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Kip Clark Staying with it [a DDSCB3 story]

Started By Wayne23, Feb 17, 2015 02:34 PM

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January 1981
FCC removes limits on # of TV commercials per hour.
Iran-Contra (Didn’t take long for the most corrupt administration in U. S. history to start)
In a related matter, 1st Richard Nixon museum opens
In another related matter, William J. Casey appointed CIA director
Mao’s widow sentenced to death
January 1, 1981
“Ron Dover back from break. 64-76 at Stanford. Coach Clark?”
“We jumped out to an early lead and ran it to 22 in what felt like no time at all. After that it was just play it out. They never got it to single digits. We played 8 guys. They all scored between 4 and 14. 15 TOs, so we still haven’t solved that problem. 36 RBs.
“And conf. play starts.”
“A lot of teams won a lot of pre-conf. games. This could be interesting.”
“6-5 Albany here, and then 5-6 Wagner there this week. See you next Sunday, Coach.”
January 8
“Coach, the week started well.”
“It did, 87-61 over Albany. Jay had 13, 12, 6, but 8 guys played and all 8 played well.”
“And then you went to Wagner.”
“Ugh. 42-55. 26.5% shooting, 3-19 on threes. When you give up 55 you should win. 17 TOs didn’t help either.”
“So what do you do when this happens?”
“I don’t know that there’s a good answer, but I’m not even going to mention it. We need to fix the TO problem so we’ll work on that, but otherwise? Just prepare for the next game.”
“And that’s against 5-8, 1-1 Butler, at home. Then it’s 9-4, 1-1 Duquesne, there.”
January 15
“Ron Dover here with the Sunday night wrap up, and we have a guest. First though, 60-53 over Butler. These guys were predicted to win the conf. and they haven’t played well. Coach said he knew they were good though, and they showed it. 14, 10 for Jake Bull. John Bry was in foul trouble all night and only played 18 min. Shay Ayer didn’t have it tonight and wasn’t effect in the backup role. TOs remain an issue, 14 tonight.
83-65 at Duquesne. 14 TOs again but otherwise we played really well. 19, 2, 7, 2 for John, 17, 7, 4, 1, 2 for Shep, 15, 4 for Jake, 10, 7, 3, 2 for Jay. 21 assists on 32 buckets, which is pretty darn good.
“We’re in a 4 way tie for 2nd, 1 back of Penn. ST.
“This week 9-6, 1-3 Utah ST here, and then we’re at 1st place Penn ST, 9-6, 4-0.
“And we are honored to have with us this evening, the President of UML, Dr. Grace Clark.”
“Hi Ron, nice to speak with you again.”
“We like to have Pres. Clark here every January to give us the state of the university.”
“Things are good, Ron. We’ve been steadily expanding and improving. Three new buildings going up, Business School, Education, and Science.”
“Yes, lots of construction on campus.”
“We really had no choice. Student population has been climbing quickly and we need the space. We aren’t closing any buildings though. They will be used for other things.”
“You mentioned expanding enrollment.”
“Yes. We accept all in state applicants. That’s part of our mission. We have higher standards for out of state and international students but we try to accept all qualified. I think partly because of the success of our basketball teams we’re getting better known. That leads to more applications, and usually better applicants, assuming one can actually measure that.”
“What’s coming up for UML?”
“We’re hiring some really good people, researchers as well as teachers though we’re more a teaching university than a research school. We want to raise the standards and expand and improve in that area.”
“Sounds like a bright future ahead for UMass Lowell!”
“That’s the goal!”
January 22
“Ron Dover with the wrap up. 67-54 over Utah ST here. A solid team effort and only 9 TOs.
63-69 at Penn ST. As seems to happen every time we lose, we didn’t shoot well, 37.9%. We took 14 more shots and lost. That shouldn’t happen. Jay had 18, 9, 3, Shep had 20, 4, 4.
One game back but 2 teams ahead of us, 3 tied with us, 5 one back of us.”
“This week it’s 9-8, 4-2 Rhode Island here, then at 9-8, 4-2 Nebraska.”
January 29
“Ron Dover with Coach Clark. 81-56 over URI here.”
“19 each for Wool and Bry, 14, 9, 3, 2 for Jay. 9 TOs.
“And then we went on the road.”
68-71 at Nebraska. We blew an 11 point lead. We missed our last 8 shots. Up to that point it was looking really good. We let them shoot 51.9%, and that’s never good. 25, 9 for Jay, and only 11 TOs.”
“This week it’s 6-13, 1-7  UTEP at home, then 6-13, 2-6 Houston, there. Coach, we’re 10-0 at home, 3-6 on the road. 13-6, 5-3 overall.”
“Most teams play better at home but we need to do better on the road. Sometimes it’s a mindset. Hopefully we can do better.”


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February 1981
I got nuthin’
February 5
“Ron Dover, and we have Coach Clark on the line. Coach, a 2 win week and we’re tied for 1st place.”
“It’s still totally jammed up though. 4 teams tied for 1st, 3 more one back, and another 3 are 2 back. We’ll take it though.”
“67-44 over UTEP here.”
“20, 7, 3, 4 for Kim Chan. Great work from 7 other guys, and 9 TOs.”
On the road and a 57-47 win in Houston.”
“It’s nice to get a road win. We played really good D in this one. 15, 4, 5 for John Bry, but another team effort. 12 TOs, +7 RBs.”
“TOs are coming down.”
“They are, 13.3. And for the first round we’re ahead of our opponents who get 13.6 against us. +6.8 PPG, and +4.5 RBs.”
“2 at home this week, 14-7, 6-4 Texas Crispy, and 8-13, 5-5 Nevada.”
“These two are vital. We need to keep winning at home.”
February 12
“Ron Dover here and Coach Clark is on the road. The week started with a big disappointment, 61-77 vs. Texas Crispy here. Shooting percentages tell the whole story: Them- 60%, 68.8% on threes. Us- 33.9%, 30.8% on threes. We didn’t play D, and we couldn’t make shots. Fouls were also an issue, particularly as it regards our D, three of our starters wound up with 4 fouls, and the other 2 had three. All played limited minutes. Coach got a technical.
“Then we beat Nevada 70-63. 29, 5, 3 for Shep to lead the way.
“We’re still tied for 2nd place, one back. 2 tied for first, 3 of us tied for 2nd, 2 more tied for 3rd, all one game apart. 3 of our last 4 are on the road, which is not good, considering how we’ve played away from home.
“This week we’re at 13-10, 7-5 Fresno ST, and 9-14, 3-9 Albany.”
February 19
“Ron Dover with the Sunday wrap up. First the lady River Hawks are still undefeated, 23-0, and still #1 in the country.
“Any hopes that the UML men had of winning the conf. disappeared when they lost 60-69 at Fresno ST. They were up 10 at the half, and up 14 early in the 2nd when the roof fell in. Jay and Shep both picked up foul #4 with about 16 left to play and that was that. From that point on we were outscored 21-44. Fresno ST shot 63% for the 2nd half.
“It was a happier night, 68-55, at Albany. 17, 9 for Jay, good play all around.
“We are in a 2 way tie for 4th, 1 back of Wichita ST, 2 back of Nebraska and Princeton.
“We end the regular season with 10-15, 5-9 Wagner at home, and 12-13, 8-6 Butler on the road.”
February 26
“Ron Dover, and Coach Clark is on the phone. 77-64 over Wagner.”
“We played well, a season low 6 TOs. Jay had 20, 9, 2, 3.”
“And then you went on the road again.”
56-59 at Butler. We just haven’t played well on the road all season. We blew a 10 point lead in this one.”
“A little tough luck at the end.”
“No question, but we shouldn’t have put ourselves in that position.”
“Have you climbed as high as you can climb?”
“It’s possible, but I’m not convinced. We can still move up to conf. E by getting to the semifinal round of the tourney, which is attainable. Even if we don’t, there’s always next year.”
You finished alone in fifth. You have some time off but you’ll play #12 seed Wagner, 11-16, 6-10, in the play in round.”
“They won by 13 there, we won by 13 at home last week. If we play our game we can beat them. It’s that simple.”
“We’ll be there. The women finished the regular season, 25-0, #1 ranked, #1 RPI.”


