coach?”


We’ve offered to 2, a PF and a PG. We’ll offer to the third next month.”

“Thanks Coach.”


September 1973


Allende deposed in Chile


Radio Free America begins


Kissinger becomes Secretary of State


September 18


“’Sportstalk’ wirh Ben Dover. We have the coach on the line. Coach, what’s going on with recruiting?”


“We’re close with all three, a C, a PF, and a PG.”


“And we have a schedule.”


“We do. Sad to say still no early season tourney. We looked for some challenging games.


September 25


“Ben Dover with the Coach. Recruiting news.”


“Yes, we have commitments from a PG and a PF. Close with the Center we’re chasing.”

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October 1973


Yom Kippur war begins as Syria & Egypt attack Israel


Spiro Agnew resigns as Vice President. Gerald Ford nominated to succeed him.


Saturday Night Massacre. Nixon fires Special Prosecutor; deputies resign as a result.


Nixon agrees to turn over tapes


Israelis kick Arab states butts in Yom Kippur war


October 2


“Sportstalk.’ Ben Dover with the coach. Still chasing that 3rd recruit?”


“We lost him but we have 5 big guys in mind.”


“First day of practice.”


“Yes. It’s very early in the process but right now it looks like a 3 guard lineup. A month will tell us a lot more.”


(Just noticed that I didn’t move up a conf. this year. We finished 1st in conf. and won the conf. tourney. Yet another glitch I guess.)


November 1973


Nixon delivers “I am not a crook” speech.


18 ½ minute gap in Watergate tape announced


New Jersey 1st state to allow girls in Little League


Maximum U. S. speed limit cut to 55


Gerald Ford confirmed as V. P.


November 6


“Ben Dover on ‘Sportstalk’ with the coach. Do we have a lineup?”


“We do. The three guard thing went away. I have Jr. Greg Hyde and Soph. Tay Lopez at guards, Sr. Tim Neal at the 3, Freshmen Jay Rame and Joe Arn inside. First big guy off the bench will be Jr. juco transfer Chris Dye, and first guard will be Soph. Pete Hawk. So we’re very young.”


“What does that mean?”


“It means there will be a period of adjustment. I suspect we’ll lose a few in Nov. and Dec. Hopefully we’ll be ready by the start of the conf. season. We should be a lot better late than early.”


“Thanks Coach. We’ll have you with us most Sundays. When you are not available I’ll do the best I can recapping the week. We’ll miss former Provost, now Provost at BU, Grace Clark.”


“She’ll be at as many games as she can.”


“No problem with her leaving UML?”


“Not at all. She saw a great opportunity, and Boston and Lowell are not that far apart. We are in the process of purchasing a new home about halfway between.”


“Thanks Coach.”


November 20


“Ben Dover here. The coach is preparing for tomorrow night’s game against Ohio State so I’m here on my own to recap the UML basketball week. First game of the season was at home against Western Carolina before an SRO crowd. There hasn’t been an empty seat at a home game in more than 5 years. The fans were not disappointed. UML won 80-67. 6 and 3 for Tay Lopez, 22, 7, 3 for Tim Neal, 14, 5, 6 for Greg Hyde who did a great job at PG. 11, 7, 3 for Joe Arn. +5 TOs, +4 RBs.


“Then we traveled to Navy and won big, 72-45. 28 and 4 for Tim, 21, 6, 3 for Tay, 13 for Greg, 6 and 6 for Joe. +3 TOs, +8 RBs. I would say that if there’s a concern so far it’s the bench. The UML bench isn’t doing much. 


“Challenging week, Ohio ST from D conf., there, and then Mississippi, from K here. We’re here every night except Saturday, and we expect the coach to be with us next Sunday.”


November 27


“Ben Dover with the coach. 1-1 this week.”


Ohio ST was very good and they were at home. I can’t say losing surprised me. 77-91, so we didn’t play very effective D. 22 TOs didn’t help either. 17, 4, 2 for Joe, 15, 5, 4 for Tay, 13, 5, 2, 3 for Neal, 12, 6, 4 for Greg, but 10 TOs. It’s still early in the season and we’ll probably have a few nights like this. The only good thing about them is that they make it clear what we need to work on.


“Then home against Mississippi and we won 72-42. Our guards were on fire, 22, 4, 3 for Greg, 18, 3 for Tay, and 7 for sub Pete Hawk. Joe had 12 and 9 in the middle. 4 TOs. Kind of amazing that we could have 22 in one game and 4 in the next.”


“And this week?”


Wyoming here and then we go to Arizona. Another challenging week with a team from F and one from C.”


“Any lineup changes being considered?”


“It’s something we discuss every day but 4 games isn’t enough time. We want our guys to play together, as a unit. That takes time.”


“Thanks Coach. I’ll be on my own next Sunday. Coach Clark is on the road.”

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December 1973


D. C. home rule


ARPANET crashes. Windows is blamed.


Nixon signs Endangered Species Act without admitting that he is one.


December 4


“Ben Dover on ‘Sportstalk’ with our Sunday night wrap up of the week in UML basketball. It was another 1-1 week. We beat Wyoming here, 68-63. We led all the way but they got it to 1 with 65 seconds left. 21, 8, with 4 steals for Tim. 14, 9, 2 for Joe Arn, 13, 32, 2 for Tay. 8 assists no TOs for Greg Hyde. +4 TOs, +3 RBs.


“Then we traveled to Arizona and lost 48-57. 27.3% shooting and 15 TOs did us in. We were way overmatched inside. 13 of our 15 field goals were threes. 16, 7, 5 for Greg Hyde, 15, 3 for Tay. Joe Arn had 11 boards but only 1 point. -6 TOs, +1 RB.


“This week we start at SO. Carolina ST from N conf. Then we’re home against George Mason from G.”


“The coach will be with us next Sunday and we hope to have time for questions.”


December 11


“We’re back from break. Ben Dover with Coach Clark. Good week, Coach.”


“2-0. We beat SO. Car. ST there, 61-48. Great D and a team effort on O. Jay Rame, our Power Forward who usually does more defending and rebounding than scoring, had 16, 6, 1, 2. Joe had 10 and 7, and Greg 11, 4, 5. Good minutes from the bench.


“Then we came home and beat George Mason 73-45. Since the disastrous Ohio ST game we’ve had 5 strong defensive performances in a row. Chris Dye came off the bench and got 18, 4, 1, and Tay got 18 more. 9 TOs, +7 RBs.”


“And this week?”


“Only one game, Rutgers is here.”


“Let’s take some calls. Jeff in Leominster.”


“Coach, still don’t have that 3rd recruit?”


“We’ve got an offer out there, Jeff. A C we like a lot. Hoping he’ll accept.”


“George in Marlboro.”


“Coach, Chris Dye needs to start.”


“Chris is doing a great job for us. I always like having a player or two who can come from the bench and give us a spark. That’s his role.”


“At least give him more minutes.”


“You may have a point there.”


“Artie from Agawam.”


“You must be glad the president is in so much trouble for somethin’ that should never have come ta light.”


“Justice is for everyone or it’s for no one. I’m happy to see that no one, not even the President is above the law, but I quickly add that he is innocent until proven guilty.”


“Okay, my first rule of radio is when the politics start, I stop. See you next Sunday, Coach.”


December 18


“Ben Dover with our weekly UML hoops wrap up. Coach, 71-61 over Rutgers.


“Yes, we did another good job of defending. They shot 34.4%. Greg Hyde led us on O with 20, 4, and 6 but all 5 starters had good nights. 12 TOs, 35 RBs.”


“And only one game again this week.”


“Home against UNC Greensboro from B. They’re playing well and are very tough inside and at the Point. We’ll need to play well.”


“Coach, talk about 5 plus years of sold out home games.”


“It’s a great help. My guys see and hear the crowd and they’re energized by that. They don’t want to let them down. I think at times they reach down just a little deeper. We are very grateful to our fans for all of the support.”


“Okay, next week it’s Monday, not Sunday.”


December 26


“Ben Dover with the coach. 76-71 over NC Greensboro.”

“They are a really good team. We never trailed but it was 5 or less for most of the 2nd half. We matched them possession for possession pretty much. 14, 11 for Joe, 19 each for Tay and Tim, 16, 2, 8 for Greg.


“You’re 8-2 with one pre-conf. game to play.”


“A tough one at Virginia Tech from D. I’d love to go to conf. play 9-2 but it won’t be easy.”


“Next week it’s Monday again.”

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February, 1974


Patty Hearst kidnapped by Symbionese Liberation Army


Troubles in No. Ireland continue


U. S. House of Representatives begins exploring impeachment of Nixon


Cher dumps Sonny


February 5


“Ben Dover here. Coach Clark is on a plane to Georgia right now so I’ll recap the week in UML basketball. Our first loss in conf. came at Northwestern ST, 75-85 in double OT. We had chances to win in both regulation and the 1st OT but didn’t come through. +4 TOs, -3 RBs. 22, 8 for Tim, 19, 7, 3 for Tay who fouled out at the end of the 1st OT, 17, 5, 6, 2 for Greg. The bench let us down scoring only 2, with only 4 RBs. 


“Then we came home and won a squeaker over Yale, 72-68. +9 TOs was a big factor. It was a game in which the Refs annoyingly called everything, 46 fouls, 62 free throws taken. Our starting guards had 16 and 15, little used sub Lan Shed had 10 and 3, and Chris Dye had 5, 9, 2, 2.


“We still lead the conf., by 2 over Mercer, 3 or more over the rest.


“This week we’re on the road all week, 1st at 2nd place Mercer, 14-7, 7-3, 10-2 at home. Then it’s 12-9, 5-5 Murray ST, 9-3 at home. Coach would  never say it but I’m guessing that with 2 tough road games he’d be happy with a 1-1 week. We’re ranked #19, RPI #16 right now.”


February 12


“Ben Dover with the coach on our Sunday night wrap up. Coach, a 1-1 week left you still in 1st, but only 1 ahead of Mercer, 2 ahead of American with 4 to play.”

“It’s probably going to come down to the wire. Mercer beat us, 61-73. Foul trouble did us in, Joe Arn only played 17 minutes and Tay Lopez only 21. Our subs played well but it wasn’t enough. -8 on the boards hurt, as did their going to the line 23 times to our 12.”


“You got T’eed up. That doesn’t happen very often.”


“I’ve only gotten 3 or 4 in all the years I’ve been coaching. The refs hurt us, but poor D hurt more, as well as all of the things I’ve already mentioned.


“Fortunately we got it together at Murray ST, winning 77-67. A season high 42 RBs made me very happy. 19, 14, 2 for Tim, 19, 6 for Tay.”


“This week?”


We host 12-11, 7-5 Wholly Crass, then travel to our long time rival MVS, 14-9, 6-6, 9-2 at home. We only won by 2 at home against them so we’d better bring our A game.”


“I’ll do the weekend wrap before the Bracket Breaker with FL ATL.”


February 19


“Ben Dover before the game with the weekly wrap. Another 1-1 week for UML and the lead is back to 1 over Mercer, 2 over Cal-Irvine, 3 or more over the rest with 2 conf. games left. We beat Wholly Crass here, 77-61. Our guards were awesome, 24, 3, 4 for Tay, and 20, 2, 8. 3 for Greg. Joe and Tim each had 11 and 6. +4 TOsa. We played well.


