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We've got a stable of solid arms we're looking to move, namely


SP Brian Matusz - Solid SP who, aside from one initial start with us, did great coming over from Cincinnati. 10-8, 3.88 ERA in 2017  as well

SP Austin Brice - Just 26, Brice had some control issues the 1st half of 2018 (4.1 BB/9), but rounded into form the 2nd half (2.7 BB/9). Signed to a very reasonable contract and was lights-out in 2017 (13-9, 2.92 ERA)

SP/MR Alexander Colome - Colome is another guy who was great for us in 2017 (2.91 ERA in 120 IP) but took a step back in 2018. Can start or relieve, hard thrower with 3 plus pitches

MR Daniel Tillman - Tillman actually went the other way - had a rough 2017 but was quietly stellar in 2018 to the tune of a 2.78 ERA in 58 Games. Throws 97 and 3 plus pitches


OF Ty Morrison - 28 year old FA to be is a GG caliber LF and definitely rated well enough to play in CF. 105 OPS+ last year and combined with his D was good for just over 3 WAR in 500 AB. Gap hitter (33 2B last year) with 10-15 HR pop and 15-20 steal speed.


and as always, I'll always listen on any player in my entire organization, but at least come with a starting point offer in that case.


I'm looking for prospects, in the A, SA or R level

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