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Following a disappointing 2018, we continue to hold on to the belief that we will be players in the 2019 playoff discussion.


However, we can't deny the fact that a strategy of outslugging the rest of the NL Central did not play out in our favor.  Therefore, we are intent on shaking things up at both the MLB Pro level and within our minor league system this offseason.


On the Block:


(seeking mid-tier specs in return)

P Antonio Cruz (26 yr old) - former 1st round draft pick, back end LH SP or wipe out caliber stuff as LOOGY, 1.34 WHIP, 193 K in 238 career IP 


RP Casey Mulligan (31) - under team control through 2020, above average RH out of the pen, can close but also one of higher-end setup guys in MLB Pro, 3.81 FIP over 366 appearances, hits triple digits on the gun


RP Cesar Aguilar (26) - stable MR/set up RH under guaranteed contract through 2020 for $3m total, no room in pen for him this year and out of options





Specs -  1) SP / RP

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