“Then we went on the road and lost a heart breaker, 60-62 to MVS. Played ‘em twice, won by 2, lost by 2. +4 TOs, -4 RBs, as the rebounding issue continues. Their SG had 27, including the winner, with less than 2 seconds left.


“Tonight we play FL ATL in the Bracket Breaker. They’re 18-7 in N. In conf. it’s 11-14, 8-6 UTSA here. We won by 7 there playing really good D. Then we end the regular season at UMBC, 15-10, 8-6. We won by 24 at home. They’re both big games.”


February 26


“Ben Dover on ‘Sportstalk’ with the coach. Great ending to the regular season.”


“Yes it was. We beat UTSA here, 69-50. The officiating was awful but we didn’t allow it to become a factor. 16, 5, 2 for Joe, 15, 2, 4 for Greg.


“Then we went to UMBC and won 76-63. 11 TOs, +10 RBs. 22, 8, 4 for Tay, 17, 4, 2 for Tim, 13, 7 for Joe, 11, 7, 3 for Chris. The other teams lost so we won the conf. by 3 over 4 teams.”

“So we host the tourney again.”


“That’s right, Ben, and it’s a huge advantage.”


“See you there.”

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March 1974


Watergate grand jury indicts 7 presidential aides, concludes Nixon is involved in cover up


 Last WW II Japanese soldier surrenders


March 2


“Ben Dover here before the quarter final game between #8 seed Wholly Crass, 15-14, 9-7, and UML. We beat them by 16 here.”



“Ben Dover here after the game with Coach Clark. 87-62, Coach.”


‘We looked good tonight. +16 on the boards. 27 for Tay, 22, 8, 5 for Tim, 17, 11, 4 for Joe, 14, 4, 6 for Greg.”


#5 seed American won their game so they’re next. We didn’t play them in the regular season.”


“No, we didn’t. They have a balanced attack and they play man. They score more outside than inside. We think we can turn them over.”


“We’ll be covering the game tomorrow.”


March 3


“Ben Dover here after the tournament semifinal between American and UML. 83-52. Coach, you guys are on fire!”


“We’re certainly having a great tournament so far but tomorrow is the one that counts.”


“Tell us about tonight.”


“It was never a game. 8 TOs, 34 RBs. 33 and 7 for Tay, giving him 55 in two games, 15, 6, 7 for Tim, 14, 5, 6 for Greg, 11, 10, 2 for Joe. We were dominant.”


“And it will be #2 seed Cal-Irvine, 21-9, 10-6 for the title.”


“We beat them by 21 in January but they’re 9-2 since so we aren’t taking them lightly. They’re inside D is pretty good but we think we are way better outside. If we can play them even inside, and we should be able to, we think the outside game is ours.”


“Talk to you after the game.


March 4


“Ben Dover with the coach after the title game between Cal-Irvine and conf. champs UML. 70-55.”

“We had a great tournament. 78 points total for MOP Tay Lopez, 23 tonight. We lost the rebounding battle but that was all we lost. +11 TOs, and everyone played well. We’re going into the NCAAs on a roll.”

“Ranked #13, RPI #13.”

“I’m not even going to play that game. We should get a 3 or a 4 and no doubt we’ll get a 5 or maybe even a 6. Whatever, we’ll play who we play.”


"So did we dodge a bullet by not having to play MVS in the conf. tourney?"


(Laughs) "We just might have! They played us tough both times we met."


“I’ll be there for the selection show on March 12. Join us, folks.”


March 12


“Ben Dover with Coach Clark and the team. The selection show is about to begin. Here goes!


“Not in the East.”


“Good! Not the bracket I want to be in!”


“Okay, the Midwest… Not in the Midwest.”


“I like the idea of going either South or West so I’m fine with this.”


“Here comes the South… Not here either. So we’ll be in the West. Let’s see how high.”


“#5. We’ll play #12 NC ST, 18-12. Coach?”


“I’ll take it. There are no easy brackets and this one certainly isn’t easy, but if we stay as hot as we’ve been we can make some noise here.”


“What about NC ST?”


“They play in F. Probably a little better inside than out. Play motion on O, man on D, and press a whole lot. They’re playing well lately. Their D is a little shaky and they don’t have a big time scorer. They take decent care of the ball but they aren’t strong on the boards.”


“Okay, WLOW will bring you the game on the 19th. Join us.”


March 17


“Ben Dover with the coach after the 1st round game with NC ST. 87-71.


“11 TOs, +10 on the boards. I wasn’t happy with our outside D but everything else looked good. 24 and 8 for our only Senior, Tim Neal, 17, 7 for Joe, 18 for Tay, 14, 6, 5 for Greg. Good work by the bench.”


GA Southern knocked off #4 seed Minnesota so you play the #13 seed.


“Nicely done too, I might add. They looked really good. They’re 8-1 in their last 9. They have a very good Power Forward. They don’t play a lot of D. This is a game we should win but then they shouldn’t be here so it’s not a walk over.”


March 19


“Ben Dover after the 2nd round game between GA Southern and UML. 81-63 Coach.”


“Similar to the 1st round game in many ways. A real team effort with Tim, Tay, Greg and Joe putting up numbers and the rest doing a great job in support. +5 TOs, +9 RBs. We never trailed.”


“And you’re in the Sweet Sixteen.”

“Yes. We get to play #1 seed, #4 ranked, #6 RPI Indiana, 27-6. Interestingly enough they are 4-4 in their last 8. On paper they’re the better team. They’re deliberate and they play 5 out. On D it’s man and they only press when they need to. They pass it around a lot looking for a good shot and that’s our opportunity. We need to disrupt their flow, deny the good shot, and turn them over. Easier said than done but that’s the plan. Except for the Point they don’t have a good ball handler. They rebound well. If we can about match them there we can do okay.”


“Good luck! We’ll be there to bring the game to our listeners.”


March 24


“Ben Dover after the Sweet 16 game between Indiana and our own UML River Hawks. 72-76, Coach?”


“19 Turnovers for -9. We did what we wanted to do inside, 38-29 in rebounds but the outside game beat us. Well, the officials were part of the story. They called 10 fouls on them and 19 on us. They went to the line 29 times and we went 13. We did some fouling, I don’t have a lot of trouble with that. The problem was they didn’t whistle Indiana when they did the same things we were doing. Tay only played 22 minutes and Greg 23. Great final game for Tim Neal, 21, 8, 3. We’ll be back.”


“Yes we will. And I’ll be here with the coach on April 4 to discuss the Final Four and Awards.”

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April 1974


Ayatollah Khomeini calls for an Islamic republic in Iran.


World Trade Center opens


Hank Aaron passes Babe Ruth as all time home run champion


1000th victim of No. Ireland conflict


Nixon hands over edited partial transcripts of the tapes


April 4


“Ben Dover with the coach. Tell us about the final four.”


#1 Duke beat #4 Indiana for the title. Some great games and we spoke with all the big time players in the college hoops world. Grace and I had a great time.”




Tim Neal Conf. M POY. That made me very happy. Joe Arn was Freshman OY, and Defensive POY. They both made 1st team. Tay made 2nd. I thought Greg should have as well.”


“And you got the coach award again. See you toward the end of the month, Coach.”


April 23


“Ben Dover with the coach to wrap up the season. What did you ask for, Coach?”


“Money. As we go up the chain we need more money in order to be competitive.”




We got $4.500. I’ll take it.”


27-7, won the conf. and the tourney, Sweet Sixteen. Not bad!”


“You got a $4,000 raise too.”


“Yep, still the lowest paid coach in Div. I, but it’s not about money for me.”


“Okay, 11 years as head coach, 277-79, .779. Team Prestige back up to 29. Off. 41, Def. 63, Recruit 80, Scout 6, Player Development 52, Reputation 49. How long can UML keep you?”


“I’m not even thinking of going anywhere.”


“Glad to hear it. Talk to you in May or June, Coach.”

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May 1974


U. S. House begins formal impeachment hearings


Symbionese Liberation Army destroyed in a shootout


June 1974


Heimlich Maneuver first published


1st extraterrestrial message sent to- er from Earth


1st Universal Product Code


Nixon visits USSR


June 12


“Ben Dover reporting that UML picked up a Small Forward, Key Davis, from the transfer pool. Key had played for New Mexico.”


June 26


“Ben Dover here on ‘Sportstalk.’ We spoke with Coach Clark. UML has 3 scholarships to offer. They are looking at 24 recruits.”

July 1974

Pinochet becomes President of Chile


U. S. House approves 3 articles of impeachment


SCOTUS rules Nixon must turn over tapes


August 1974


Nixon resigns, Gerald Ford becomes POTUS


Nelson Rockefeller selected to be Vice President


John Lennon reports seeing a UFO


August 21


“Ben Dover with Coach Clark. Coach, any offers?


We’ve offered to a PG, an SG, and a C. The SG and C are very much long shots.”


“Let’s take a question or two. Bobby in Jamaica Plain.”


“Coach, you think you can compete in L?”


“We’ve managed to be competitive, at the very least, in every conf. so far. At some point I suppose that will end. I make no promises but I think we’ll be okay here.”


“Mike in Southea.”


“You lib’ruls just drove one a the greatest Presidents ever out of office. I hope your happy.”


“The evidence was overwhelming that he was involved in the cover up. Many members of his own party were prepared to vote for impeachment, and those in the Senate, for conviction. If we’re to be a nation of laws the President must follow the laws.”


“Okay, we’re out of here. Talk to you again soon, Coach.”


September 1974


Ford pardons Nixon


Haile Selassie overthrown in Ethiopia


Dylan records “Blood on the Tracks”


September 18


“’Sportstalk’ and I’m Ben Dover, here iwht Coach Clark. Coach, any recruiting news?”


“Still working at it.”


“And the schedule?”


“Still no early season tournament, and we start with 10 road games in a row. We have 3-4 challenges there but some softies too.”


“Talk again soon.”


October 1974


Watergate cover up trial begins


Pele retires 


Race riots in Boston over busing 


Muhammed Ali KOs Goerge Foreman in 8 to regain the title (Rumble in the Jungle)


Nate Thurmond gets 1st quadruple double in NBA history


October 2


“Ben Dover with the Coach. I hear you got a commitment.”


“Geoff Hahn, PG.”


“How was the 1st day of practice?”


“I think we’re going to have some talent. 5 starters back, and some experienced talent. The lineup is far from set. We’re excited!”


“And you’re picked to win the conf.


“Yes, I saw that. Northeastern, Mercer, Cal-Irvine, Ball ST, and Detroit behind us.”


October 9


“Ben Dover on ‘Sportstalk.’ We’ve just learned that UML received a commitment from PF Jim Rich. They’re still after a guard.”


November 1974


Ella Grasso (CT) elected 1st woman Gov. not to succeed husband or father


Freedom of Information act becomes law


“Lucy” discovered


November 6



“’Sportstalk’ with Ben Dover. We have the coach on the line and we’re taking questions. Coach, lineup set?”


“More or less. Pete Hawk and Greg Hyde are back at the guard spots. They’ll sort of go back and forth between PG and SG. Tay Lopez is back at Small Forward. Joe Arn is back at C. Power Forward is the one where we’ll play and see. For now Den Debro will start. He’s a freshman. Lan Shed, a Junior who hasn’t played much, looks ready. He’ll play some PF and a bit of SF. Chris Dye will play at 3, 4, and 5, depending on the situation.”


“What about Don Ned, the transfer?”


“We’re hoping to find him minutes. He’s a good defender but he hasn’t shown us enough offense and he hasn’t rebounded well. We think he has great potential so we’ll see.”


