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How is your team doing?

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Posted December 05, 2016 - 08:47 PM


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Fired up a new team in Clapper and... already making things look rough! Ranked 2nd when I took them over, they've dropped 2 places already. I'm hoping this is due to adjusting their line-up to actually make sense (it certainly didn't when I took over). Their roster initially had defensemen playing as forwards, forwards as Centers... it was chaos. They were also, unfortunately, gutted of their SHL first round pick by another player... so now I understand the frustration of taking over a team that was traded a bunch of junk contracts/players by a human player in exchange for an NPC's pick/decent player. Now they're loaded with poor contracts and orange guys, with the few decent greens and blues carrying the team.


Anyway, their power play and PK were high in the league despite both being loaded with forwards... I might actually regress to that, just in case something was working there! I kept their tactics on Crash the Net, too, but I'm thinking maybe now that the roster is in order a change of tactics is due and the Crash the Net tactics were benefiting from a chaotic roster. Either way, it's refreshing to start anew with the Mississauga Steel. 



Over on Lumber, Portland Steam is suffering from my hoarder capabilities... right now we have WAY too many defensemen. We were swept handily in the playoffs by a GHL team, too, and right now are struggling with cap issues. I'm scrambling to offload some contracts to sign a prospect C of mine and a prospect G to take advantage of their low cap hits. Right now I'm optimistic about the season, but also cautious. The pieces I lost last season weren't huge, but next season is going to be a lot of BIG hits to my team as guys are now demanding big contracts and I'm already pressed against the cap. So this is my window to promote...


Anyone need a defenseman or six?


Posted December 06, 2016 - 01:41 PM


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(Still hate how i have to update forums now up to 20 times just to read everything and to reply..  i believe it's because forums are somewhat java-based.. don't like this at all).


World Bisquit


Bermuda Sea Lions


Originally i made team in BHL on season 1. It all started well but i didn't know what i was doing. I thought my signings were good.. at first they actually were but soon i had way too many way too expensive underperforming players. After few seasons i was relegated to IHL. 


In IHL i have performed well even though i still made same mistake with signing too expensive players (couldn't keep everyone happy so they underperdormed). One thing i did right was to give new players shorter contracts. My team has been 7th-4th for multiple seasons in a row. It really seems like BHL is close.


At the beginning of this season i made choise: to move as many badly performed players to other teams (usually to BHL, they wanted to move to bigger clubs). So actually even when signing expensive players did cost me promotion on season 6, it gave me hell of a good picks for season 7. I was IHL team that had 1st round BHL pick, 2nd round BHL pick and 3rd round BHL pick and really good prospects for defense,


Actually, heck, at the end of the season BOTH 1st round BHL and 2nd round BHL were whapped into 1st round SHL and 2nd round SHL picks!!! For IHL team that was awesome! (May i mind you, these were HUMAN coaches that did trading. Had talks with the one that gave me 1st round pick, he was really happy at the end of the season about early season trades because he thinks that my players were in key positions in his team.. dunno what the other guy thinks tho).


I did do shortlist on seasons 6 and 7 picks. I got good players for my last seasons picks and i'm sure i will get super picks this time!


My team is super on defense. My goalies and scoring lines suck a bit. I still almost was accidentally promoted to BHL in playoffs. 


"Accidentally?" Yeah, i didn't want to promote this season. It's my goal on next one for sure.


I already have signed players from foreign leagues. My defense got already better than last season, especially with new award winning goalie. He is among top 3 best goalies in my league.. but he is expensive, over 200 000!!! He is way too expensive for his rating in BHL (promotion contract would have multiplied his price and i would have needed way better one instead).

If i would have been promoted, i would not have much space in salary cap to take good FA's on my top lines.

But because i got 2 SHL picks, because i got top goalie, because i have maybe best defense overall in my league and because my scoring lines will be better (not by much, but i believe enough for places 1-3, and if i'm gonna get 3rd place, it must be because of though and even season, i'm sure i'm gonna promote via playoffs in that case). 

I have already plans that i want to fill during sillyseason and during season. I already have plans for both: underperforming again and not filling goals of promotion AND for the case of me finally getting back to BHL.

SHL might be harder to get, but with my increasing knowledge of the game, it seems more than plausible. We shall see what Sea Lions will achieve. For now, it's road back to BHL baby!. 

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