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March 1981
Walter Cronkite’s last broadcast as CBS anchor.
POTUS shot
March 6
“Ron Dover here with Coach Clark. 79-59 over Wagner.
“We were focused tonight. 12 TOs, 34 RBs, every starter in double figures, good bench play.”
#4 seed, 18-9, 11-5 Wichita ST in the quarter finals.”
“We didn’t play them in the regular season. They are definitely a good inside team. We think we can turn them over, and dominate outside, but we need to at least match them inside. I like our front line so I like our chances.”
March 7
Ron Dover here with Coach Clark after the Wichita ST/UML quarter final round game. 86-79 and a trip to the semis, but terrible news.”
“Jay Son broke his ankle early in the first half. He’s out for the season.”
“What does that mean for UML?”
“These things happen. We’re thin up front, have been all season. Having said that, we got exactly 8 minutes out of Jay tonight and yet we found a way. Jim Jones was 13, 7, 6, and Shay Ayer 8, 1, 2, 2 in relief. We’ll use both of those guys, and Dan Nunn will also get extra minutes. Make no mistake, this makes life difficult for us, but again, it’s part of the game.”
“10 TOs, 20, 10 for Kim Chan. Only one favorite reached the semis, 22-8, 13-3, first place Princeton. And that’s who we play.”
“Their SF broke his leg last week so we’re both down a starter. They have a very strong PF, and they can score both inside and out. I really think we’re the better team. If we can adjust to not having our big guy we’ll be fine. You win with what you’ve got, and that’s what we’ll try to do.”
March 8
“Ron Dover. Coach Clark, 77-63 over #1 seed Princeton.”
“I can’t tell you how proud I am of my guys. Kim Chan had 13, 11, 3, 3 playing Center, in place of Jay. 19 for Shep, 11 each for John and Jake, 8, 3, 2 for Jim Jones in his first start. Dan and Shay did a great job from the bench. We shot the lights out, 52.9%, 12-23 on threes.”
“And strangely enough, going small you were +7 on the boards, and 3- on TOs.”
“I can only shake my head regarding TOs, but we definitely rebounded well. And we held a very good PF to 9, 1, 3.”
“Did winning this game get you into the NCAA tourney?”
“Tough call. I’d say we’re borderline.”
“#11 seed, 14-16, 6-10 Rhode Island for the title.”
“Upset city in this tourney. We won by 25 at our place. They were really playing lousy basketball just before the tournament started but they seemed to catch fire, as we did. Let’s see who’s hotter.”
“We’ll be at courtside to find out.”
March 9
“Ron Dover here after the conf. F title game between UML and URI. This one was almost too weird for words, 55-… get this, 27! Coach they got 7 points in the first half. How do you do that to a team?”
“Well, part of it was certainly us, but they couldn’t make a shot, 2-22, 1-12 on threes, 1-2 from the line. Whew! They were better in the 2nd but it was too late.”
“Talk about tourney MOP Kim Chan.”
“10 and 17 playing out of position. That’s incredible. In the last two games, after Jay got hurt, Kim just put us on his back and carried us to the title. He got some help, all of our guys played well. But he was the man.”
“12 TOs, 42 RBs.”
“No idea. Our best rebounder is out and we rebound like the Celtics.”
“What does this do for NCAA seeding?”
“Well, it gets us in, for one thing. I’d guess maybe a 7, more or less. Oh, the Lady River Hawks won their tourney. They are now 29-0, and figure to be #1 over all in the women’s tourney.
March 12
“Ron Dover with the teams and the coaches for the selection show. In the final poll the men are #21, RPI #27. The women are #1, #1.
“Here we go, starting with the men…
“Not in the East.
“#6 in the Midwest. We play, of all people, Princeton, 22-9. Coach?”
“Strange. We just beat them by 14. Guess we’ll need to try to do it again.”
“Okay, here we go with the women’s selections.
“#1 in the East, as expected. Coach?”
“No mystery. The #2 team in the country has 6 losses against weaker competition than we played.”
“Stay healthy, Coach. It’s going to be tough for anyone to beat you if you do.”
“We need to stay humble, too. If we get cocky we could go down.”
“We’ll be here for the men and the women, as long as they’re playing.”
March 13
“Ron Dover here after the game. The lady River Hawks beat #16 seed NJIT 88-39 behind 42, 11, 12, 12 for Terry Myers. She also had 7 blocks.”
March 15
“The UML lady River Hawks beat #9 seed North Carolina A & T 87-43. 33, 9, 15, 7, 7 for Terry Myers.”
March 16
“Ron Dover here after the 1st round men’s NCAA game between Princeton and UML.77-61. Coach?”
“The beat goes on. 7 TOs, +5 on the boards. 19, 10, 3, 3 for Kim, who continues to be an immense presence. % in double figures including Shay and Dan from the bench.”
“And it’s #17 ranked, #3 seed, 19-10 Michigan, from A conf. next.”
“That could be a reality check! They can play. We need to take care of the ball and take it away from them. They are much stronger inside than out so we need to take advantage of that. It won’t be easy, but it’s possible.”
March 18
“Ron Dover here with Coach Clark. The incredible UML men’s hoop team is going to the Sweet Sixteen, 71-62 over #3 seed Michigan. Coach?”
“Incredible is the word! Kim Chan carried us again, 20, 8, 5, 2. 11 each for John and Jake, very good play from the bench. 19 TOs, but they had 17. +13 on the boards.”
“#2 seed, #3 ranked Wake Forest, 25-8, from A conf.”
“This is a tall order. They only have one rebounder but he’s excellent. They can be a little shaky with the ball. They play good D and they can score from all 5 positions. We’ll give it our best shot and see what happens.”
March 20
“Ron Dover here after the UML ladies beat Drexel in the Sweet Sixteen. It was 91-48. Terry Myers had 39, 11, 12, 7, 5. It’s Louisiana Tech in the Elite Eight.”
March 22
“Ron Dover with Coach Montville of the lady River Hawks. 78-52 over La. Tech, and you’re in the Final Four.”
“It’s a great feeling. They doubled Terry all night but she still managed 29, 11, 11, 7, 4. She’s amazing.”
“And your big kids did the job.”
“Coach Leon Barmore is noted for having great inside players. We managed to win the board war 36-30.”
“USC, 25-8.”
“They have some great ball handlers and outside shooter. We beat them 72-54 in the regular season, but they seem to have gotten better since then. We’ll need to play well.”
“We’ll be there on March 31.”
March 23
“Ron Dover here after the Sweet Sixteen men's game between UML and Wake Forest. Coach, 47-67. It was a great ride.”
“You know, we were okay, but just okay during the reguilar season, but we really played well in the post season.”
“And tonight?”
“Tonight we were overmatched. This was a very good team, and they showed it. We did great on the boards again, +9, but 22 TOs, mostly due to some excellent pressure.”
“We’ll be back with the awards on April 4, and join us for the UML women’s game on the 31st.”
March 31
“Ron Dover here with Coach Montville. UML women 77, USC 49.”
“Terry was doubled again but she can’t be stopped, 30, 10, 15, 8, 4.”
“#6 seed ODU for the title.”
“We beat them 92-41 in December.”
“One win away from 35-0 and back to back national titles.”
“We need to keep our focus and do the things we do.”
April 1981
Race riots in London
IBM-PC introduced
April 2
Ron Dover here with Coach Peg Montville of the national champion UML women’s basketball team. A little easier this year.”
“That triple overtime title game last year is something I’ll never forget. 81-47 over ODU was much easier on my nerves.”
“38, 8, 12, 8, 7 for Terry.”
“She’s one of a kind. Probably the nest player in women’s basketball history.”
“And you have her for one more season.”
April 4
“Ron Dover here. The awards have been given out. First though, Coach Clark, a 1, 4, 5, and a 7 seed in the final four.”
“A lot of favorites went out early. In the end #1 ranked Duke beat #19 Arizona for the title.”
“Okay, awards. Coach Clark, you were conf. F COY.”
“Which I do not understand. The awards are based on the regular season and are voted on before the post season. Weird.”
Seniors Shep Wool and John Bry made first team along with junior Jay Son.”
“That made me happy.”
“And Jake Bull and Kim Chan made 2nd team.”
“I guess they just really liked us.”
Pretty good haul at the national level.”
“We had a great season.”
Coach Montville, Terry Myers was POY, Defensive POY, tourney MOP, 1st team. You got COY.
“In conf. Terry won the same awards. Center Kate Milton made 1st team, as did Rachel Breen.”
April 23
“Ron Dover here for my last broadcast. We’ll wrap up the season. Coach Montville, back to back national titles, an undefeated season, 69-1 for the last two seasons, and a 57 game winning streak.
How do you follow that?”
“Well, nobody’s graduating. If we stay healthy and stay focused we have a great chance to do it again.”
“That would be great! And did you ask for a budget increase?”
“We did, and we got $7,500.”
Coach Clark, did you ask for money as well?”
“Yes, Ron. We got $6,750.
“Coach, 24-10, 10-6, F conf. tourney champs, Sweet Sixteen. 465-134, .776. Off-71, Def-85,  Recruit- 80, Scout-11, Player Development- 84, Reputation- 88. Great numbers.”
“I’ve really enjoyed my 18 seasons here at UML. Hope to be here for many more.”
“That would be terrific. I’m Ron Dover and for me it’s all over. Next season our first female ‘Sportstalk’ host, or maybe hostess, Betty Winns. So long.”


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May 1981


Radio Shack releases TRS DOS 1.3


Billie Jean King becomes 1st prominent athlete to come out


June 1981


Sandra Day O’Connor 1st woman on SCOTUS



Microsoft incorporates in Washington State

Chinese Communist Party condemns Mao’s policies


June 6


“Betty Winns here on ‘Sportstalk.’ Coach Clark reports that the draft pool is thin. On to recruiting.”


June 26


“Betty Winns here. The UML men’s team needs bigs. Coach Clark says he is looking at 11, 4 PGs, 5 PFs, 2 Cs.”


July 1981




August 1981


MTV premieres


Evil monster POTUS fires 11,500 air traffic controllers


Highest score in World Cup history: New Zealand 13-Fiji 0


August 7


“’Sportstalk has just learned that UML SF Jake Bull is #49 on the Norton list.”


August 21


“Betty Winns here with Coach Clark on the line. Coach, you have a handful of scholarships. Have you made any offer?”


“Just two, Betty, one PG and on PF. We’re waiting to offer the other three.”


September 1981




“Guernica” returned to Spain


September 18


“Betty Winns on ‘Sportstalk’ with Coach Clark. Offers?”


“We’ve offered to 2 PGs and 3 PFs. 2 PFs and a PG have committed.


“And the schedule?”


“No in season tourney, which is disappointing. Lots of home games though, and 5 ranked teams, 3 at home.”


October 1981


Anwar Sadat assassinated


National debt hits 1 trillion


October 2


“Coach, do we have all of our recruits?’


“We have three bigs and a PG. Still one to fill. We’d like to get a guard, but no hurry.”


“1st day of practice.”