“Jay Rame started last year.”


“Yes, we’re pleased to have his experience if we need it.”


“You seem thin at guard.”


“We aren’t. Tay Lopez is a guard. He’s playing out of position at SF. Whenever we sub for one of the starting guards he’ll move down to 2 or 1. And we also have Chad Dench.”


“Okay, Lou from Springfield.”


“I’m disappointed that Dye isn’t starting. He gave you a lot of good minutes last year and he seems ready.”


“The 4 spot is very much up for grabs. If Chris wants it enough he can earn the starting spot. My mind is not made up.”


“Jack in Shrewsbury.”


“You’re gonna hurt for rebounding with that small lineup.”


“It’s possible but I don’t think so. We rebounded well in the exhibition games.”


“Marty in Medford.”


“What do you think of that woman getting elected Governor in CT?”


“She has a wealth of experience and my friends in CT say she has been a very competent leader. I would have voted for her.”


“Okay, we’re about ready to start the season, Coach. I think the schedule is a little soft.”


“10 road games in a row to start the season. #21 UCLA, Temple, #22 Gonzaga, Georgia, Rutgers, Xavier- all on the road, all in the first ten. I don’t think it’s soft at all. I’ll be jumping for joy if we get through that at 7-3, or even at 6-4.”


“West Coast the first week, Seattle, then San Francisco.”


“Two of my favorite cities- other than Boston, of course.”


“Okay, we’ll be with the coach whenever he’s available on Sundays. Otherwise I’ll do the wrap up.”

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November 20


“Ben Dover with the Sunday UML hoops wrap up. A 2-0 start for the River Hawks. It was 78-67 in Seattle. Guard Greg Hyde had 25, Tay Lopez had 13, 8, 3 at SF, Joe Arn had 13, 4, 3, 2 at C, and 10, 3, 4, 2 for Pete Hawk at guard. +6 in TOs, but -6 on the boards. The guards got more RBs than the big guys did.


“The it was 61-53 at San Francisco. 26, 6, 2, 1, 2 for Tay who is red hot to start the season. 21, 3, 3 for Greg Hyde. -1 TO but +7 RBs.


“This week the price of poker goes up, as they say. 1st it’s #21 UCLA, and then it’s off to Philly to play Temple. Coach would never say it but I’m guessing he’d be delighted with a 1-1 week.”


November 27


“Ben Dover all alone with the Sunday UML hoops wrap up. We got a 1-1 split last week. It was 46-55 at UCLA. We played good D but couldn’t score. 1-17 from long range, 29.4% over all. Add in 19 TOs and that about tells the story. We WERE +7 on the boards. 


“Then we turned it around at Temple, 73-60. 21, 3, 4 for guard Pete Hawk, 16, 4, 4 for Tay. When I speak to the coach I’m going to mention that Chris Dye and Lan Shed seem to be playing a bit better than starter Dan Debro right now. As you know we broadcast all of the home games but we only travel during the post season. We listen to the local a.m. station that broadcasts all of the games but we aren’t televising away games yet so I’m hearing more than I’m seeing. And the stat sheet can be deceiving at time.


“This week we go to Wyoming and Gonzaga.”


December 1974


Final episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus


Catfish Hunter becomes a free agent. Signs with Yankees.


Altair 8000 computer is displayed


December 4


“Ben Dover and I’m here alone again for the ‘Sportstalk’ wrap up of the week in UML basketball. And we’ll take questions. A 5 point win at Wyoming started the week. 18, 10, 4 for Joe Arn in the middle, the other 4 all had between 9 and 12. +6 TOs, -1 on the boards.


“Then it was a heartbreaker at Gonzaga, 67-78 in OT. We needed 2 from the line to win it at the end of regulation and Joe Arn hit the first but missed the second. Then in OT they ran over us. 22 and 6 for Joe who was really down after the game, feeling he’d let down the team, 19, 8, 3 for Greg Hyde, 11 and 8 for Peter Hawk. Tay had a rare off night, 2-11, and that hurt. -2 TOs, +3 RBs. It was a tough loss.


“This week we go to FL ATL and then #15 Georgia. Joe in Middletown.”


“I’m worried about rebounding.”


“It’s an issue. We average only 0.8 per game more than the other guys. Coach likes the three guard lineup. He has told me that he wants to maximize playing time for his best 5, and 3 of them are guards. We’re only +1 in TOs though. If you’re going to go with 3 guards that has to improve.”


“Greg in Litchfield.”


“I’d go with Dye over Debro.”

“I was on the phone with Coach Clark and I asked. He said offensive stats favor Dye, as does rebounding, but Debro is stronger on D. He didn’t say it but I’m wondering if Lan Shed’s minutes may go down. I’ll be on my own again next Sunday but we expect to have the coach the following week.”


December 11


A 1-1 week but the reverse of what was expected. FL ATK beat us 53-60. Coach said he feels like when he gives up 60 he should win, but 33.3%, 24.3% from long range. 


“Then we went to Georgia and beat #15, 70-64. 27 for Pete Hawk, +11 on the boards. Coach was VERY unhappy about 20 TOs though.


“We’re 5-3 on the road trip so far. This week it’s a 1 game week, 3-3 Rutgers. The team will come home for a few days, for only the 2nd time since Nov. 13.”


December 18


“Ben Dover with the Sunday UML hoops round up. 88-64 win at Rutgers. Tay had 21, 3, 3, 2, 2, 17 each for Hawk and Hyde, 10 and 8 for Den Debro, 6, 11, 2 for Lan Shed, 6, 4, 3, 3 for Chris Dye. +10 RBs but 17 TOs. That was about all that went wrong.


“6-3 for the road trip with one to play. We’re at 5-4 Butler from B conf. Den Debro has really come on. It’s looking like Coach Clark’s patience is paying off.


December 26


“Ben Dover with Coach Clark. 72-57 over Butler, and 7-3 for the road trip. Not too shabby!”


“When we score more than 57 in regulation we win. 18, 6 for Tay, 15, 11, 2, 4 for Pete. It will be nice to play at home.”


“Colorado tomorrow night.”


 “F conf., 7-3.”

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January 1975


Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell … convicted.


Dean, Magruder… ordered released from prison


January 1


“Ben Dover with the coach. 55-45 over Colorado.”

“Great D! We didn’t give them a lot of open looks. And we took great care of the ball, 8 TOs. Joe Arn had his best game in quite a while, 16, 9, 3, 5.”


“Coach, 10 of 11 on the road and you still managed to go 8-3 for the pre-conf. season.”

“I’m thrilled. We had 6 really tough opponents, beat 4 of them and lost to one in OT. I think we’re ready for conf. play.”


“Davidson and UNC Wilmington this week.”


“Davidson is struggling, UNCW is playing well.”


“Next week the coach is on the road so I’m here alone.”


January 8


“Ben Dover with the UML hoops wrap up. What a week! First a 74-73 win over Davidson at home. It went down to the last shot, a ten footer by Den Debro for the win. All 5 starters in double figures, plus 7 and 5 for Chris Dye. Debro led the way with 18 and 6. 8 TOs for the 2nd game in a row and +5 RBs. Great win.


“Then we went to UNC Wilmington and it came down to the last shot again, a three by Pete Hawk for a 66-63 win. Den Debro led us again, 16, 5, 1, 3. 11 TOs.  Chris Dye had 8 and 8. 


“This week we’re at Mercer, 7-6, 1-1, and we host 5-8, 0-2 Valparaiso.” 


January 15


“Coach is on a plane. I’m Ben Dover with the Sunday recap. We went to Mercer and beat them 87-66. All 5 starters plus Chris Dye in double figures. 13, 9, 4, 2, 1 for Joe, 11, 3, 9, 1, 3 for Greg.


“Then we beat Valparaiso here, 72-62. 21, 8 for Joe, 11, 6, 2 for5 Chris, 10, 9, or 8 for each of the other starters. 4 TOs.


“This week we travel to 5-10, 3-1 SMU and then host the only other undefeated team, 10-5, 4-0 Detroit.”


January 22


“Coach is not available again this evening. Ben Dover with the hoops week in review. It was a great week. UML seems to have hit its stride. 71-58 at SMU. 20 and 6 with 4 steals for Tay, 18 with 5 assists for Pete. Super sub Chris Nye had 10, 4, 2, 1. 7 TOs for +14. -21 in RBs but it didn’t matter. 


“Then we came home to face division rival Detroit and won 65-43. We played terrific D and held their starters to 23 points. All 5 of our starters were in dobules, and we had 6 TOs. 


On the road all week, 1st at 9-8, 3-3 Northeastern, which isn’t really a road game, and then at ODU, 10-7, 5-1, tied for 2nd place.


January 29


“Ben Dover on ‘Sportstalk’ with the coach for the weekly wrap up. Coach?”


“We won at Northeastern, 72-57. 23, 7 for Tay, 19, 4, 2, 4 for Joe, 13, 6 for Den, 5, 7, 5, 3 for Chris. 8 TOs.


“Then we traveled to ODU for our 2nd OT loss of the year, 77-78. 20 TOs was a huge factor. Just like our last OT loss we missed a chance to win at the end of regulation. Joe Arn, who didn’t score a point all night, had a little 4 foot turn around blocked as time expired. Then in OT they hit a 16 footer at the end for the win.


“We’re back in a 2 way tie for 1st with Detroit.”

“And this week?”


“North Carolina Central, 4-15, 3-5 here tomorrow, then off to 7-13, 3-5 Cal-Irvine.”


“Let’s go to the phones. Bennie in Wellesley.”


“Rebounding coach. Only up 0.9 per game. That’s the problem.”


“I’d be happy if we rebounded better, but with a 3 guard set up it’s going to be an issue. One, I’m happy to be out rebounding our opponents, and 2, the up side is we’re 3.1 TOs a game ahead of the other guys. It’s about trade offs.”


“Rob in Cambridge.”


“Not sure about that 3 guard thing.”


“Well, it puts the 5 I feel are my best on the floor for more minutes. #6, Chris Dye, is getting almost as many minutes as Debro is. Admittedly, my three guards are getting more minutes. We discuss this every couple of days at coaches’ meeting, but we’d give up lots of points to gain not that many rebounds. Hey, we’re tied for 1st halfway through. I think we’re okay.”


“Kenny in Quincy.”


“What do you think of Ford pardoning Nixon?”


“I guess it wasn’t a shock but I don’t really know how I feel. Part of me would have liked to see him prosecuted, because I think he was hip deep in the whole thing, maybe even in the planning of the break ins. The other part says, enough of the circus, let’s move on.”


“Okay, coach is back with us next Sunday.”

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February 1975


Mitchell, Haldeman, Ehrlichman sentenced to 2 ½-8 years. 


1st televised kidney transplant


February 5


“Ben Dover with the coach. Coach, a good week.”


“Very good. 2 wins, alone in first, and we’re in the top 25, #23, RPI #16. 70-45 over NC Central here. 28, 8 for Joe, 10 TOs, +8 on the boards.


“Then we traveled to Cal-Irvine and won 70-57. 16, 11, 2, 1 for Tay, 16, 6 for Joe, 11 TOs, +4 RBs.”


“This week?”


“2 at home. 10-11, 6-4 Winthrop, and 8-13, 4-6 Harvard.”


