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Manager profile [DONE]

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Posted July 07, 2019 - 10:13 PM


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## Manager profiles

**Display name**
All managers must have a display name. This name is entered once the manger registers for the game. The name does not need to be the user's real name but will represent the user for his or hers entire career.
A user can enter an alias to his or hers account. This alias should represent the user's username with GM Games and the official forum of Game Plan Hockey Manager. This way a manager account is linked with the community profile.
**Manager No.**
Each manager is automatically given a manager number. This number is unique and can be used to distinguish the manager from any other manager. When reporting any suspicions of cheating it is recommended that the manager number is used.
When the user registers he or she must select a country of residence. This will never be verified and does not affect anything in the game. But it will help create a richer manager community.
**Game records**
The manager's record are stored for all seasons played in the game and the data will be displayed next to the manager's profile.
### Profile settings
{{cm,kg,inch,pounds}}**Culture settings**
The user can choose to display player heights and weights in either European or North American formats. Use the action menu on the manager page and choose Settings.
**Roster settings**
The roster view can be personalised to display or hide affiliate and lineup assignments.
## Account info
Your account info are never displayed to any other users. Email or subscription status are private and only visible to the current user.
We don't have any knowledge neither do we store your actual password. So please use the "forgot password" function if you ever lose track of your password.
**Credit card information**
All payments are handled and secured by Stripe. We neither store nor have access to your credit card information. Please see Terms of use for further information regarding subscriptions and legal information.
## Official forum{{Community}}
The official forum of Game Plan Hockey Manager is hosted by www.gmgames.org. This means that you'll need a GM Games account to participate in the forum discussions.
### World forums
Each game world have a dedicated forum. A shortcut and the recent topics are displayed on your manager page and the forum tab.
### World chats
There is also a dedicated chat room at GM Games for every game world. A link to the chat can be found on your manager page and chat tab.

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