“I think I’m going to like this team. I have 8 guys I can play in any situation.”


November 1981


Stamp goes up from $.18 to $.20.


November 6


“Betty Winns here with Coach Clark. Coach, do we have a lineup?”


“Junior Dan Nunn and freshman Adam Hoke at guard. Senior Jake Bull back at SF. Junior Kim Chan and senior Jay Son returning as our inside starters. First off the bench will be senior Jim Jones. Subbing at guard are junior Juco Herb Hart and sophomore Shay Ayer.” I like this set up and I think we’ll do well.”


“You’re up to E conf.”


“Some great programs up here- UCLA, Illinois, FL ST, several others. We’ll need to work for what we get.”


“Good luck, Coach.


“The lady River Hawks will start the same five that won the last two national titles, but it’s the last season for Terry Myers, who may be the best woman college player ever, as well as for Center Kate Milton, who has been all conference twice.”


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November 20

“UML started with VA Tech from conf. C, and Colorado, from F, at home.


63-70 vs. VA Tech. 20 TOs, 8 of them by Norton lister Jake Bull. 20, 5, 4 for Jay Son, 21, 3, 3 for Dan Nunn, but he fouled out with 7 minutes left and that about did us in. The score was tied at that point.


“The team did better against Colorado, 77-64. Only 9 TOs, 42 RBs. 4 starters in double figures 19, 4 for Jake, 17, 4, 3 for Dan, 10 and 13 for both Jay and Kim Chan.


“Adam Hoke is off to a very slow start. Coach Clark recognizes that Adam is a freshman and may need a bit of time to get his game up to this level.


“This week two more at home, #1 ranked Texas, 4-0, then 2-1 Clemson, B conf.”


November 27

“Betty Winns on ‘Sportstalk.’ Coach Clark, how does it feel to beat the #1 team in the country?”


“It feels pretty darn good, Betty.”


71-69 over #1 Texas. Tell us about it.”


“It didn’t look like it was going to happen at first. They were all over us early, building a 17 point lead. I had to use three time outs in the first half. Finally, we found a defensive alignment that stopped the three. They hit 9 in the first ten minutes. It meant they got a few more points inside, but it was worth the trade off. They only made three more threes for the rest of the game. Adam Hoke was in foul trouble all night, only played 15 minutes. He continues to struggle. Jake Bull led us with 21 and 8, and Dan Nunn had 22. 8 and 9 for Kim, 89 and 5 for Jay. Jim Jones played well from the bench and Herb Hart played good D from the bench. At the end Jake Bull started a driving layup, fooled everyone halfway there by stopping and throwing up a 10 footer that went in to decide it. It was pandemonium when the horn went. Our fans stormed the court. Totally appropriate!”


“Then it was 72-60 over Clemson.”


“17, 6 for Jay, 21, 2, 2 for Dan. Adam Hoke gave us 5, 6, 5. We only had 11 TOs.”


“2-1 Gonegaga form D conf., and #11 Stan James, 3-1 from A, both at home this week. It’s nice to have all these home games”


“It will probably kill us with next year’s schedule but yes, it is definitely nice!”


December 1981



December 4

“A 1-1 week for UML. We beat Gonegaga 70-38. 13 1n3 for Jay but 6 guys had between 8 and 13 points. 40 RBs, 11 TOs. Jim Jones strained a calf. Day to day.


#Then #11 ranked Stan Jones beat us 50-69. 22 TOs resulted in -17 shots. Rookie Adam Hoke had 17, but also had 9 TOs.


“We finally go on the road for two this week. First is tough #18 Oregon, 4-2, from A, then 3-1 UTEP from G.”


The UML women are  6-0.”


December 11

“Sunday night wrap up with Betty Wiins. 57-66 at #18 Oregon. 24, 12, 2, 4, 1 for Jay, but 21 TOs really hurt. We were great on the boards, +18. Coach said that we simply aren’t getting enough at the 2 and 3 spots.


“The it was 78-59 at UTEP. Jake Bullr responded to Coach’s challenge with 18 and 12, and Herb Hart got 22 minutes at SG and had 8, 7, 3. Herb will start at 2 for now.


“A one game week. Instate rival UMass, 4-4, comes here.”


December 18

71-46 over UMass. Betty Winns with the Sunday wrap up. Great balance on O. Jake Bull led the way with 16, 11, 2, 2.  Herb Hart, in his first start, had 9, 3, 4 with only 1 TO. Jim Jones had 13, 6 from the bench. 10 TOs, 39 RBs.


“Tough road game this week, #16 Louisville, 7-3 from B.”


December 25

“A 71-68 upset at #16 Louisville. 38 RBs, 10 TOs. We were up 14 with 8 minutes to go. Louisville mounted a great comeback but the final was as close as it got. They missed a 28 footer at the buzzer. Good play all around. Coach Clark had lots of praise for sub forward Jim Jones, who has been playing well.


“We close the pre-conf. schedule with Pitt, 6-4 from C, here.”


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January 1982

Henry Aaron, Frank Robinson elected to Hall of Fame


January 1

“Betty Winns on ‘Sportstalk.’ A 77-58 win over Pitt to close out the pre-conf. season at 8-3. 24, 11, 3, 2 for Jay, 26, 2, 3 for Dan, 10, 4, 3 for Jim Jones. Coach Clark says that he is pleased with the job Herb Hart is doing at SG, particularly on D and with ball handling.


“We open conf. E play with 5-6 FL ST at home, then it’s off to 4-7 Illinois.”


January 8


“Betty Winns here with Coach Clark on the phone. Coach, 79-52 over FL ST here.”


“19, 8 for Kim, 16, 5, 3 for Jake, who has really stepped up his game, and 12, 3, 3 for Herb Hart, who’s doing a great job at guard. Jim Jones continues to play well.”


“Then it was 66-54 at Ill.”


“We finally went on the road and I was anxious to see how we’d do. Turned out we did well, never trailed after the first 2-3 minutes. 20, 10, 4, 2 for Jay, 22, 4, 4, for Dan. 40 RBs but 22 TOs, the only down spot.”


“Back home for two this week, West KY is 6-8, 1-1, and Sam Lewis 5-8, 0-2. Max in Walden.”


“Coach, you guys are reboundin’ incredible!”


“+11.3, #3 in the country at 35.8. And before someone asks, TOs are going down. Not where we want them yet but moving in the right direction with occasional lapses.”


“Larry in Concord.”


“Coach, did you quit on Hoke too quick?”


“We haven’t quit on him, Larry. The pressure was really bothering him and we needed to take it off for a while. I’m convinced he is going to be a huge asset to the program. He simply isn’t ready yet. He will be, he’s only a freshman.”


“Rick in Somerset.”


“Jim Jones.”


“I know. He deserves more minutes, maybe even deserves to start. Unfortunately, neither he nor Jake Bull can play guard, and my three big guys are all way better rebounders than Jim. He’s handling things well and we tell him how much he means to us all the time.”


“Okay, we’re out of time. Thanks Coach.


The lady River Hawks are 12-0, #1 in the country.”


January 15

“Betty Winns here. Coach is on the road but we have a special guest in a few minutes. 71-57 over West KY. 22, 8, 2 for Dan and 20, 7, 3, 3 for Jay. 7 TOs and excellent D.


“Then it was 63-38 over Sam Lewis. You can’t play much better D than we did in this game. 16, 6, 2, 2 for Jake, 11 TOs.


“This week we start at Sam Jones, 5-10, 1-3, then a very big game here with #8 ranked UCLA, 15-0, 4-0.

“I asked Coach why we’re still not ranked. He answered that at #25 RPI we’re probably close, but we’re only 2-2 against ranked teams. He said if we can beat UCLA we will probably be there.


“I’m with UML President Grace Clark. Madam President, what’s the state of the university?”


“Thank you, Betty. We feel we’re continuing to grow, making progress in several directions. Our construction programs are all on or ahead of schedule and we’ve begun work on two new dorms, which are badly needed.”


“I agree!”


“Yes, our dorms are old, overcrowded, not as well heated as we’d like, and not cooled at all. The rooms in the new dorms won’t be luxurious but they will be a little larger, and they will all, of course, be equipped with state of the art heating and cooling systems. We will also have them wired for computers as we feel this is the wave of the future.”


“Sounds like UMass Lowell is really moving forward.”


“The UMass system as a whole is moving forward. It’s an exciting time.”


“How about UML basketball?”


“Well, the women’s program is quite simply the best in Division I. If we stay healthy I don’t see us losing. The men, at 12-3, are having a great season and we have great hopes.”


“You’re something of a hoops expert, I’m told.”


“Not any more. There was a time when I feel that I was very knowledgeable about the game. I’m simply too busy for that now. These days I’m just a fan, but I’m a big fan. I try not to miss a home game for either team, and in the post season I get to as many of the games as I can.”


“Thank you, President Clark.”


January 22

“Betty Winns. Coach Clark is on a plane. When I asked he said we got caught looking ahead in the 72-79 loss to Sam Jones. We got caught flat footed on D all night long and we simply were not focused. 16 TOs, and we allowed 14 threes.


“Whatever was wrong got fixed quickly and we beat #8 UCLA 76-72. Dan Nunn was unconscious and unstoppable, 40 points. Everyone else set screens for him and got him the ball. We had only 11 TOs. It was a very back and forth game but we scored 9 of the last 12, all on threes by Dan, to seal the win.


“The loss kept us from being ranked but we’re #24 in RPI. 13-4, 5-1, in a 3 way tie for 1st with UCLA and Texas Crispy.


“This week we start at 12-6, 4-2 Nebraska, which could be a tough game. Then it’s home with 11-6, 4-2 Minnesota. So a challenging week ahead.”