February 12


“Coach is on a plane. Ben Dover with the Sunday wrap up. Great week for UML hoops. We beat Winthrop at home, 79-71. 16, 4, 3 for Pete, 17, 3, 4 for Tay, 14, 4, 2 for Den, 9, 10, 2, 3 for Joe, 9, 3 for Chris. 7 TOs, +6 RBs.


“Then Harvard came in  and we won 73-49. 21, 4, 7, 2 for Tay, 17, 2, 2 for Pete, 12, 8, 2, 2, 2 for Joe, 12, 6, 7, 2, 1 for Greg. 10 TOs. 


“We are now 2 up on Detroit and ODU, ranked #20, RPI #13.


“This week we’re at 12-11, 8-4 Ball State, then at 10-13, 6-6 Davidson, who we beat by only 1 here. Challenging week!


February 19


“Ben Dover here with the wrap up. First 2 loss week of the season. Ball ST beat us 58-64. When we score less than 60 we usually lose. 15, 8 for Joe who played only 20 minutes due to foul trouble. 10, 8 for Den, 12, 2, 2 for Greg who fouled out in 20 minutes. Pete had 6 TOs and we didn’t play good D late in the game.


“Then Davidson beat us 62-68. 18, 10 for Joe, 16, 2, 3, 2 for Greg. Their bench got 26, ours got 6.


“We’re still in 1st place, by 1 over Ball ST, Detroit, and SMU. We have the Bracket Breaker tonight against Monty Smith Memorial from J. Then we’re home for the last 2. First it’s UNC Wilmington, who we beat by 3 there, then it’s Mercer, who we beat by 21 at their place.


February 26


“Ben Dover on ‘Sportstalk’ with the coach to wrap up the regular season. Coach, you don’t often lose 3 in a row but Monty Smith beat you 67-70 in the Bracket Breaker.”


“That was a very frustrating loss. I don’t do a lot of storming around the locker room but I did that night. We couldn’t seem to stop their Point and we allowed 12 threes. We fell behind early and it got to 20 early in the 2nd half. From then on it was all us but it was too late. The final score was as close as we got. Joe had 13, 9, 5, and Chris got another 13 but it wasn’t enough. I made it clear that I didn’t expect to lose again for a long time. 


“I guess they listened because we beat UNC Wilmington 79-56. We fell behind early again in that one, but never by more than 6, and it was three at the half. Then we got 44 and they got 18 in the 2nd half. 19 each for Tay and Greg, 18 for Joe, 7 TOs.


“The title was on the line for the last game of the regular season against Mercer because Detroit was at SMU and they were both just one back. One of them had to win. We took care of business, 58-43. Good D usually wins. 20, 11, 3, 2, 1 for Joe, 12 each for Greg and Pete, +7 TOs, +5 RBs, and we held them to 33.3% shooting.”


“So you won the conf. and we’ll host the tourney.”

That’s right, 21-7, 13-3, #22, RPI #23. Looking forward to the tournament.”

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March 1975


U. S. Senate filibuster rule revised. Now 60 Senators can end a filibuster rather than 67.


Ethiopia ends monarchy after 3000 years


John Wooden’s final game as UCLA coach.



March 4

“ Ben Dover here at courtside. #9 seed Dartmouth, 15-14, beats #8 Northeastern in the only upset of play in round. We’ll play them.”


“68-55. Coach, their Point was unstoppable but you stopped everyone else.”


“That was the choice we made. He’s a great shooter and a very good passer. We felt that if we doubled him he’d find the open man. If we let him go and stopped everyone else we thought we would be more successful. Turned out he got 33 and the rest of the team got 22 so it worked. All of our starters plus Chris Dye put points on the board, we were +6 in RBs. We had 16 TOs, but they had 18.


“Again tonight there was only one upset. #5 Ball State upset #4 ODU. Ball State is 17-12, 11-5.”

“They started our recent three game losing streak, beating us there 58-64. We had an awful shooting night and we could have played better outside D. Those arew the things we need to do better tomorrow night.”


March 5


“Ben Dover with the coach after the semifinal game against Ball ST. Coach, no doubt tonight.”


“No, we went back and forth for a while but the second half was ours, 41-15. 15, 10, 3 for Joe, 17, 5, 2 for Tay, 6 TOs, 36 RBs. 61-43 at the end. It was a good night.”


2 seed SMU, 16-14, 12-4, for the title. We won by 13 at their place early on. We owned the boards and turned them over 23 times.”


March 6


“Ben Dover with the Coach after the L conf. title game with SMU. Coach, 70-54 and the title.”


“We fell way behind, 13 at one point , but as has been the pattern lately we had a strong 2nd half, 38-21. 25, 4, 2 for Tay, 9, 11, 5, 2 for Joe, 12, 2, 5, 4 for Pete, 7 TOs, 13 RBs. I’m happy with the way we played.”


“We’ll be with you and the team for the selection show.”


March 12


“Ben Dover with Coach Clark, BU Provost Clark, and the UML basketball team. The selection show is about to start. We’re ranked #17, RPI #16. Here we go.


“Not in the East.


“Not in the Midwest.


#6 in the South. We play #11, Western Carolina, 22-10. Coach?”


“Shaking my head over here. #6? What does that comedian say? ‘We don’t get no respect.’ We’ll need to show them, once again, that we’re better than they gave us credit for.”


“Provost Clark. It’s been a while.”


“It has, Ben. Not much has changed about the selection process though.”


“No, it hasn’t. Coach is going through his files to find out about WCU. SO how’s the job?”


“There’s a lot I miss about UML, but I’m enjoying my work at BU. It’s a very good school.”


“So what’s the next step up from Provost, university President?”


“Well, I like what I’m doing and where I am, but yes, either that or Provost at a bigger school.”



“Okay, great speaking with you. Coach, what did you find out about Western Carolina?”


“They’re in F, won the regular season and the tourney. 9 game winning streak. Stronger inside than out. We think we can turn them over. We need to play them at least even inside.”

“Okay, we’ll bring you the game on March 17, right here on 88.1 FM, WLOW, how LOW can you GO!”

March 17

“Ben Dover here after the 1st round NCAA gane with Coach Clark. 75-53.”


“We played well. 9 TOs, 33 RBs, all 5 starters in double figures. We fell behind early, as we’ve been doing lately, but it didn’t last long.”


“3 seed, #14 ranked Tennessee, 24-11, conf. B next.”


“Tough team, especially outside. Came from 5th seed to win the conf. tourney. 8 game win streak. We need to contain them outside and beat them inside.”


March 19


“Ben Dover here after the round of 32 NCAA game with Tennessee. Coach, 81-52. You really beat up on a pretty good team to get to the Sweet Sixteen.”


“And sweet it is! We went back and forth for 2 or 3 minutes then really took off. It was 50-31 at the half. 22, 12 for Joe, 19, 5 for Chris Dye from the bench, 15, 10, 4, 4 for Tay, 12 TOs, 43 boards, and a very good performance.”


“Den Debro seemed to hurt a knee.”


“Yes, in the 2nd half. We had a 25 point lead so I took him out and left him out. The doc says it’s not serious and he should be 100% for our next game.”


“Which is against #10 seed Texas A & M who’ve been really hot, knocking off first #7 Alabama A & M, and then #2 seed Alabama.”


“Guess that’s one state they own!  They’re 22-10 from D. Very good at the Point and very balanced on O, no real go to guy. They play man, and press late when it’s close. They finished 2nd in the regular season but were upset in the 1st round or they’d be ranked even higher. Again in this game we need to contain them outside and beat them inside.”


“And we’ll be there to bring you the game on March 24.”


March 24


“Ben Dover here after the Sweet Sixteen game between Texas A & M and UML. Coach, another win by a wide margin, 77-52. And you’re in the Elite Eight for only the 2nd time.”


“Yes, and we’re thrilled to be there. We took an early lead and expanded it to 11 by the half, and eventually to 28. All 5 starters plus Chris Dye in double figures, 11 TOs, 38 RBs.”


“Are you playing your best ball of the season?”


“I really think that for the past 8 games we have been. And we need to continue that next game.”


#1 seed, #2 ranked, #2 RPI, 25-7 Indiana, from A conf.


“They are strong at every position. They didn’t finish the season strong though, lost in the 2nd round of their tourney, 7-6 in the last 13. They do about everything well. Their D is not the strongest we’ve seen though. The bottom line is that our D has to prevent them from getting the ball where they want to get it.”


“Okay, we’re there on the 26th.”


March 26


“Ben Dover with Coach Clark after the Elite Eight game with #2 Indiana. Coach, 78-82. Tough one.”


“They’re a very good team and probably the favorite to win it all at this point. We did everything right except defending the three. They hit 17-35 of those and that was the difference. They made 5 in the last 2 ½ minutes. Dan fouled out with about 5 minutes left and Pete with 3, and that made it a lot tougher. We moved Tay to the 2 spot, brought Chris Dye in to go big. Maybe going with a 3rd guard would have gotten us out on the three. Hard to say. Greg Hyde had 15, 2, 2 in his last game for us and Chris Dye had 9, 4, 1, 2 in his last game. We’ll miss both of them. 15, 11 for Joe, 15, 5, 3 for Tay, 8, 10, 3 for Den, 10, 6, 5 for Pete. D wins games and we didn’t play enough of it.”


“Great season though.”


“Oh definitely! To get to the Round of 8 and to lose by only 4 there? Not bad at all for a team from down in L conf.”


“We’ll talk with you on April 4 Coach.”

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April 1975


North Vietnamese routs troops in the South.


Microsoft is founded


Saigon surrenders. Last U. S. helicopter leaves.


Frank Robinson is 1st MLB black manager


April 4


“Coach, #2 Indiana beat unranked Pitt for the title.”


“We lost to the champs, and we gave them their toughest game in the tournament.”


“Tell us about awards.”


“Okay, Joe Arn was conf. L POY, Tay Lopez was Defensive POY, and they both made 1st team. Greg Hyde and Pete Hawk made 2nd team.”

“And you got Coach of the Year! We’ll be with the coach again at the end of the month to wrap up the season.”


April 10


“Ben Dover on ‘Sportstalk.” Unconfirmed reports are that Coach Kip Clark nearly left UML for UMass.”


April 23


Ben Dover here for my last edition of ‘Sportstalk’ before I graduate. Rick Burns will host the show from now on. Coach, did you ask for more budget dollars?”


“I did. And I got $4,500.”


“27-8, regular season and tourney title, Elite Eight. Pretty good season!”

“Yes it was. My guys worked very hard, and I’m pleased that they were rewarded for their efforts.”


Team Prestige up to 33. You are now 304-87, .777. Off- 45, Def- 69, Recruit- 80, Scout- 7, Player Development- 57, Reputation- 56. Any truth to the rumors that you almost went to UMass?”


“That’s a long way from my wife’s work at Boston University. It wouldn’t make sense.”

“And I’m guessing that’s all we’ll get on THAT topic. Coach and listeners, it’s been a pleasure. Good luck to Rick Burns.”

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May 1975


Apple Records closes


Ford declares end to Vietnam War


Houston’s Bob Watson scores MLB’s 1 millionth run


June 1975


Sony Betamax (VCR) first available for purchase


“Jaws” opens (so to speak)


Leonard Peltier convicted


June 12


“Rick Burns on ‘Sportstalk.’ We’ve learned that UML has commitments from 2 transfers, PG Steve Barr, and C Zel Knox.”


June 26


“Rick Burns here. UML has 3 scholarships and they need guards. They’re looking at 24 guys to start but that number changes fairly quickly.


