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Achievement System + Manager Reputation

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Would be very good to have an Achievement system within the game to add detail and set smaller goals during the season for managers aside from winning the league/cup. 

Examples (Each of these would be worth X manager experience points): 


1) Win 10 games 

2) Score 5 goals in a game

3) Have a player score 30 goals a season

4) Have a player score 100 goals for the club

5) Finish top 3 in league season


A screenshot of how Football Manager does it is attached.


This is a proven system in other sims, and it encourages active player participation, as well as the ability to compare yourself with other managers on a much more detailed level.

Finally, this would also be a much more accurate measure of manager reputation. More achievements/experience = higher reputation. Keep still the reputation that is based on placement but allow for greater variety based on gameplay. 




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