January 29

“Coach Clark is on the road again. A tough 59-66 loss at Nebraska. 41 RBS was kind of cancelled out by 19 TOs, but the real factor was that our bench had 14, 11, 3 and there’s had 37, 13, 11. In addition Dan turned an ankle and only played 18 minutes. Jim Jones played well from the bench but the other guys didn’t give us much.


“Then it was 76-63 over Minnesota, here. Jake, Kim and Dan all had good scoring games, as did Shay Ayer from the bench. +13 RBs, +2 TOS although we had 15.

“This week we’re at 10-10, 6-2, Texas Crispy, tied with us and Nebraska in 2nd place, and then we host 10-10, 4-4 Texas Tech. It will be another challenging week but then in this conf. there aren’t many easy weeks.”


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February 1982

DEA seizes 3,192 tons of marijuana, Keith Richards’ weekend supply


Gretzky breaks season scoring record


Final episode of Lawrence Welk show (YEARS too late)


February 5

Betty Winns with the Sunday wrap, and we have a guest in a few minutes. First, 57-47 over Texas Crispy, there. Great D, good ball handling (11 TOs), and rebounding (34 for +8). Balanced scoring and good bench work, especially from Jim and Shay.


“72-59 over Texas Tech here. +17 on the boards. 19, 13, 4, 3  for Jay, 16, 7, 2 for Jake, 10, 10 for Kim, 7, 7 for Jim. The only down note was 18 TOs.


We’re tied for 1st with UCLA and Nebraska, 1 up on Texas Crispy. Everyone else is at least 3 back. And we’re finally ranked, #22.


“On the road this week, first at 9-12, 3-7 Temple, then it’s 11-10, 5-5 Charlotte.


“And we have Coach Peg Montville on the line. Coach, 20-0, #1 in the country.”


“Yes. It’s getting to be a very lovely rut!”


Terry Myers is #1 in the nation in scoring, in assists, in A/TO ratio, in steals, and #4 in rebounding.”


“And she has the nerve to want to graduate in the spring!”


“What will life be like after she does graduate, Coach?”


“It will be different, that’s for sure. But having her here has gotten a lot of young female basketball players interested in UML hoops. We’ve recruited well in each of the past two years and we are doing really well this year.”


“Budding superstars?”


“We have a commitment from a Point who could run the offense as soon as she gets here, and we also have a 6’4” girl who can play inside, shoot outside, and who is pretty good with the ball. We have a lot of good players coming back, and these two, plus one other recruit will, I think, make us very competitive.”


“So the future looks bright.”


“Yes. Women’s college basketball is in its infancy. I’ve said for the past few years that the window of opportunity is wide open, even for a small school like us. With administrative support from the Athletic Department and the university as a whole, we’ve been able to build a powerful program. Now the job is to keep it at the highest level possible.”


“Great! Thanks Coach.”



February 12

“Betty Winns with Coach Clark. Tough one at Temple, Coach, 63-66.”


“This one hurt. It was back and forth all night and they made their last shot then we missed ours. As usual rebounding helped us and ball handling hurt us. We had 3 TOS after the last media time out and that, more than anything else, did us in. Jay has been playing well lately and this game was no exception, 15, 10, 6, 4. Jake and Dan alsd played well. The bench was a killer too, they had 29, we had 6.”


“A very strange game at Charlotte. You don’t see 43-39 very often.”


“Thankfully! It was awful. Fortunately they were a little more awful than we were. We had 6 guys score and all were between 5 and 9 points. The only player on either team in double figures was a backup guard on their side who had 12. We were +5 on the boards. I honestly don’t know what else to say about this game.”


“#21, RPI #24, 17-6, 9-3, 3rd place, 1 behind UCLA and Nebraska, 4 to play, 2 home, 2 away.”


“We absolutely need to go 3-1, and 4-0 would be a whole lot better.”


“This week we host Middle Tenn ST, 6-17, 4-8, and then travel to 11-12, 6-6 FL ST. We haven’t played Mid TN ST but they’ve struggled all year. We beat FL ST by 13 here but they can be very tough at home.”


“’Sportstalk,’ and the coach is on the phone. 61-52 over Mid TN ST.”


“Yes, we led by as many as 23, and we never trailed. The final score was as close as they got. 12 TOs, balanced scoring, good D.


85-59 at FL ST.”


“I was worried about this one. They usually play really well at home. We were on target all night though, and we didn’t let them do much of anything. 49-17 at the half. 15, 12,  2 for Kim, 20, 9, 2 for Jay, 16, 5, 3 for Jake, 12, 6, 2, 2 for Jim. 9 TOs, 38 RBs.”


Third place clinched, still 1 back of UCLA and Nebraska.”


“They play each other this week and they both have a tough second game. We need to win 2 and see what happens.”


“We’ve got 10-15, 6-8 Illinois at home, beat them by 14, 11-15, 6-8 West KY on the road, beat them by 12.”


February 26


“Betty Winns with the coach. The stars aligned.”


“They did! UCLA lost at home then beat Nebraska, we won twice, so we ended up in a 3 way tie for 1st, and with the #2 seed. 78-68 over Ill, here. 5 starters in doubles, 6 TOs, +6 RBs.


69-53 at W. KY. 18, 6, 2 for Dan, 14, 8, 2, 2, 1 for Jay, 10, 8, 4 for Herb, 15 RBs for Jake. 19 TOs, but 48 RBs.


“So we’re 21-6, 13-3, #16, RPI #18 headed to the post season.”


“Good season to this point.”


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March 1982

NCAA hoop selection show televised for the 1st time


William Shatner becomes a Hooker (T. J.)


Gretzky gets 200 points in a season


March 5

No one goes pro. I’m glad Jake decided to stay. He’s good but he isn’t ready for the next stage yet. We talked, I was honest. When I think a player is ready I will tell him so.


March 7

“#10 seed Illinois was an upset winner in the play in round so they’re first up. We beat them by 14 early, and then by 10 last week.


“We’re at the conf. E tourney. 73-60 over Illinois in the quarter finals. All 5 starters in doubles, 10 TOs. Jay led the way with 12, 10, 4. Coach Clark, Nebraska is out and it’s #8 ranked, 25-3, #3 seed UCLA in the semis.”


“I’m predicting that the winner of this game will win tomorrow. We won by 4 at our place earlier, and it was a battle all the way. They’re very good with the ball, they don’t have a dominant scorer or rebounder but everyone plays a part. It should be interesting!”


“We’ll be at courtside.”


March 8

“Betty Winns here with the Coach. 48-45 over #8 UCLA, and we’re in the finals!”


“Whew! We truly dodged a bullet. We won because UCLA shot 28.3% from the floor, and 7-16 from the line. Part of the reason for the poor shooting from the floor was good D but I don’t think our free throw defense was a factor.”


“And on O?”


“In a minute. I want to talk about rebounding. They totally collared Jake Bull, he didn’t get a point, but he never stopped working and had 11 RBs, 2 assists, and 3 steals. And that was HUGE. 11, 12, 3 for Jay, and we are going to miss him so much when he graduates in a couple of months. 14 for Dan. Jim played another great game from the bench.”


“#4 seed Princeton, 20-9, for the title.”


“We didn’t play them this season. They’ve won their last 7. They do have their #3 guard out with an injury. They’re good with the ball. They score more inside than out but they are not great on the boards. We need to win the inside game and hold our own outside- oh, and take care of the ball.”


March 9

“Betty Winns here with Coach Clark. Coach, 68-52 over Princeton, and another title!”


“Yes, after the first few minutes it was our game. Jake continues to be in a shooting slump and continues to find ways to be an enormous help to the team. He was 1-10 today but had 9 RBs, 3 steals, an assist, and he shut down his man. 13, 9, 3 for Jay, five guys in doubles including Jim Jones with 10 and 6. 11 TOs, 37 RBs.”


“Are you playing your best ball of the season?”


“I think we are. We’re +9.1 in PPG, +9.2 in RBs, and even +0.5 in TOs.”


“So how high will you go in the NCAA tourney?”


“I would love to get a 3. I think it’s possible.”


“We’ll find out on Sunday. The UML women won their tourney and are #1 in the country and 28-0.”


March 12

“Betty Winns here for the selection show. Coach Montville, is there any doubt that you’ll be #1 overall?”


“Can’t imagine we won’t.”


“Tell us how it feels to have a shot at winning the very first women’s NCAA tournament.”


“We’re thrilled that this has finally happened. It would be beyond wonderful to have our name in the books as the first, no doubt about it.”


Coach Clark, #13, RPI #11. You told us you’d love to get a #3 seed. How are the chances?”


“I think we’ve earned it. 4-1 vs. ranked teams, all for wins against top 10, 8 games winning streak and 11 of 12. I think we can make a strong case.”


“We’re about to find out. Here we go!


Not in the East. We know Coach likes to be on the other side, so let’s see…


Not in the Midwest, so we’re on the side of the bracket we like to be on…


#4 in the South.. We play #13 Manhattan, 19-9. Coach, disappointed?”


“It felt like we’d be either a #3 or a #4. No, not disappointed.”




“They’re in H. They have a good team but I don’t think they can match us inside. We’ll try to have the game played there.”


“… Okay, the women…


“#1 in the East. No surprise Coach Montville.”


“Not at all. Now we prepare.”


“We’ll be at all the games, as long as a UML team is playing we’ll be there.”


March 14


“Betty Winns here. The UML women beat Vermont 89-37 tonight. Terry Myers had 49. This is the first year the tourney is with the NCAA so she now holds the record for most points in a game. Next up will be Delaware.”