July 1975


Ford announces candidacy for re-election


Jimmy Hoffa disappears


August 1975


Billy Martin named manager of Yankees for 1st time


Communists take over in Laos


August 21


“Rick Burns here with Coach Clark on the phone. Coach, what’s going on  with recruiting?”


“We’re in communication with about 20 recruits. We’ve offered to a Point, and we’ll probably make the other two offers in early September.”


“All guards?”


“At least two, maybe all three, we’re still deciding.”


“Thanks Coach.”


September 1975


NYC Transit fares up from 30 to 35 cents


Assassination attempt on Ford in SF


Boston begins court ordered busing


2nd assassination attempt on Ford


September 4


“’Sportstalk has learned that UML has offered basketball scholarships to three Point Guards.


September 18


“Rick Burns on ‘Sportstalk’ and we have Coach Clark on the line. Coach, what’s going on with recruiting?”


We have a commitment from our #1 prospect, a PG. We feel we’re close with the other two.”


“And the schedule?”


“We’ll lose a few in the pre-conf. period. We have three ranked teams and a few others that are really good.”


“Talk again soon, Coach.”


October 1975


Ali KOs Frazier in the 15th at the “Thrilla in Manila.”


Saturday Night Live premieres with George Carlin as host


Carlton Fisk hits iconic 12th inning homer to win 6th game of World Series


Ford’s limo involved in car accident in Hartford, CT


October 2



Rick Burns here with the coach. Recruiting news?”


We got all three Point Guards we were after.”

“So you’re finished with recruiting.”


“Probably. We’re talking to one PF and a couple of guards. If a roster spot opens later in the season we’ll see what happens.”


“First day of practice.”


“We have a great deal of experience. We feel good about the season. We’re moving Tay Lopez back to his natural position, guard, and Pete Hawk is at the other guard spot. Joe Arn is at Center again. We think those three spots are pretty solid, but it isn’t cast in stone. We expect a battle for minutes at SF and PF.”


“And you’re picked to win conf. K. Thanks Coach.”


November 1975


Yasser (that’s my baby) Arafat addresses the UN


William O. Douglas retires from SCOTUS


Human sphincter RWR announces candidacy for POTUS


Bobby Orr plays his last game


November 6


“Rick Burns. Coach, how does the lineup look.”


“As expected, Hawk and Lopez at the guards with Geoff Hahn as the first guard off the bench. Joe Arn is back at Center and Den Debro at PF. Key Davis who transferred from New Mexico and had to sit out last season will start at SF.  Lan Shed should get lots of minutes filling in for the big guys.”


“So you’re going with a 7 man rotation.”


“Pretty much. I would love to find minutes for 8, 9, and maybe even 10. We’ll see what happens.”


“Okay, Coach will be with us most Sunday nights, starting 2 weeks from tonight.”

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November 20


“Rick Burns here with Coach Clark for the Sunday night UML hoops round up. Great 1st week, Coach.”


“It was. We traveled to No. ALA and beat them 75-66. 25, 9, 3 for Joe Arn, 22, 3, 2 for Pete Hawk. +3 and +3.


“Then we came home to face Conf. B’s Dayton and won 80-55. 20, 5, 2 for Joe, 16, 11, 7, 2 for Tay, 15, 2, 8 for Pete. +6 and +6.”


“And this week?”


“Home against Xavier on Weds., then off to # 17 OK ST.”


“I’m here alone next week.”


November 27


“Rick Burns with the UML hoops Sunday night wrap up. 80-56 over Xavier here. 21, 8, 4 for Tay, 18, 2, 5 for Pete, and 12 for Lan Shed from the bench. +4 TOs, +5 RBs.


“Then a heartbreaking loss at OK ST, 53-54. First time all year we didn’t take care of the ball, 19 TOs, but OK ST had 20. We were +8 on the boards. We talked to coach and he said he was very happy with the D, the only problems were poor shooting and poor shot selection. The stats bear that out- 14-46, 1-11. Still, the River Hawks has a chance to win it. On the last possession they got it inside to Joe Arn, but he was doubled and OK ST tied him up with 1.3 seconds left. The possession arrow favored them and the clock ran out before we could foul.


“We start the week at Vanderbilt from G and then we host #6 Wake Forest, from B. Another challenging week. Coach told us there would be some tough games on the schedule and he was willing to lose some games feeling that these opponents would make UML a better team in the long run. Coach will be with us on Sunday and we hope to take questions. See you then, but remember. We’re here every night except Saturday, because I’m too cool not to have a date on Saturday night. Rick Burns on ‘Sportstalk’ here on 88.1 FM, WLOW, how LOW can you GO!”


December 1975


Ford bails out NYC.


U. S. 1st class postage stamp up from 10 cents to 13.


Congress passes Metric Conversion Act, it passes by inches


December 4


“Rick Burns and we have the coach on the phone. The lines are open. Coach, a 1-1 week.”


“That’s right. We lost at Vanderbilt, 58-66. 21 TOs and 12-23 at the line were a deadly combination. 5 fewer TOs and 5 more made free throws and it’s probably an easy win.


“Then we came home and played great ball, beating #11 Wake Forest 75-65. Still too many TOs, 18, but 45 RBs made up for it. 18 for Tay, 17 each for Joe and Pete. Believe me, we are working on taking care of the ball.


“This week?”


“2 on the road. At Monty Smith Mem, first. They’re in I and they’re undefeated. Then it’s #9 Penn. Could be a tough week.”


“Let’s take some calls. Joe in Revere.”


‘We’re getting’ our pockets picked too often.”


“Yes we are, Joe. We work on it every single practice. With talented, experienced guards it simply shouldn’t be happening anywhere near as often as it is. Hopefully we can fix it soon.”


“Mike on campus.”


“Coach, Shed’s playing a lot better than Debro right now.”


“I won’t compare players but I will say that Lan has been playing well. We see it, we’re aware of it, we are increasing his minutes starting with the next game.”


“Mark in Pittsfield.”


“Coach, seen any good movies lately?”


“’Return of the Pink Panther,’ but I’m a huge Peter Sellers fan. ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail,’ have to say, ‘Jaws,’ ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.’ ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ is not my kind of film but it was very well done.”


“Out of time.”


December 11


“Rick Burns on ‘Sportstalk.’” Coach is traveling so I’ll do the Sunday wrap up alone. Another 1-1 week. A tough loss at Monty Smith, 64-66. 13 TOs was an improvement, and we were +5 on the boards, but we gave up 14 threes, one on the last possession of the game. 20, 5, 3 for Tay, 14, 3, 2 for Pete. We don’t often get beat inside but we did in this game.


“Then  we went to #9 Penn and scored 64 again, but it was enough, 64-55. 18 TOs again, which has the coach very frustrated, even though it was only -2. +10 on the boards helped. 6 guys scored between 7 and 12 points.


“This week it’s Rutgers at home.”


December 18


“Rick Burns with the coach on the phone. Rutgers.”


“65-44. Great D! 15 TOs is still too many but I liked the 42 boards. 20 and 7 for Joe Arn, 13, 8, 4 for Tay, 6 and 10 for Lan.”


“This week?”


“At Kentucky from C. they’re only 5-4, but they’re a better team than that. This will be a tough one.”


Thank Coach. Talk to you on Monday, not Sunday next week.”


December 26


“Tough game at Kentucky, Coach, 58-71.”

“When you take 12 more shots than the other guys you should win. We were +3 in turnovers, even in rebounds. Very frustrating.”


“You’re 6-4 with one to play before conf. play starts. Is that a concern?”


“Yes and no. I’ve said more than once that we’re an experienced team and we should have jelled by now, but we haven’t. The hope is that it will happen soon. We certainly have the talent and experience to win our conf., but we need to play better than we have been playing.”


“Northwestern this week.”


“They’re in H, it’s a home game, they’re 5-5. It’s a game we should win.”

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January 1976


Paul Brown retires from coaching


Catholics and Protestants continue killing each other in the British Isles


MacNeil-Lehrer report premieres


Ted Turner purchases Atlanta Braves


George H. W. Bush becomes director of the CIA


January 2


“Rick Burns here for the Sunday wrap up on Monday because of the holiday. Happy 1976! UML beat Northwestern 83-51. 24, 6, 3 for Tay, 21, 9, 3 for Joe Arn, 12, 7 for Den Debro.


“This week starts conf. K play. Home with 8-3 Charleston then at 4-7 ODU. I’m here for the wrap up at the usual Sunday time.”


January 8


“Rick Burns with the Sunday night UML hoops wrap up. A 2-0 start to conf. play. 69-44 over Charleston here. 6 guys scored between 8 and 14 points. +5 RBs, even in TOs (15).


At ODU it was 65-58. 18 for Pete Hawk, but we had 17 TOs, -4 RBs. We played really good D though.


“This week it’s 2 at home, Oval Rabbits is 9-4, 1-1, and Marshall is 5-8, 1-1.”


January 15


“’Sportstalk.’ I’m Ric Burns and the coach is on the phone. The lines are open. Coach, gotta love those home games!”


“Oh yes! 82-45 over Oval Rabbits. We played everybody, never trailed, and led by as many as 44. 7 TOs, which made me very happy. 


“Then it was 78-49 over Marshall and after the first 5 minutes we never trailed. 17, 8, 2, 2, 1 for Joe, 18 for Geoff Hahn from the bench and again 7 TOs.”


“This week?”


“At 10-5, 1-3 James Madison. Then home for 10-5, 3-1 Chattanooga.”


“You’re alone in first.”


“It’s early, but it’s a good place to be.”


“Jeff in Attleboro.”


“What did you do to fix the turnover problems?”


“Jeff, we’ve worked on ball handling for a significant amount of time at every practice for weeks. It looks like that work is starting to pay off. It’s the biggest flaw in our game and we don’t intend to stop working on it.”


“Will in Framingham.”


“You guys suck ba-”


“Thank you, Will. Frank in Brockton.”


“Wondering why Shed still isn’t starting.”


“Because I like to have a good player come in from the bench. He is playing starting minutes and he’s in there at the end when it’s close. He understands why we’re playing that way and he’s fine with it. He agrees that it’s way more important to be in at the end than in at the beginning.”


“Whitey from Roxbury.”


“Coach, what are you and the wife listening to?”


“The Stones, Eagles, Doobies, Harry Chapin, Wings, Queen-”


“Lots a stoner music!”


“We’re into the music, not the lifestyle.”


“And that’s a good place to stop!”


January 22


“Rick Burns. It’s Sunday so this must be the weekly UML hoops wrap up. Coach is on the road. Another 2-0 week. 71-48 win at James Madison. 14 TOs, which was +9. 18, 8, 5, 5 for Joe. Good play by all 7 who got in for more than garbage time.


Back home and a 55-32 win over Chattanooga. 8 TOs and +9 RBs. 23, 10, 3 for Joe.


“This week we’re at 6-11, 1-5 Canisius and we host 8-9, 3-3 Detroit. We’re 13-4, 6-0, 1 up on Drake, 2 or more on the rest.”


January 29


“Rick Burns here. 2 more wins this week for 15-4, 8-0 UML. We went to Canisius and won 67-58. 21 for Pete, 15, 7, 5, 3, 1 for Joe, 12 TOs. The final was fairly close but we were never in much danger in this one.


“Then back home for a 72-54 win over Detroit. 4 starters in double figures and Key Davis had 6 and 6, Lan had 6, 2, 4, 3. 9 TOs. Drake is one back, Morehead ST 2, and the rest 3 or more.


