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Mariners 2018-2019 off-season trade block

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Small sample of what's available this off-season. 

  • OF Phillips Castillo - Young, cost-controlled corner OF who is blocked at the major league level. Hit well at every level, but never really been given the opportunity at the big league level. BNN player page here:
  • RP Michael Brady - Above average righty out of the pen, just not in the plans for the M's in 2019, and I've got a guys in AAA ready to come up now so I'd like to make room and get something in return. BNN player page here:
  • 1B/LF Mickey Wiswall - Sure, he's no longer a prospect at age 30, but he crushed AAA pitching in 2018 and it looks for an opportunity to do the same in MLB Pro in 2019. BNN player page here:
  • SS Hsin-ta Xin - Average offensive bat, but plus defense (above average range, arm, turn DP, and avoid error attributes) for a utility guy who can play any infield position. Above average speed on the base path as well. BNN player page here:

Lots of other players are potentially available. Inquire within!





  • SP Nathan Eovaldi -OR- SP "King" Felix Hernandez -OR- SP Dylan Bundy - Looking to move one of these 3 guys to make room for some youngsters. If you are in need of SP help, come and get it right here. Don't wait until the free agency picture clears up, because as soon as I make one move, the other two are staying put.
    • Eovaldi is only 28-years old and coming off an AL Cy Young award in 2018. Signed for the next 6 years at 18M/year, which is a bargain when you consider his performance compared to other starting pitchers making $20M-$30M annually. BNN player page is here:
    • The King is entering a contract year (which bodes well for performance) and won the AL Cy Young award in 2017. One bad start in 2018, where he gave up 15 earned runs in 3 2/3 innings, impacted his stat line in 2018 moreso than his actual performance. BNN player page is here:
    • And finally, Dylan Bundy is still young (26 years old) and cost-controlled in arbitration. Break-out season in 2018 in Seattle. BNN player page is here:
  • SP/Shawn Morimando - Left-handed starter/reliever who has flashed some brilliance in his short time in the bigs. Elite fastball and stuff, only 26-years old, and catch either start or come out of the pen. BNN player page here:
  • OF Xavier Macklin - More of a corner OF, but can play CF as well (my scout says a 50 CF rating). 80 grade outfield error rating, and 70 outfield arm, plus some above average offensive ratings make this guy worthy of an inquiry. Minimum contract too. BNN player page here:
  • C Rob Brantly - Great back-up catching option for me, but he's starting to turn sour at the idea of being a back-up to our team captain Jason Castro. Definitely deserves a starting opportunity for those in need of a catcher based on his performance when given an opportunity at the big league level. BNN player page here:

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