March 16

“Betty Winns here after the 2nd round women’s game. UML 109-Delaware 46. The new record for points in an NCAA women’s tourney game is 53, by Terry Myers. It will be Memphis in the Sweet Sixteen.”


March 17


Betty Winns here after the first round men’s game vs. Manhattan. Coach?”


“I don’t really have any words, but I’ll try… I never imagined we’d lose in the opening round, especially so decisively. 53-67? Nope, couldn’t have imagined it.”


“What happened?”


“Lots of things. First, we couldn’t stop their Small Forward. 32 points, 10 threes in 17 attempts. We doubled him, we went 3-2- nothing worked. On the other end we shot 32.1%. Jay shot well but no one else did. Take him out of the equation and we shot 28%. I’m sorry he ended his career on this note. He’s been a fantastic player for us for all four years here.”


“What now?”


“Only thing to do is start getting ready for next season. We’re moving up to D conf.”


“Thanks Coach. We’ll talk again on April 4.”


March 21

“Betty Winns with Coach Montville. 86-42 over Delaware in the Sweet Sixteen. You guys are killing everybody.”


(Laughs) This is Not the time to ease up.”


Terry had 49 tonight. So 151 for 3 games.”


“She is a force of nature.”


Texas in the Elite Eight.”


“#10 in the country and no easy win here.”


March 23

“Coach Montville, you said no easy win over Texas. 82-48 seems kind of easy to me.”


“Closest game so far! We played well, and Terry had 47. She’s going to set an NCAA scoring record that may never be approached if this keeps up.”


198 points in 4 games.”


Final four against #4 ranked, #2 seed ODU.”


“We beat Old Dominion by 33 at their place in December. They’ve gotten a lot better since then. They’re very good inside.”


“We’ll be there on March 31!”


March 31

“Betty Winns here with Coach Montville. You’re going to the title game!”


“Yes we are. UML 81, ODU 49.”

“44 for Terry so I guess you could say they held her in check.”

“It’s her tournament low. She’s up to 242 in 5 games, 48.4 PPG.”


Louisiana Tech for the title.”

“#2 in the country and traditionally the best program in women’s basketball. Leon Barmore’s teams are always very well coached. He likes inside players and he’s got them. His guards are quick, and they play good D. They pass well but they don’t score a lot. We’ll need to work to get Terry open against those speedy guards.”


“We’ll be there on April 2.”


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April 1982

Falklands war


Sally Ride named 1st woman astronaut


April 2

“Betty Winns here for the last game of the UML basketball season. UML 105, La. Tech 63. 64 for Terry Myers and 306 for the tourney for a 51.0 average. Coach, she outscored the other team again.”


“I have no words. Terry is the greatest women’s basketball player in history.”


84 wins in a row for the lady River Hawks.”


“Thank Terry. That is not to say we don’t have other weapons, we do, but it’s the Terry Myers show, as it should be.”


“Tourney MOP and more awards to come. We’ll be with both coaches on April 4.”


April 4

“Betty Winns with the coaches for award announcements. First the men.


“Coach Clark, tell us about the Final Four. #1 VA beat #7 Oklahoma ST by 20 for the title.”


“And men’s awards: Jay Son, Conf. E POY, 1st team with Dan Nunn and Kim Chan. Jake Bull made 2nd team.”


“I’m thrilled that Jay got the well deserved award and very happy for the four guys who were honored.”


“On the women’s side, Terry Myers swept- POY, Defensive POY, 1st team nationally. Coach Montville named national coach of the year. Kate Milton made national 2nd team and conf. 1st along with Terry, and Rachel Breen. Terry won everything in conf. too, of course.”


“Couldn’t have been any other way for Terry, but I’m pleased that Kate and Rachel were recognized. Incidentally, Terry has a 4.0 GPA.”


“Will she play pro ball?”


“There’s no pro ball to play here, as you know, but I’m sure the foreign teams will be after here. Honestly, we haven’t discussed it, but I’m sure we will soon.”


“Okay, back at the end of the month for the season wrap up.”


April 29

“Betty Winns here on ‘Sportstalk’ to wrap up the 1981-’82 UML hoops season. 1st the women. Coach Montville. You just signed a 5 year contract. It’s great that you’ll be with us for a while.”


“Nowhere else I want to be.”


34-0, 84 game win streak, 3 titles in a row including the first NCAA women’s title. Where do you go from here?”


“All we can do is try our hardest to stay at the top. We’re losing Terry and Kate, and that’s a lot, but we have 3 returning starters, our best three back ups, and three very good freshmen coming in, two who have the potential to be instant stars. I think we’ll be fine.”


Coach Clark, you got $2,500 added to the budget.”


“Hoping for more but we’ll take it.”


“In many ways it was a very good season.”


“In all but the most important way, yes. We had a terrible night at a terrible time. Aside from that I was pleased. “


24-7, 13-3, won your tourney, ranked #12 in the final poll, moving up to D. I understand the tourney regrets but lots of positives to contemplate.”


“Yes. We have all of our guards plus Kim Chan back. We’ll need the big guys we recruited to come through for us, and quickly, but if that happens we’ll be fine.”


19 seasons, 489-141, .776. Off- 74, Def- 85, Recruit- 80, Scout- 12, Player Development- 84, Reputation- 91. Let’s hope for a great season next year.”


(Author’s note. UML hit all of their goals and Team Prestige DROPPED from 49 to 47.)


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May 1982

Falklands war continues


June 1982

“The Wrath of Khan”


“E. T.”


ERA fails


June 5

“Betty Winns back for my 2nd season on ‘Sportstalk.’ Coach Clark says he’s looking at a few transfers, especially bigs.”


June 16

“Coach Clark reports that two transfers signed, a PF and an SF.”


June 26

“UML has a handful of scholarships and Coach says they need both guards and inside players.”


July 1982

“Little Shop of Horrors”


Billy Martin’s 1,000th win as a manager, and his 10,000th fight


July 11

“Betty WInns with a recruiting update. Coach Clark says he’s down from 21 to 10 recruits. It’s an add and subtract process and it’s early.”


August 1982

First CDs


First Gay Games


August 21

“UML men’s coach Kip Clark says he is looking at 14 recruits at the moment. He has offered to a PF, who he considers a very long shot, but the guy is from MA, a PG who is a better chance, and a 2nd PG.”


September 1982

First issue of “USA Today.” Beginning of the end for U. S. journalism


1st deaths from cyanide laden Tylenol (still unsolved)


September 18

“Coach says he lost the long shot but feels good about some other recruits.


UML will be at the Hawaiian Shootout. Several ranked teams including preseason #1 Villanova here.”


September 25

“Coach Clark reports that a PG and an SF have committed. The work continues. Betty Winns on ‘Sportstalk.’”


October 1982

“Cats” begins its 18 year Broadway run


Man with no brain proclaims “War on Drugs” Billions of dollars later, and tens of thousands of prisoners later, it is still being lost


October 2

Another PG has committed to UML.


“Today is the 1st day of practice. Coach says he has 8 players who will help, hoping that others will develop over time.

“UML is picked to finish 10th in conf. D. Perhaps we have finally gone as far as we can go. We’ll ask Coach about that when we have him on the show.”


November 1982

Howard Cosell calls his last fight


November 6

“Betty Winns with Coach Clark. Coach, you’re picked 10th in conf. D. Have you climbed as far as you can climb?”


“Great question. I’ll let you know in March. Seriously, we’re in the 4th highest conference. I don’t know that I would have predicted that we’d be able to get this far. Now that we have I want to think we can go higher. We’re as small school with a very small hoops budget, and we can’t match the facilities or the publicity that kids can get at this level. Still, we’re prepared to give it our best shot.”


Do we have a lineup?”


“We do. Guards are senior Dan Nunn, junior Shay Ayer, with senior Herb Hart backing up. My bigs are senior Kim Chan playing SF and PF, frosh Marq Stak playing PF and C, frosh John Monk at C, and junior Dan Mola and frosh Dan Bry backing up.”


“And what do you think?”


“I think it’s a strong lineup all the way through but especially inside. I like our chances to finish near the top, despite what the ‘experts’ say.”


“We start at Cal-Santa Barbara from R, and then it’s off to the Hawaiian Shootout against Houston from H. Good luck Coach.


“The UML women start at the Big D Classic. The top 16 women’s teams are there so it will be a good test.”


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November 20

“Betty Winns with the Sunday night UML men’s and women’s hoops wrap up.


“The UML men start with a 2-1 week. It was 65-51 at Cal-SB. Dan Nunn had 19 but fouled out. 11 TOs.


“Then a 69-39 blowout over Houston in the 1st round of the Hawaiian Classic. 16 for Dan but 4 fouls, 14, 7, 2, 2 for John Monk at C, 13, 8 for Marq Stack at PF. +13 RBs but 16 TOs.


“#1 seed, #21 ranked Ohio ST ended our run in Hawaii, 45-60. It was one of those nights when we couldn’t hit a shot, 32.8%, 4-22 long range.


“Coach says the team is still coming together and they aren’t quite where he’d like them to be yet.


“This week it’s #4 Villanova, 2-0, at home, then we’re at 1-1 Florida, #22. Both are in A conf.

“The UML women won their first three in Dallas and play for the title tonight against Tennessee.”


November 27

“A 1-1 week for the UML men. We beat #4 Villanova, 67-58 at home. 19 for Dan Nunn, 12 and 8 for Marq Stak, 12, 7 for Kim Chan. We played good D and benefitted from having 13 fouls called on us, 26 on them. One of those was a T against their coach.