“This week we’re at 10-9, 4-4 Central Michigan and then we host 10-9, 3-5 Miami of Ohio.”

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February 1976


12th Winter Olympics, Innsbruck


SEATO disbands


February 5


“A 2 win week but barely. 70-69 at Canisius on a 3 by Pete Hawk with less than a second left in OT.


“Then 72-57 over Miami of Ohio. TO problem seems fixed but now we’re being outrebounded.”


“At SMU and Drake this week.


“Oh. We’re ranked- #20.


February 12


“Rick Burns with the coach. A couple of challenges this week.”


“Yes, but that makes us a better team. 56-49 at SMU. 6 TOs but -8 on the boards and we didn’t shoot well. 23, 4, 2, 2 for Pete, who seemed to make a basket whenever we needed one.


“Then 50-44 at Drake, who were in 2nd place at the time. 11 TOs, 35 RBs. We didn’t shoot well again. 23, 14 for Joe, and we did really take control until the last minute and a half.”


“This week?”


“Last place Illinois ST, 7-16, 1-11 here. Then at Charleston, 14-9, 6-6. We beat them by 25 last time.”


“Coach, 19-4, 12-0,  3 up with 4 to play,#17, RPI #7.”


“Things could be worse. We struggled early be we seem to have jelled.”


“Ken in Marblehead.”


“What’s with the rebounding?”


“It’s always something. We seem to have fixed the TO problem, we’re down to 12.1 per game. Now it’s rebounding. Again, we’re working on it every day. The NCAA limits the amount of practice time we have so it can be hard to do everything we want to do, but we manage to spend time on rebounding and still focus on ball handling. And now shot selection hasn’t been what we want it to be so we’re working on that too.”


“George in Raynham.”


“Debro seems to be playing better lately.”


“I agree. He’s doing a lot of things well. Guys have ups and downs. Sometimes we forget that they’re in their teens and early 20s. At that age- well, let’s just say life can be complicated at that age and focus is sometimes a problem. We work on that as well.”


“Thanks Coach.”


February 19


“Rick Burns here before the Bracket Breaker with MVS. Another 2-0 week, we clinched 1st place, and we’re #15, RPI #9. 68-31 over Ill. ST here. 15, 14, 3, 3 for Joe, 19 for Tay, 8 TOs, 36 RBs.


“Then 60-37 at Charleston. 18, 3, 3 for Tay, 16, 7 for Lan, 8, 12 for Joe. 13 TOs, 39 RBs. We seem to be playing really well right now.


“Last week of the regular season. MVS is 20-5 in L. Then it’s ODU who we beat by only 7 there. We close at Oval Rabbits. We beat them here by 37.”


February 26


“Rick Burns with the coach. A 3 win week, we’re #12, RPI #6, an 18 game win streak, 24-4, 16-0 headed to the post season.”


“Coaching a team is a process and it’s a long season. You teach and you work on things and you hope it all sinks in by this point. Right now we’re playing really well.”


“A couple of injuries.”

“Jay Rame has back spasms; he’s out at least a week more. Geoff Hahn hurt his shoulder early in the week. He seems almost at 100%.”


“And the week?”


“We beat our old rival MVS 63-50. We never trailed but they hung in most of the way. 15 and 8 for Lan, 13 each for Key Davis and Tay. 14 TOs but they really pressured the ball


70-37 over ODU here. Tay had 18 but everyone put up numbers. 10 TOs, 37 RBs.


“We closed with a close one at Oval Rabbits, 65-58. We scored the last 9 points so we were challenged until the end. 18 for Pete, 6 TOs, 33 RBs.”


“4 games up at the end. Who’s hot right now?”


Marshall and Drake are tied for 2nd and they both played well last week. Central Michigan is up and down. When they’re up they’re very good.”


“We’ll bring our listeners every game from here on.”

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March 1976


“Hurricane” Carter retried.


Queen Elizabeth II sends first royal email


8 Ohio National Guardsmen indicted for Kent ST murders


March 4


“Rick Burns here before the Conf. K quarterfinal round game between #9 seed Charleston and UML. We crushed this team twice in the regular season.”



“Rick Burns here with the coach after the game. 66-46.”

“We led all the way. 19, 4, 2 for Pete, 15, 8, 3, 2, 2 for Tay, 9, 5, 4 for Lan, 9 TOs, and 33 RBs.”


Morehead ST in the semis.


“We didn’t play them this year which is a disadvantage in that we don’t know them as well as we’d like. They’re strong inside.”


March 5


“Rick Burns with the coach after the tourney semifinal against Morehead ST. 90-71 and you’re in the title game.”


“Yes, our biggest point total of the season. 22, 10, 2 for Joe, 20, 5, 2 for Tay, 19, 3 for Key. 15 TOs, which I didn’t like.”


#3 seed Drake, 19-11, 12-4.”


“We won by only 6 there on a night when we couldn’t make a basket. Joe had a huge night otherwise we would have been in a lot of trouble.. We just need to take good shots and knock them down.”


“We're #8 ranked, #6 RPI.”


“We’ve really come to be a good team. We need this win though, if we want any chance at a decent seed.”


March 6


“Rick Burns with the coach after the conf. K title game. 71-44 and another title.”


“We’re really playing well. 4 guys in double figures, 6 TOs, never challenged after the first few minutes.”


“You’re losing your starting backcourt and you’re sixth man.”


“Can’t say I’m thinking much about next year but Geoff Hahn is back and he seems ready, and we’ve got three really good looking guards coming in. We’ll be okay.”


“We’ll be here with the coach on the 12th for the selection show.”


March 12


“Rick Burns here. UML is ranked #6, RPI #5 so hopes are high. And here we go!


“That was quick! #5 in the East. We’ll play #12 Creighton, 18-12. Coach?”

“Looks like the toughest bracket and a tough first round draw. If we get to the Sweet Sixteen it’s Duke, #1, RPI #1. We’ll do what we can.”


“What do you know about Creighton?”


“Conf. C, 18-12, they play 1-3-1, run motion and Princeton. Lost in the first round of their tourney, good inside.”


“Okay, we’ll be doing the game on the 16th.”


March 16


“Rick Burns here after the first round NCAA game between Creighton and UML. Coach, 74-67.”


“Good team. We were down by 8-12 for almost the entire first half, and went in -11. We made some adjustments, mainly we found ways to get out on the three point shooters, and we owned the 2nd half. 18, 7 for Joe, 16, 6 for Key, 16, 7, 3 for Lan, 13, 4, 3 for Pete. +18 RBs, but 17 TOs.”


#4 seed, #20 ranked Pitt is next.”


“Yes. 19-10 from A conf. They run high post and shuffle and play man. Lost in the 1st round of their tourney or they’d be seeded higher. Definitely tough inside.”


“One last question. UML President Evan Marchesi announced his retirement and the search is on. Is Grace Clark a candidate?”


“No comment.”


“Okay, the committee hopes to have a new President in time for the opening of the school year so we’ll find out then. We’ll be here on March 18 for the game with Pitt.”


“Rick Burns here after the 2nd round NCAA game between Pitt and UML. 73-60 and the Sweet Sixteen for the 6th straight year.”

“That many? Great! We led most of the way in this one.14 TOs but that was +3, and +7 boards. We shot well and we only allowed 4 threes. We didn’t let them dominate inside. Great balance, we had 7 guys between 6 and 13 points. I’m pleased with this one.”




“#1 in the country, 32-2. They play 5 out, flex, and shuffle. Man and they press now and then. Strong at every position and a deep bench. No obvious weaknesses. With a team like that you just try to prevent them from doing the things they want to do and hope for the best.”


“Good luck Coach. We’ll be there on the 23rd.”


March 23


“Rick Burns here after the Sweet 16 game between #1 Duke and UML. 72-86.”


“That is one heck of a basketball team! We had 9 TOs, 32 boards, played hard all night and never gave up, and simply lost to a very talented team. There’s no shame in losing to a better team and that’s what we did. I am very proud of my guys for the fight they showed. 6 guys between 8 and 15 points. Last game for Pete Hawk, Lan Shed and Tay Lopez and they will all be missed.”


“We’ll be with the coach on April 4 to talk about the final four and awards.”

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April 1976


Apple Computers founded


Deng Xiaoping deposed


Barbara Walters becomes 1st female evening news anchor


April 4


“Rick Burns with the coach. Tell us about the Final Four.”


“It was the Duke show. Their 14 point win over us was the closest score for them in the tournament.”



“Joe Arn was K conf. POY, Tay Lopez was Defensive POY, the two of them plus Pete Hawk made the 1st team.”


“And you were conf. K COY. Talk to you at the end of the season Coach.”


April 23


“Rick Burns here with Coach Clark. Coach, 29-5, regular season and tourney conf. K champs.


“A good season.”


“Indeed! I assume you asked for a budget increase?”


“I did. We need more money. We got $6,750. It will help.


“Okay, you’ve been a head coach for 13 years now, all at UML. Your record is 333-92, .784. Off- 50, Def- 76, Recruit- 80, Scout- 8, Player Development- 63, Reputation- 61. You’ve gotten a lot of notice. And yet you stay here.”


“I’m happy here. I like the school. I like the area. Grace and I have kind of settled in. Between the two of us we make more money than we need. I’m not looking to go anywhere.”


“And the UML Presidency?”


“I’m not a candidate.”


(Laughs) “Okay Coach. Good luck to BU Provost Clark, if she should happen to be a candidate.”

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May 1976


I got nuthin’


June 1976


“Bohemian Rhapsody” goes gold


Rioting in South Africa


June 12


“Rick Burns here on ‘Sportstalk.’ UML has picked up 2 transfers, Jr. Ron Vale, a Shooting Guard from GA Tech, and Art Walk, a Jr. Small Forward from Temple. In non-sports news UML has narrowed their search for a new President down to 2 finalists. One of them is Grace Clark, former provost here at UML and currently in that same position at BU, and wife of UML basketball coach Kip Clark. A decision is expected some time in August.


June 26


“Rick Burns back from break. UML has 4 scholarships to fill. They’re looking at 14 recruits for the time being.”


July 1976


Formal reunification of North and South Vietnam


SCOTUS rules death penalty not cruel and unusual punishment


Jimmy Carter wins Dem. nomination for POTUS


Hank Aaron hits last home run


1st outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease


August 1976


Gerald Ford wins Republican nomination for POTUS


Rioting in South Africa, Northern Ireland


August 21


“Rick Burns here with the coach. Coach, before we get to basketball, congratulations!”


“My boss at home is now my boss at work, yes.”

“For those of you who have not yet heard, Grace Clark is now UML President Clark. Coach?”


“We’re thrilled. Both of us have a very warm place in our hearts for UML, and this means we’ll be here for a long time.”


“Great! What’s going on with recruiting?”

“We’ve offered to 2 PGs and 2 Cs. This is earlier than we usually go all in but we really like these four. We are pursuing other recruits since it’s unlikely that we’ll get all 4.”


“Okay, talk with you again soon.”


September 1976


Minnie Minoso becomes the oldest player ever to get a hit in MLB (53)


Mao Zedong dies


Playboy interview with Jimmy Carter


September 18


“’Sportstalk’ and I’m Rick Burns. We have the coach on the line. Coach, what’s going on with recruiting?”

“We got a PG we really want and we feel we’re close with our other three.”


“And you have a schedule.”


