Houston Astros 2019 Trade Block

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SP Shao-qi Fung

SP Melvin Garner

RP Gregory Infante

RP El'Hajj Muhammad

CL Lopahin Sachko

C A.J. Jimenez

C Tony Sanchez

C Santiago Nessy

1B Rudy Van Heydoorn

2B Garland Williams

2B Darwin Rivera

3B Daniel Fleming

SS Mark Johnston

SS Orlando Arcia

SS Jorge Martinez

SS Carlos Martinez

RF Patrick Leonard



SP Tim James, C Ron Winterhalder, 1B George Cuyco, RF Richard Fowler, CF Darge Kawawe, DH Edgardo Arredondo, SP Juan Davila, SP Luis Espinosa


The guys listed as available are the ones that will be easiest to move.

The untouchables would take a mountain and a half to move.

Anyone not listed can possibly be moved, feel free to reach out and inquire.


Looking for:

Young ML leftfielder

SS close to ML

Prospects (especially pitching)

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