“#22 FL beat us 66-45 there. As with our other loss we simply didn’t shoot well but this time we also gave up 15 threes and committed 18 TOs, -10. We were +10 on the boards. Our only consistent scorer has been guard Dan Nunn who had 17.


This week #19 Kansas ST, 4-0 in B at home, and a rematch with 4-2, #12 Ohio ST there.


“The UML women won the Big D classic but then were upset on the road by ODU ending their win streak at 88.”


December 1982

1st artificial heart transplant. Patient lives 112 days.




Time’s “Man of the Year” is the computer


“Bear” Bryant retires


December 4

“Betty Winns on ‘Sportstalk’ and Coach Clark is on the line. Coach, 66-53 over #19 KS ST here. 21, 7 for Dan Nunn but no assists and 5 TOs. 11, 9 for Kim, 9, 5, 7, 3 for John Monk at C. 12 TOs, and that’s been a problem area.”


“Then you went to #12 Ohio ST. 56-84.”


“Don’t remind me! 18 TOs, only 21 RBs, and we gave up 17 threes. 15 each fro Mopnk and Shay Ayer and John had 7 RBs to go with his 15.”


“Coach, you haven’t played a close game yet. The 9 point win over Villanova is the only one with a margin less than 13.”


“That’s strange now that you mention it. We leave no doubt when we lose, 15, 21, and 28.”


4-3, but you’ve played 4 ranked teams.”


“We’re in D conf., we need to play good teams.”


“Where do we need to get better?”


“We need to have more than one consistent scorer. We need to take much better care of the ball. We need to get a lot more from our bench. We need to score more points. Pretty much everywhere. There’s some talent here but we have come close to being the kind of team we’re used to. We haven’t melded into a real team yet. Make no mistake that we’re working hard to get there.”


“Home with 4-2 Butler and then 3-2 Creighton.”


“Both good teams. Creighton plays in B.”


“The UML women got back on track with 2 home wins this week.”


December 11

“And another 1-1 week for the UML men who are now 5-4. Betty Winns here. Coach, it’s been a struggle so far.”


“Well, we’re 5-4 against pretty solid competition. 77-56 over Butler. 23, 6, 2 for Dan, 11, 10 for Kim, 15, 4, 2, 2 for Marq, 12, 6, 4, 2 for John. But 15 TOs and not much from the bench.


“And we’re having a very hard time putting back to back good games together. 54-60 vs. Creighton. 40 RBs but 22 TOs, and the only guy to get more than 8 was Dan, 20.”


“Any changes being considered?”


“We’re reviewing our options.”


“Only one game this week, at 3-4 UMass.”


“4 road games in a row, 2 vs. ranked teams. They’re spread out though, 1 a week for the first three. So we’ll sleep in our own beds more often than not.”


“The UML women are 7-1, #1 in the country.”


December 18

“A real battle vs. UMass, 59-56. Coach?”


“Actually I thought we played really well. We just didn’t shoot well, 35.2%, 2-16 from behind the line. 18, 9, 2 for John, 9, 9, 2 for Kim, 12 TOs, 38 RBs.”


“At #13 Michigan from A this week.”


“They’re 7-2 and they can play.”


“I understand you’re making a change.”


“Just a slight one. Kim Chan is going to play more 4 and less three, and Marq Stak the opposite. Kim’s a better rebounder. We were worried about Marq’s ball handling but he’s been fine. Let’s see what happens.


December 25

Michigan beat UML 50-69 there as once again, our guys simply did not shoot the ball well, 31.1%, 28% on threes. 20 for Dan, 13, 5, 2, 2 for Herb Hart from the bench. Coach says he is considering more minutes for Herb. Coach said that something needs to be done.


“This week is our last pre-conf. game, at #15 Ga. Tech, 8-2 from A.


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January 1983



January 1

“Betty Winns on ‘Sportstalk.’ Another tough road loss, 50-70 at #15 GA Tech. UML ends the pre-conf. season 6-6. This is a team that has a lot of trouble scoring points. Herb Hart used his increased minutes to lead us with 13, Dan had 11. I asked Coach if Herb might start and he said, ‘One step at a time.’


“This week we open conf. play at 7-4 Va. Tech then come home to pay 9-2 Bright Yams. Neither team is a pushover, that’s for sure!”


January 8

“Coach called this ‘an extremely frustrating week.’ Betty Winns here. The UML men beat Va. Tech, there 65-55. 16, 5, 3 for Dan, 13, 4 for John, 8, 8 for Marq, 11 RBs for Kim. 17 TOs (-1) but +9 on the boards.


“Then they came home and lost 66-76 to Bright Yams. -5 TOs, -5 RBs, 3-18 on threes. The outside D was awful.


“I asked Coach what he thought could be done. He said that there really wasn’t a lot to be done except to keep working and to hope that the team would eventually get it together. Since winning their first two of the season the team has not again won back to back games.


“This week it’s 5-8, 1-1 Nebraska here, then 2-11 Princeton there, so it seems that there’s a chance to get those back top back wins. We’ll see what happens.”


January 15

“A 2-0 week- barely! Coach, a real blowout vs. Nebraska, 85-47.”


“We needed one like that. 5 guys in double figures, only 7 TOs, +7 RBs.”


“Then a war at Princeton, 54-52.”


“Another of those games where we were way too sloppy and where we couldn’t hit shots. Somehow we did enough to get the win, thanks to a last second three by Shay. Considering we were 3-14 on threes that was a bad gamble, but it went in. 20 TOs but they had 21. We just ground it out. I praised the guys for their determination and effort. They were awful in lots of ways but their refusal to quit is exactly what I want to see. That will get us some wins we probably shouldn’t get and I told them I want to see it every night. Hey, we’re 3-1 in conf., and we’ve won 3 of 4. There IS a bright side!”


“This week 3-12, 2-2 Gonegaga here, then we’re at 7-8, 3-1 UNLV. Let’s keep it going, Coach!


“The lady River Hawks are 14-1, still #1.”


January 22

“64-52 over Gonegaga here. Caoch?”


“11 TOs, +3 on the boards, solid D. We still didn’t score much but we haven’t all season, but I do need to say that I thought we played hard and played well, all in all.”


“54-74 at UNLV.”


“Tough team. Another game where we didn’t play all that badly, but couldn’t find the net- 34.7%, 5-20 behind the line. Our D, particularly outside, could have been better.. 22 for Dan, 12, 14, 3 for John.”


“2 at home this week, 8-9, 3-3 Drexel, then 10-7, 3-3 UNC Greensboro.”


“This is an opportunity. We want a 2 win week.”


January 29

“Coach is on a plane but it was a great week for the UML men. 68-56 over Drexel. 12 TOs, +3 RBs. 19, 5, 4 for Dan, 14, 5, 2, 4 for Kim, 10, 5, 3, 3 for John, 7, 8 for Marq.


81-73 over UNC-Greensboro. 10 TOs, +3 RBs. 21, 7 for John, 21, 5 for Dan. We’re in a 2 way tie for 2nd, one back of Bright Yams.


“This week we’re at 10-9, 2-6 Penn, then we host 12-9, 3-5 Georgetown. We’re 5-1 in our last 6.


One of our recruits failed to hit the SAT score so we’ve offered to another guard.”


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February 1983

Final episode of M*A*S*H*


February 5

54-65 at Penn. D was decent but the O, again, wasn’t there.


78-69 over Georgetown here. Plenty of O in this game. 19, 10, 2 for Dan, 20, 6, 2 for Shay, 12 TOs, +10 on the boards.


We’re still 1 back of 1st.


“This week on the road all week. 1st it’s 13-8, 4-6 Xavier, then 11-10, 5-5 Alabama. 4 of our last 6 are away.


February 12

“A 1-1 week. Not all that bad for a 2 road game week. 85-74 in OT at Xavier. Back and forth all the way and then we exploded in OT. 23, 14 for John, 25 for Dan, +12 RBs.


73-79 at Alabama. Very simple explanation for this loss, we went to the line 18 times, they went 41. I was T’d up and this was the closest I’ve ever come to being kicked out of a game. This was an outrage. Worst I’ve ever been part of. Herb Hart had 26 from the bench for us. We were absolutely robbed.”


We’re in a 3 way tie for 3rd, one back of the lead.


“This week we’re home for 2, first it’s 14-9, 7-5 Missouri, then 12-11, 5-7 Va. Tech, who we beat by 10 there.


February 19

“We needed a 2-0 week and we got it. 64-57 over MO. Coach?”


26, 5, 3, 4 for Dan, and I really need to say that he has been a rock for us this year. He leads us in scoring and has been consistently great at getting points for us all season long. 16, 5 for Kim. A horrible 25 TOs but amazingly enough MO had 29. We played exceptional D holding them to 29.1%, 5-21 from long range.”


66-62 over Va. Tech.”


“21, 11, 2 for Kim, 14, 3, 2 for Shay, 10, 6 for john. Dan turned an ankle early and didn’t play much. He’s okay though.


“You’re now in a two way tie for third.”


“Yes, 2 up on fifth place. We’re on the road for two. We need a 1-1 week, and a 2-0 week would be terrific. It won’t be easy.”


“No it won’t, #13 ranked, 20-5, 11-3 Bright Yams first. They’re tied for 1st and beat us by 10 at our place. Then 9-16, 5-9 Nebraska who we blew out here. Good luck, Coach.


“The lady River Hawks were upset this week. They’re 23-2, 13-1, have clinched the conf., and are still #1 nationally.”


February 26

“An awful week for the River Hawks. They were crushed at #13 Bright Yams, 44-67. They were never in it. The only bright spot was 41 RBs.


“Then a heartbreaker at Nebraska, 63-64. It was close all night. We took a 63-61 lead with 1.3 to go. They threw up a half court prayer and it was answered.