“Yes, we have some ranked teams on the road and the best who would play us at home.”


“’Sportstalk’ with Rick Burns. UML has a commitment from a Center. They still have 2 scholarships to fill. Coach Clark says he feels he is very close with another Center and a PG.”


October 1976


SCOTUS lifts ban on death penalty


Mao Zedong’s widow arrested as part of “Gang of Four”


Pres. Ford says there is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe


October 2


“Rick Burns with the coach. Coach, you got another recruit, I hear.”


“Yes, we got the Center we were after so now it’s 2 Centers and a PG. We’re after another PG.


“First day of practice.”

“We have a lot of experience and we’ll go at least 8 or 9 deep. It looks like a good team to me.”


“And you’re picked to win J conf.”


“Yes, I saw that. Akron, San Jose ST, Bowling Green right behind us and we don’t know much about any of them.”


October 9


“Rick Burns back after the break. UML got a commitment from the fourth and final recruit they were chasing. They have commitments from 2 PGs and 2 Cs, all of whom look like they should hit the SAT score.”


November 1976


Carter beats Ford, is elected POTUS


New Jersey voters approve gambling for Atlantic City


November 6


“Rick Burns, and coach will be on after the break. “



“We have Coach Clark on the phone. Coach, you made national sports headlines this week. Care to tell us about it.”

(Laughs) “I guess I kind of went on a rant. A reporter asked me if I had any explanation for why we never  get invited to early season tournaments, why we’re never ranked preseason even though we’ve wound up in the top 20 for the past 7 seasons and 8 out of 9, and why we are seeded lower in the NCAA tourney every year than our ranking and RPI indicate we should be. I probably said too much but he struck a nerve. Anyway, my comments went national. All of those things the reporter asked me mystify me. I do understand that we’re still only in the 10th highest ranked conference, but we’ve proven ourselves over and over and over again, season after season after season. It’s time we get a little respect.”


“Way to go, Coach. Exhibitions are over. Do we have a lineup?”


“A lot of new faces. Juco Clif Skip and freshman Shay Gann at the guards. Joe Arn is at PF this year instead of C, Junior Zel Knox, a transfer from Tulsa is at Center, and Key Davis is at SF. Den Debro and freshman Brad John will get a lot of minutes from the bench. Things will likely change along the way but that’s how we’re starting off.”


“Okay, we’ll do our usual Sunday night wrap starting in two weeks.”

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September 20


“Rick Burns here. Coach is on the road so I’ll do the ‘Sportstalk’ Sunday night UML hoops round up on my own. 2 home games and 2 wins to start the season. 68-37 over California. 21 for Shay Gann at SG, 11, 9 for Key Davis at SF, 6 and 11 for Zel Knox in the middle and good work all around. +11 RBs.


“Then Penn ST came in and we beat them 83-58. 28, 9 for Zel Knox, 16, 12 for Joe Arn at Pf13 for Shay Gann, and 9, 1, 5 for Brad John from the bench. +10 boards.


“This week we travel to Washington in B conf., and Georgetown in A.”


November 27


“Rick Burns here with Coach Clark on the line. Coach, 1-1 this week on the road with 2 tough opponents.”


“That’s right. Washington beat us 50-68. 19 TOs and poor shooting did us in. 16 and 9 for Shay Gann, 13, 6 for Clif Skip but he had 6 TOs and fouled out. We really didn’t play all that well.


“Then we went to Georgetown and staged a terrific comeback. We were down 10 with 6 and ½ to go and came all the way back to tie it on Clif Skip’s three at the buzzer. In OT Clif opened with a three and then Zel Knox got the last 6 for a 78-75 win. 12 TOs and 40 RBs. Zel had 29, 12, and 3, Clif had 19, 5, and 2.


“This week we’re here with #14 West VA, then at Georgia.”


December 1976


1st national TV station, WTBS


1979 declared “Year of the Child”


December 4


“Rick Burns with the UML hoops wrap. A 1-1 week. We won 78-68 over #14 West VA here. 22, 3, 3 for Shay Gann, 17, 5, 2, 4 for Key Davis, 14, 7, 2, 3 for Zel Knox. 11 TOs.


40-46 at Georgia. Great D but we couldn’t score. 25.9% shooting. -10 RBs didn’t help. 21 for Shay, 8 for Clif Skip, and the rest had 11 combined. Both Davis and Knox had 0.


“This week we’re at old rival MVS and home with Illinois


December 11


“Rick Burns with the coach. A 2-0 week- barely.”


“I guess! Crazy game at MVS, 68-67 in OT, but in the 5 minute OT they made 2 free throws, we made a three pointer with 11 seconds left and that was it. Weird! 18 TOs but it was +4. Very strange game.


“We came home beat Illinois 58-54. I was happy with the D but the offense definitely needs work. 12 TOs. Key had 21, 4, and 4 to lead us.


“We’re on the road for our next 3 games. This week only 1, UMass. They’re 4-3 but they play in C conf.”


“Jim in Franklin.”


“Coach, 14.4 TOs per game.”


“I’m not at all happy with that. We’re working on it and hope to get it down. I like to average below 12 per game and we’re not close right now.”


“Joe in Scituate.”


“Yeah, TOs are a problem. Anyway, isn’t it a conflict of interest having your wife as President?”


“I don’t see how. I don’t report to her, she doesn’t make the decisions regarding keeping me on, firing me, giving or withholding a salary increase- any of that. She’s a big hoops fan and comes to our home games, but university presidents usually do that, nothing unusual.”


“Mark in Andover.”


“I’m surprised Debro doesn’t play more.”


“He does a great job for us. He’s kind of caught. He plays 4 and 5 and we have strong starters at those positions. He doesn’t handle the ball well enough to play Small Forward. Anyway, I am really happy to have him up front.”


“Okay, I’m on my own for next week’s wrap up.”


December 18


“We’re back from break. UML traveled to parent university UMass and won 66-54. We never trailed by more than 3 and were ahead by as many as 22. 13, 6, 3 for PG Clif Skip, 10 each for Davis and Knox, 12 TOs (+9), 32 RBs (+6).


“This week it’s #11 Kentucky from C but on the way up, there. They are 9-3 right now and a very good team. We’ll be here on the 25th, but Coach is on the road.”


December 25


69-76. That was the score of the UML-#11 Kentucky game played there. Rick Burns here. 19 TOs hurt, and most of the team shot poorly. Still, we hung in with a very good team.


“This week we’re at Pitt, from A conf.”

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January 1977


1st female Episcopal priest


Coneheads debut on Saturday Night Live


Snow falls in Miami, FL for the only time in recorded history


Carter pardons nearly all Vietnam draft dodgers




January 1


“Rick Burns here on ‘Sportstalk’ with the Coach. 78-61 over Pitt, 8-3 going into conf. play.”


“We did well in view of the challenges we faced. We finished the pre-conf. season well. 23, 2, 2 for Shay Gann at SG, 14, 7, 5 for Clif at PG, 14, 7, 3 for Zel at C, 10, 8, 2 for Joe at PF, and 3, 4, 8, 3 for Key at SF. 9, 6 for Den Debro from the bench, and 5 and 5 from Brad John. +19 RBs, but too many TOs again, 15.”


“And the conf.?”


“Well, Akron is 9-2, 7 teams are 7-4, so this could be the biggest challenge we’ve had in conf. in a long time. There IS a limit to how high we can climb.”


“Makes sense. Sam Moore at home, they’re 7-4, and then Marshall on the road, and they’re also 7-4. I’m here alone next week.”


January 8


‘A two win week for UML. Rick Burns here. We started at Sam Moore, 70-46. 5 in double figures, including Debro, with 15 and 6 from the bench. 35 RBs. 9 TOs made me VERY happy.


78-65 at Marshall. Brad John and Don Ned put up big numbers from the bench. Ned was in because Zel and Debro both kept fouling. 13 TOs, which is marginally acceptable.


This week it’s at 7-6, 1-1 Fordham and back home with 4-9, 1-1 Drake. We expect Coach to be with us.”


January 15


“We’re back from the break. Coach is on the line. Coach, we’re off to a great start in conf.”


We are, 4-0. 79-59 at Fordham. 18 for Shay, 16 each for Zel and Joe (Zel had 10 boards, Joe 9). 13 TOs.


“Then home and 78-44 over Drake. Zel, Shay and Joe led the way. 10 TOs.

“This week it’s 9-6, 2-2 Central FL there, and 7-8, 2-2 Bowling Green here. We expect the coach to be with us.”


January 22


“Rick Burns with the Coach. We’re still rolling along.”


“We are. 80-65 at Central FL. 24, 8, 3 for Zel, 6 other guys put up numbers. 13 TOs.


Bowling Green came here and we beat them 79-49. 21, 7, 3 for Shay and good games for the 6 others who get minutes. 11 TOs.”


“This week?”


“2 on the road. Rice is 7-10, 4-2,  and Akron is 14-3, 5-1. So we’ll definitely be challenged.”



“Sal in Raynham.”

“Coach, ya put Don Ned in and he lights it up, gets boards, plays D. The he sits again. I don’t get it!”


“I have a coach friend who says, ‘Never forget that every time you put somebody in, you need to take somebody out.’ I’d love to give Don more minutes, but the guys ahead of him are all getting the job done.”


“Louise in Brockton.”


“Coach, TOs are getting better, doen to 13.5 a game and falling. Is that because the competition is easier in conf.?”


“I hope it’s because we’re working really hard every practice, but that’s certainly part of it, Louise. Those teams in A, B, C, D conf. are tough, and we played a few of them.”


“Glen in Fall River.”


“What’s at the movies?”


“We saw ‘Rocky’ and loved it. Again, I’m crazy about Peter Sellers so the new Pink Panther movie was great. Grace wasn’t as thrilled with it. “The King Kong” remake wasn’t bad, for a remake.”


“Thanks Coach.”


January 29


“Rick Burns here with Coach Clark for the Sunday UML hoops roundup. Good week. 2 wins, alone in 1st, and you’re ranked! First, you’ve now played three OT games this year, and you’ve won them all.”


“That’s true.”


“Is there a secret?”


“If there is, I don’t know it! One thing is that we work very hard on conditioning. Our guys have legs left for OT. That’s about all I can think of. I was going to say they have a lot of heart, but I think most teams do.”



“Tell us about this week.”

“As you said, we won in OT at Rice, 80-77. We managed to blow a 17 point lead or it wouldn’t have gone to OT. We played a really good first ½ then fell asleep for the 2nd. Before the OT I got a little louder than I usually do. Woke ‘em up enough for them to win, barely. 20, 10, 4, 6, 1 for Zel, 18, 6 for Joe, 14, 4 for Brad John from the bench. 16 TOs but we forced 23.


“Then on to Akron and a 69-55 win. 20, 4, 5 for Shay, 14 TOs. +9 RBs. I’m still not happy with our ball movement. Sloppy play can really hurt you when the game is on the line.”


“This week?”


“Home with GA ST. They’re 9-10, 2-6 and really struggling. Then we’re at LA Tech, 6-13, 4-4.”


“You’re #24 in the country.”


“It’s nice to be ranked.”


“And alone in 1st place.”


“That’s nice too. Air Force is one back and we don’t play them in the regular season. San Jose ST is 2 back and we play them here. Someone is bound to burst our bubble. 8-0 is great but it’s difficult to run the table.”


“We’ll see what happens. Coach should be with us next Sunday.

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February 1977


Blizzard in New England kills > 100


February 5


“Rick Burns with the coach. The string snapped.”


