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Baltimore Orioles Pre-Spring Training Trade Block

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Entering the last 3 weeks until Spring Training the Orioles may looking to move a few players. The following players might be available.


Starting Pitchers:

  • Joshua Hodges
  • Eric Johnson
  • Jefferson Olacio
  • Juan Romero
  • Marcus Stroman
  • Juan Trujillo

Relief Pitchers:

  • Krishawn Holley
  • Joshua Hodges
  • Miguel Chalas
  • Enriquez Pacheco
  • Antonio Pacheco


  • 1B Melvin Fitzpatrick
  • 1B Tyler Townsend
  • 2B Ryan Wright
  • 3B Gabriel Rosa
  • IF Nick Franklin


  • James Baldwin
  • Stephen Brown

I am specifically looking for a power hitting OF or 3B, both need good defense. I am also open to trade for position player prospects.
The players in bold require a slight boost to your typical offers. ;-)


Any ideas or starting points are welcome on slack.

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