“We finish the regular season 16-12, 10-6, tied for 3rd, #4 seed.


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March 1983

Man with no brain introduces “Star Wars” defense


March 5

No one going pro.


March 10

“We play #5 seed Penn, 18-10, 9-7 in the quarters. They won by 11 at their place. Big game. Win we move up to C, lose we stay here. Not sure which would be better.”

60-56 over Penn. Coach?”


“We started slowly but once we took the lead we held it. It was in single digits all night and they got within 1 or 2 a bunch of times. 19, 7, 2, 5 for Dan.”


“UCLA in the semis.”


“They upset #1 seed, #6 ranked Auburn in a shocker. UCLA is the #9 seed and they’re 19-11, 8-8. We didn’t play them during the regular season. They lost 4 in a row before the tourney so it’s kind of interesting. Their starting C got a really bad ankle sprain in tonight’s game. I don’t think he’ll play. It would  be nice to get to the title game.”


March 11

78-63 over UCLA. Coach?”


“We were really on tonight. 16, 10 for Kim, 19, 5 for Dan, 11, 9 for John, 11 for Dan Bry from the bench, +11 on the boards.”


“And the upsets continued. It’s #6 seed, 18-12, 8-8 Missouri for the title.”


“We won by 7 at home. They were 1-3 in their last 4 before the tourney. They score outside but they aren’t great with the ball. If we can turn them over, and take care of it ourselves, we’ll do well.


March 12

56-67. Not our night, Coach.”


“We knew their 2 and 3 got the points and we didn’t stop them- didn’t even slow them down. We had 8 TOs. Again tonight we didn’t shoot well, and we didn’t stop the guys we needed to stop.”


“Are you in the big dance?”


“Definitely. I think we only needed to win one game in the tourney to get there.”


“Okay, we’ll stay right here for the selection show.


“Not in the East.


“Not in the Midwest.


“Not in the South.


“The last team to show up on the board, #9 in the West. We’ll play #8 seed Syracuse, 17-13. Tough first round match.”

“I’ll say! Conf. B, perpetual elite program. Man!”


The UML women won their tourney and are again #1 overall.”


March 13

“Betty Winns here after the 1st round women’s game between Idaho ST and UML. We won 77-58.”


March 15

“The UML women are in the Sweet Sixteen after a 69-54 win over CCSU.”


March 17

80-79 over Syracuse in OT. What a game for the UML men!”


“We really wanted this one. After going out in the first round last year we didn’t want that to happen again. It took an off balance, heavily guarded 14 footer by Kim Chan at the buzzer but we’re still alive.”


“+10 RBs, +6 TOs.”


“We definitely did the things we needed to do, but barely. We let them shoot 60.9% but it seemed like when we really needed a stop we got one. Kim had 22, but lots of guys contributed.”


“#1 seed Wake Forest next.”


“22-8, 11-5, #4 RPI, A conf. They’re very good but they can be beaten.


March 19

42-60 vs Wake Forest. Coach?”


“The last game was typical of the season. We couldn’t score. 23.5%. We didn’t take care of the ball- 21 TOs. +8 on the boards.”


“It has to be said, Coach, your most losses, 2nd least wins, lowest pct.”


“It was a long season, no doubt. We have a lot of new faces coming in. We can only hope that a few of them can score points.”


“We’ll be with you on Awards night.”


March 20

“The UML women won 61-49 over Iowa. They’re in the Sweet Sixteen against Texas.”


March 22

UML hoops is finished for the year. The UML women lost to a tough Texas team, 56-59. The three year reign as national champions is at an end.”


April 1983

Nolan Ryan becomes all time strikeout leader


April 4

“#1 Villanova beat #5 Kansas for the title.”


“Awards. Center John Monk was Freshman of the Year in D, as well as 1st team. Seniors Dan Nunn and Kim Chan made 2nd team. Dan should have made 1st.”


(Author’s Note: Email says Team Prestige increased. It actually went from 47-45.)


April 23

Coach asked for  a budget increase. He got $10,000.

“It was a tough season, 19-14, 10-6, 4th place, but the River Hawks managed to move up to Conf. C. This was coach’s worst record ever, and the team really did struggle all season long. Coach is now at 508-155, .766 lifetime.


“Betty Winns here, and I’ll be back for my senior year next season.”


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May 1983



June 1983

“Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”


Monster woman re-elected British PM


SCOTUS strikes down state and local restrictions on abortion


June 6

“Betty Winns here on ‘Sportstalk.’ Coach Clark reports that the transfer pool doesn’t have anyone he is interested in.


June 26

“Coach Clark has four scholarships. He says he’s going for mostly guards. Right now 7 PGs, 1 SG, 1 SF, 2 PFs.”


July 1983



August 1983



August 21

“Coach Clark told ‘Sportstalk’ that he has offered to 3 PGs. He would like to offer to an inside player and will likely do so soon.”


September 1983

Still nuthin’.


September 18

“We get 2 PGs. We’re going to the Alaskan Classic. We have some challenges in the schedule.”


October 1983

Last U. S. hand cranked phones go out of service (Maine)


1st cellular network


MLK day established as national holiday


October 2

“Betty Winns here with the Coach on the phone. Coach, how’s recruiting going?”


“We have 2 PGs committed and we’re looking at a couple of guards and a handful of inside players.”


“How was the first day of practice?”


“I like what I saw.”


UML is picked to finish 9th in conf. D.”


“I think we’ll do considerably better than that.”


“Thanks Coach.”


November 1983

Tandy 2000


November 6

“Coach, tell us about the lineup. Freshman Seb Frak and senior Dan Mola at guard, freshman Jed Henk playing some 2, some 3. Junior Rudy Betts, soph John Monk inside, and senior Shay Ayer playing some 4, some 5, maybe even some 3. We’re primarily going to try to go with 6 guys, all of whom will get about the same number of minutes. We’ll see how that goes.”




“Still haven’t found that big guy but we have our 3 guards.”


“And UML will start at home with Delaware, from O. Then it’s off to Drexel from E.”


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November 20

“Betty Winns here. 70-57 over Delaware at home. 5 guys in double figures. +6 in both TOs and RBs.


“80-68 at Drexel. We never trailed, and we led by as many as 25. Sub Shay Ayer was in double figures again, leading us with 21, 5, 4 but he had 9 TOs (of 14). Rudy Betts had 18 and 7.

“This week we’re at #9 GA Tech, then off to the Alaskan Classic against #2 seed Penn.”


November 27

“61-69 at #9 GA Tech.


“The River Hawks won their 1st game at the Alaskan Classic, 84-75 over Penn. 25 for Shay Ayer14, 4, 5, 2, 2 for Seb Frak, 15, 7, 4 for John Monk. +9 RBs. 16 TOs but they had 17.


Then it was #3 seed, #22 ranked Washington in the semis. We won a real war, 71-69 when Jed Hank hit an 18 footer with less than a second to play. 16 and 12 for John, 5 guys in double figure. +9 RBs, 12 TOs.


“It was the #7 vs. the #8 seed for the title and we beat Western KY 94-56. 5 in double figures, Jed had 9, Del Over had 7 and 7. 12 TOs for + 11.


We’re 5-1 to date.


“This week we’re at #16 UNLV, 5-1, then we host 0-4 Charlotte.


December 1983



December 4


“It was a great week for UML. Coach, 77-59 at #16 UNLV.”


“Big win. 16, 14 for John, 20, 5, 2 for Rudy, 18, 4, 2 for Shay, very good D, +15 RBs.”


“Then back home finally, 64-54 over Charlotte.”


“They were pesky. We were +12 in RBs but we were awful with the ball, 20 TOs. We shot poorly and made some bad decisions, but rebounding, solid D, and +18 at the line took us home.”


Ranked for the first time, #18, RPI #11.”


“When we beat UNLV I thought that might happen.”


“A one game week, here with 4-1 Seton Hall.”


December 11

“Betty Winns here with the Sunday wrap up. 70-57 over Seton Hall here. 17, 11, 2, 3 for John Monk, 20, 5, 5 for Shay Ayer. We really owned the 2nd half.


“This week it’s UMass, 6-2, here, then we’re at 5-2 Rhode Island.


December 18

82-72 with UMass here. Rudy Betts had a great game, 31 and 7.


“We were upset, 60-67 at URI. 18 TOs, poor outside D. 18, 10 for John, 13, 9, 2 for Rudy, but our guards were out played.


“At #19 Oklahoma ST, 8-1, this week.


December 25

“A 53-49 battle at #19 OK ST. We were down 10 early in the 2nd half. We finally turned it into an inside game and that did it for us. 50 RBs (+22), 19, 10 for Rudy, 7, 12 for John, 12, 5 for Jed. 20 TOs kept it close. We are not handling the ball well yet again this season. We played great D.”


“7-3 Cincinnati here to close out pre-conf. play.”


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January 1984

AT & T is split up


NCAA hoops tourney expanded to 64 teams.


“Where’s the beef?”


Man with no brain announces he will seek 2nd term


January 1

“UML closed out pre-conf. play with a 72-55 win over Cincinnati. Dan Mola had an off night but our other 5 were all in doubles, led by Rudy Betts with 18 and 12. We end up 11-2, ranked #21, RPI #1 for the pre-conf. season.


“This week 4-7 UNC Greensboro here and then at 8-3 Georgetown.”


January 8

“Betty Winns on ‘Sportstalk.’ A good start to conf. D play. 83- 51 with UNC Greensboro. 6 in double figures, 8 TOs.