“It did. We beat GA ST here easily enough, 79-53. Another team effort with 7 guys all playing good basketball. 39 RBs and 7 TOs.


“Then we went to LA Tech and the streak ended, 68-74. They took ten fewer shots but they made 10 more threes than we did, 12-2. That was the difference. 11 TOs, and only -4 on the boards, but we didn’t stop the three. 16 for Den Debro, 14 for Clif. We’re still 1 ahead of Air Force and 2 ahead of Akron. San Jose ST dropped to 3 back.”


“This week?”


“2 at home, Stan Bonney and San Jose ST, both 13-8 and 6-4, 3 back.”


“Interesting! Okay, Will in Fall River.”


“Ya keep yappin’ about turnovers but yer plus 2.7!”


“That’s not the point, Will. I want my guys to take care of the ball. Sloppy play is murder. I will continue to … ‘yap’ until we’re doing what I want us to do.”


“George in Worcester.”


“Tell ‘im, Coach! Anyways, Debro! Come on, he’s gotta git more minits.”


“We love what Den does for us. I let him know regularly how much we appreciate him. Minutes are tough. There are never enough to go around.”


“Frank in Leominster.”


“You’re losing three big guys to graduation and you only got 2 in recruiting.”


“We also got a transfer Small Forward. And remember, Den, Zel, Key, Don Ned are all coming back. We needed those 2 guards plus the transfer guard we got.”


“Coach is on the road next Sunday so I’m here on my own.”


February 12


UML is 19-4, 11-1, Ranked #19, RPI #12, 2 up on Air Force, 3 or more on the rest with 4 to play.  That’s the definition of ‘sitting pretty.’ I’m Rick Burns, this is the Sunday UML hoops wrap up on ‘Sportstalk.’ It was a 2 win week. Stan Bonney went down 60-82. Joe had a huge game, 23, 15, 3, 3. 18, 9, 2 for Zel. Coach was happy with everything except the 14 TOs.


“Then San Jose ST came in and we beat them by 5, 60-55. They owned the 1st half and we owned the 2nd. Another team effort, 8 guys scored, none more than 12. 11 TOs.


“This week it’s 2 on the road. 1st Morehead ST, 9-14, 2-10, solidly in last place. Coach always says he hates to play teams like this because it’s too easy to take it for granted and get surprised. Then it’s Sam Moore, 15-8, 8-4. We beat them 70-46 at our place but they play tough at home.”


“I’ll do the wrap up next Sunday before the Bracket Breaker with SMU.”


February 19


“Rick Burns here before the Bracket Breaker with the Sunday Wrap. UML played ‘2 for the road’ last week. 55-51 at Morehead ST. Coach worried about this game and with reason. 


The Eagles took a 1 point lead, their only one of the game, with 45 seconds left. Fortunately, Shay Gann hit a three on the next possession. Then the Eagles missed, Zel got the rebound, was fouled, and knocked down both shots for the final margin. Too close! 12 TOs and 41 RBS but we only shot 31.9%, we made 2 threes, they made 10. We escaped with the win though.


“Then it was on to Sam Moore where we had an easier time, 69-52. 15, 10, 2, 2 for Zel, 12, 6, 4 for Joe, 13, 4, 2 for Den. +14 RBs. We’re 21-4, 13-1, #16, RPI #12, up 2 on Air Force, 4 or more on the rest with 2 conf. games to go. Tonight it’s 18-5 SMU in the Bracker Breaker. Then a return bout with Marshall, 13-12, 6-8. We won by 13 at their place. We close the season hosting 11-19, 5-9 Fordham. We won there by 20.


February 26


“Rick Burns here and I have the coach on the line. A bit of a surprise this week but ‘all’s well that ends well,’ I guess.”


“I guess. First we beat SMU 72-44 in the Bracket Breaker. It was never a game. 18, 7, 3 for Clif, 17, 5 for Key, 11, 9 for Zel, 8 TOs.


“Then came the surprise. We lost in OT to Marshall, 59-64. 59 points in 45 minutes is pretty shabby. We shot poorly but worse, we didn’t make good decisions on O, and we didn’t move without the ball. In OT we gave up 14 points which is way too many. 14 x 8 = 112. So at that rate that’s how many we would have given up in a normal 40 minute game since 5 minutes x 8 = 40 minutes. 


“We went into our last game of the season needing a win to finish first. We got it, 71-49 over Fordham, and Air Force lost, so we finished 2 ahead. 35 from the bench, 13 each from Debro and Ned, 9 from Brad John.”


“How do you feel going into the postseason?”


“A little nervous, frankly. We’ve been very up and down. When one game knocks you out that isn’t good. Hopefully we’ll focus and get the job done.”


“We’ll be bringing every game to our fans from now on. Stay with us, folks.”

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March 1977


1st Visa cards issued


U. S. extends territorial waters to 200 miles


Rings around Uranus discovered


U. S. puppet Pinochet bans opposition parties in Chile


Indira Gandhi loses election in India and resigns


Extreme rightist “Focus on the Family” founded


March 4


“Rick Burns here before the game. We play #8 seed Marshall in the quarter final round of the conf. J tournament. They’re 16-12, 8-8, and we beat them by 13 at our place but lost in OT at theirs on a night when we couldn’t score points.”



“Rick Burns here after the game. Coach, 91-66.


“We played well tonight. 6 guys in double figures, 11 TOs, 39 RBs. They opened with a three and we got the next 11 and never looked back. Their SF had 32 but it didn’t matter.”


All the favorites won so it’s #4 seed San Jose ST, 19-10, 10-6.”

“We only beat them by 5 at our place so we need to be focused. We didn’t rebound well and our big guys missed easy shots that night. I’ll remind them of that in the walk through tomorrow.”


“We’ll be right here.”


March 5


UML  is now ranked #12, RPI #13. I’m Rick Burns here before the semifinal game with #4 seed San Jose ST and we have a special guest, UML President Grace Clark. Madam President, who are you picking tonight?”


(Laughs) “I’ll stick with UML. Surprised? Seriously, if we play our game and stay focused I think we’ll do well.”


“Are you happy to be back at UML?”


“I’m delighted. Kip and I really love this place. Great as BU was, it was difficult being away. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had a chance to see almost every game, and I hope to see every game from here on.”


“Thanks President Clark.”



“We’re here after the game. A tough night, Coach.”


“That it was. 64-74 in OT. We let this one slip away. 2 TOs in the last minute and 19 in the game, and we let them score the last 6 points in regulation on 2 threes. Then it was a nightmare in OT. We really should have won this one but 19 TOs and giving up 15 threes did us in. 20, 9 for Zel.”


“Coach, you’ve talked about inconsistency for quite some time now.”


“Yes, it’s been our biggest problem. I never know which team is going to show up. Tonight it was the wrong team.”


“How much will this hurt as far as seeding in the NCAA tournament is concerned?”


“Well, they’re never very kind to us, and this will knock us down a couple of places. We’re probably looking at an 8 seed, more or less.”


“We’ll be with the team for the selection show.”


March 12


Rick Burns here with the coach and the team for the selection show. We’re 24-6, ranked #13, RPI #15. Let’s see what happens:


“Not in the East.


“Not in the Midwest. Coach?”


“I always prefer to be on the right hand side so this is fine with me.”

“#5 in the South. Coach?”


“This is a pleasant surprise! I thought we’d be lower. We deserve to be a #5, but the NCAA usually knocks us way down. I’m pleased.”


“And 88.1 FM, WLOW, how LOW can you GO, will be with the team for as long as they’re playing.”


March 17


“Rick Burns here before the 1st round game between UML and Arizona State, 17-13, 9-7 in F conf. They lost in the 2nd round then won their play in game. Their inside game is strong. Tip off right after these messages.”



“Rick Burns here after the game. 67-48. Coach?”


“We held them to 13 in the 1st half. 18, 5, 3 for Zel, 16, 5, 3 for Shay, 14, 2, 3 for Clif.+7 RBs but 15 TOs (+4).”




“It’s #4 seed, #23 ranked VA Tech, 23-8. Their 1st guard off the bench has a broken foot. Balanced attack, decent with the ball. We need to win the inside game.”


“We’ll be here!”


March 19


“Rick Burns here after the game with Coach Clark. Heck of a game, Coach.”


“Whew! We didn’t win we escaped. 74-73 over VA Tech. Zel got fouled with 4 seconds left, made them both, then Joe Arn blocked a shot and that was that. The other coach was yelling for a foul but the tapes showed it was a clean block. 29 and 11 for Zel, 13, 4 for Den Debro. We felt like the key was winning the inside game and we did. AT this level you aren’t looking for style points, just get the win. 19 TOs, but we’re still playing.”


“7th year in a row that UML gets at least to the round of Sixteen.”


“Yes, that is a tribute to how hard our kids work.”


#1 seed Kansas, ranked #2, RPI #4, 28-6.”


“Starting PG hurt his leg. I don’t think he’ll play much, if at all. They’re deep but it hurts to lose your Point Guard. Still, we’ll need to play very well.”


March 24


“Rick Burns here after the game. Coach, 52-71.”


“We did some things well, 8 TOs, matched them inside. But we didn’t shoot the ball well, 28.1%, 25% from long distance, and we didn’t stop their outside game. They were clearly the better team and there’s no shame losing under those circumstances. This was the last game at UML for Joe Arn, who has had a great career here, and for Don Ned and Jay Rame as well.”


“We’ll be here on April 4 to talk about the final four and awards.”

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April 1977


Sadat meets with Carter


Studio 54 opens


Bloody rioting in Soweto


April 4


“Rick Burns here with Coach Clark. Tell us about the Final Four, Coach.”

“It was the year of the upset. #3 ranked Villanova vs. #8 Wake Forest, and #10 Texas vs. #21 Iowa. #8 Wake Forest beat #10 Texas for the title.




“Zel was conf. J POY, Shay was freshman OY, and Den Debro was Defensive POY. Zel and Joe Arn made 1st team, Shay made 2nd.”


“And you were conf. Coach of the Year.”


“We’ll be here at the end of the month to wrap up the season.”


April 23


“Rick Burns here with Coach Clark for the season wrap up. Coach, rumors are that you turned down some high powered schools.”


“I keep saying I’m happy here, and I am. Some schools called but I made it clear I wasn’t interested.”


“Coach, I assume you asked the A. D. for more budget dollars.”


“No, Rick, facilities need an upgrade. We’re selling out every home game and getting to the Sweet Sixteen so we’re definitely making money for the athletic department. I felt they could afford this.”




“Nope, and I’m not happy about it, frankly.”


“Coach, we were 26-7 this year. Team Prestige is up to 37. Your record for your 14 seasons here is 359-99, .784. Numbers are: Off-54, Def-82, Recruit-80, Scout- 9, Player Development- 68, Reputation- 65. You could certainly be working at a school with a far bigger budget, making a much better salary.”


“Grace and I are committed to UML. We’ve been very happy here, we still are, we expect to stay happy. Second, our careers are important to both of us. The chances of a University President’s job and a head basketball job both coming up at the same time, and both of us being hired if they did, are pretty slim. We’re okay with that. This is where we want to be.”


“You could be contending for national championships.”


“That’s certainly a long shot here, but I don’t dismiss the possibility that we can do that some day.”


“Best of luck, Coach. I’m here for one more season since I’ll be a senior next year. 88.1 WLOW, how LOW can you GO!”

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