“Then disaster struck in a 75-61 win at Georgetown. Starting C John Monk broke a toe early in the game. He’s out for 6 weeks, which means very likely for the rest of the regular season. Little used sub Dan Bry injured his back and is gone for about 2 weeks. When asked Coach Clark said that Del Over and Marq Stak will pick up lots of minutes. Here on tape is what Coach said:


“Injuries are, unfortunately, part of the game. We’ll miss John but we’ll do the best we can with what we have.”


“This week it’s 7-6 FL ST at home, then we travel to 7-6 Gonegaga. We’re 13-2 at the time of the injuries.”


January 15

“ Betty Winns here. It was a terrific week for the undermanned UML River Hawks. 74-67 in OT over FL ST here. Del Over, in his 1st start, led the team with 16, 10, 2, 2. Subs Marq Stak and Shay Ayer played well. 9 TOs. It was a hard fought game. We tied it very late in regulation and then defended successfully. In OT we took over.


69-64 over Gonegaga there. We came back from 13 down early in the 2nd half. Rudy Betts was terrific in the post, 19 and 9. Del Over played another good game. 16 TOs, but they had 18.


We’re 4-0, in a 3 way tie for 1st. Ranked #11, RPI #1.


“This week 9-6, 2-2 Iowa is here. We travel to 8-7, 3-1 Texas Tech.”


January 22

“The UML men keep rolling along. 85-63 vs. Iowa here. 21, 10, 2 for Jed Henk, 17, 5, 2 for Rudy, 15, 3, 4 for Del. 7 TOs, 36 RBs.


65-54 over Texas Tech there. 24, 9 for Rudy. +16 RBs but 19 TOs.


“We asked Coach Clark about missing John Monk. Here’s what he said:


“Oh believe me we miss him. We’re winning, 4-0 since he went down, and I’m proud of my guys for working so hard. But we’re a better team with John in there.”


“#12 ranked West Virginia, 16-4, 4-2 is here, as is UMass, 8-11, 0-6.


We’re a top 10 team, #8, RPI #1.”


January 29

80-68 over #12 West VA. All 5 starters in double figures. Despite 20 TOs and only 24 RBs we won. We took 35 trips to the line they took 17, and that was the story.


62-52 against UMass. 17, 7 for Rudy but excellent D won this one.


“We now hold a 2 game lead over VA Tech and Penn, 3 or more over the rest.


“This week we’re at 12-7, 5-3 Alabama, and we host 7-13, 4-4 Iowa ST.


We lost a committed recruit to the SAT Score. Coach says he is offering to another PG.


“We’re ranked #7, RPI still #1, and we’re 6-0 since starting Center John Monk went down. Over and Stak have stepped up wonderfully and Betts is doing great in the post.”


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February 1984



February 5

49-74 at Alabama. Worst ‘whuppin’’ of the season. We didn’t shoot well, didn’t defend well, didn’t do much of anything well. Coach says we were probably overdue for a game like this.


88-78 over Iowa ST. 5 guys in double figures including both Ayer and Stak from the bench. 5 TOs.


“A very tough week coming up, two excellent teams on the road.  First 16-7, 7-3 VA Tech, then 10-11, 6-4 Penn. Coach says he plans to do his best to win both but I’m guessing he’d be happy with 1 and 1.


“John Monk will have the cast off this week. He may be able to play the final two regular season games. Coach will have a pleasant dilemma as lots of guys have earned playing time.


UML is up 9.9 PPG on its opponents, +6.8 RBs, + 1.0 TOs despite a terrible 13.9.


February 12

“A very tough week. 50-64 at VA Tech. The poor shooting from last week got worse, 15-51, 2-16 on threes. That was really the story in this one.


66-81 at Penn. We shot well in this one but we forgot to defend- 55.8%. -9 on the boards didn’t help.


“4 to play and they are all games we should win. We’re in a 3 way tie for the lead but given the schedule we’re in good position.


“This week 14-10, 6-6 Washington here, then at 6-17, 2-10 UNC Greensboro. We beat them by 28 at our place.


February 19

“A much better week. 76-56 vs. Washington here. 9 TOs. 5 in double figures.


71-50 over UNC Greensboro there.  17, 9, 3, 3 for Rudy Betts, 15, 7 for Marq Stak. 12 TOs (+7), +12 RBs.

It’s still a 3 way tie at the top with VA Tech and West VA. Everyone else is at least 2 back.


“16-9, 8-6 Georgetown here- we won by 14 there, and then the last regular season game is at 13-12, 6-8 FL ST. We won by 7 in OT at home so this could be a tough one.


John Monk will be back for both games. We’re going to spread the minutes out, at least for now.”

February 26

64-55 with Georgetown here. John wasn’t ready, 11 minutes, 4 fouls. But the bench did fine. +8 TOs, but -7 RBs.


57-70 at FL ST. John was still not ready but on this night no one stepped up. Del Over, now starting at SF had 18, 4, 2 but no one else did much of anything. -11 RBs.”


“Decision time for Coach. John needs to play himself into game shape. We have 11 or 12 days until our next game which should be more than enough time. Should Coach stick with him? I’m thinking he will.


“We wound up in a 2 way tie for 1st with West VA, and we have the #1 seed. 23-6, 12-4, ranked #7, RPI #4. Considering we were supposed to finish 12th this is pretty good. Let’s see if we can rock the post season.”


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March 1984

Iran-Iraq war


March 5

“No one goes pro.”


March 10

“#9 seed Washington beat #8 so we’ll play them. They’re 18-11, 9-7, and we beat them by 20 three weeks ago.”

“88-70. It took awhile. We finally took charge about midway through the 2nd half. John’s 1st good game since his return but lots of guys played well. 11 TOs, +5 boards.”


“#4 seed Va Tech, 21-9, 11-5 in the semis. They won by 14 at their place.

March 11

“The UML men were humiliated 46-72 in the semis. Coach didn’t have much too say beyond, ‘We were awful.’”


“Now we’ll see how much this hurt us in seedings for the NCAA tourney.


March 12

“Va. Tech won the title.


“UML is Ranked #8, RPI #4. A 2 seed?


“Not in the East.


“4 in the Midwest. Insultingly low. We play Washington, 16-12, again.


March 16

“61-51.  Coach said the guys played like they were bored. 13 TOs, 36 RBs.


“#5 seed, #21 ranked UConn, 20-10, 10-6 in the round of 32.


March 18

59-41. We never trailed, mostly due to excellent D. They shot 30.2%, 1-19 behind the arc. It was a terribly sloppy game, we had 21 TOS, they had 23. But we’re in the Sweet Sixteen.


“#1 seed, #2 ranked, #3 RPI Kansas, 27-6. We will need to do just about everything right to beat this team.”


March 23

47-68. We were overmatched but there is no excuse for 28 TOs. Coach says that next year he will actually have some natural PGs. He’s been playing with Shooting Guards at Pg for the past couple of years.”


April 1984

AIDS virus identified


April 4

“#5 Georgia Tech beat #1 Virginia, 75-73 for the national title.


“Awards: Jed Henk got conf. D freshman of the year. Rudy Betts made 1st team, Jed made 2nd.


April 23

Coach asked for a budget increase. Got $10,000. Coach got a raise. Finally making $100,000.


“26-8, 12-4, got to the Sweet Sixteen, will go to conf. C next season. Team Prestige is up to 52. After 21 seasons Coach is at 534-163, .766.”


“There were rumors regarding both coaching positions and University President positions for Grace Clark. Coach told us these things never get beyond the first call since neither he nor his wife is interested in moving. Great news for UML on both counts.


“This is Betty Winns signing off. Since I’ll be graduating soon this is my last broadcast. Next year it will be sophomore Joe Butts at the mic.”


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May 1984
13 inches of rain in one day in Tulsa

Red Sox retire the number of the greatest hitter in baseball history, #9

June 1984
Springsteen “Born in the USA”

DNA successfully cloned from an extinct animal

Last sixpence- in use since 1551

June 9
“Joe Butts here on ‘Sportstalk.’ Hey! Coach Clark grabbed an awesome looking transfer. Soph Ran Mong, from UNLV, looks like he’s a big time player.”

June 26
“Jumpin’ Joe Butts. Coach tells us he has only 2 scholarships. He wants guards an’ he’s lookin’ at 11 guys, 9 of ‘em guards.”

July 1984
PG-13 debuts

August 1984
Man with no brain makes famous “… We begin bombing in 5 minutes” gaffe.

August 21
“Joltin’ Joe Butts here with all that’s new and all that’s hot in sports. Coach Clark offered to 2 PGs today.”

September 1984
Not a thing

September 18
“Got my Mo Joe Butts here. Coach said he’s still chasin’ those PGs. UML is invited to the WS Midwest.”

September 25
“Smokin’ Joe Butts here to tell you that UML has a commitment from a PG. The other one got away but Coach says he has offered to another PG.”

October 1984
Indira Gandhi assassinated

October 2
“Jabberin’ Joe Butts here and UML got that 2nd PG. Coach said the first day of practice went well. There are a lot of new faces and he will give everyone a good luck before coming up with a lineup.

“UML is picked 4th in C conf.”

November 1984
Man with no brain re-elected POTUS

November 6
“Jazzy Joe Butts here with the Coach on the line. Coach, you got your recruits and you have a lineup. Tell us about the lineup.”

“Sure. Freshman Clif Proe and soph Seb Frak will start at guard with soph Phil Barr backing them up. Our only senior, Rudy Betts is at SF. Juniors Marq Stak, John Monk and Del Over will split up the inside minutes. I think it’s a strong team and there are a couple of guys behind these 7 who may also get minutes.”

“We start with 2 at home.”

“Pepperdine from I conf., then UNLV from B.”

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